Zip 05355 (Wardsboro, VT) Religion


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United States / Vermont / No Metro Area / Windham County / No City / Wardsboro (zip 05355)
Wardsboro, Vermont is a small village located in the south central part of the state. It has a population of just over 1000 people and is surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque landscapes. As such, it is an ideal place to visit a local religious congregation. Wardsboro has two churches that offer services to its residents. The first is St. Peter's Episcopal Church which was originally built in 1859 and serves as an attractive landmark in town. This church offers weekly services on Sunday mornings and special events throughout the year including Easter egg hunts, holiday dinners, and even a winter carnival. The second church in town is the United Methodist Church, which was founded in 1812 and provides an intimate setting for worshipers who want to get closer to God through prayer or meditation. Both of these churches provide excellent opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship within the community of Wardsboro.

31.1% of the people in Wardsboro (zip 05355) are religious:
- 2.3% are Baptist
- 0.9% are Episcopalian
- 19.7% are Catholic
- 0.3% are Lutheran
- 0.3% are Methodist
- 0.2% are Pentecostal
- 3.7% are Presbyterian
- 0.0% are Church of Jesus Christ
- 2.2% are another Christian faith
- 0.6% are Judaism
- 0.4% are an eastern faith
- 0.0% affilitates with Islam

According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world.
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