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17111 Harrisburg, PA is home to a variety of different religious congregations. The area is known for having deep roots in Christianity, and many churches throughout the area reflect this. There are both large and small congregations that can be found in Harrisburg, with each bringing something unique to the spiritual life of the city. From traditional mainline denominations to emerging non-denominational churches, Harrisburg has a rich variety of religious communities for anyone looking to explore their faith. With an inviting atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for worship, those looking for a place to connect with their faith should have no trouble finding it in 17111 Harrisburg, PA.

48.5% of the people in Harrisburg (zip 17111) are religious:
- 2.2% are Baptist
- 0.6% are Episcopalian
- 15.3% are Catholic
- 5.2% are Lutheran
- 9.5% are Methodist
- 1.4% are Pentecostal
- 4.4% are Presbyterian
- 0.7% are Church of Jesus Christ
- 6.0% are another Christian faith
- 1.2% are Judaism
- 0.9% are an eastern faith
- 0.9% affilitates with Islam

According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world.
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