Mesa, Arizona 

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Name Grades Type Rating
Academy with Community Partners09 - 12Regular3
Adams Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular5
Ala MesaKG - 06Regular10
Alma Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular
Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center Inc. - Red Mountain09 - 12Regular10
Arizona Connections AcademyKG - 12Regular5
ASU Preparatory Academy - Polytechnic Middle School05 - 08Regular
ASU Preparatory Academy-Polytechnic ElementaryPK - 08Regular
ASU Preparatory Academy-Polytechnic High School09 - 12Regular
ASU Preparatory Academy-Polytechnic Middle School05 - 08Regular
Augusta Ranch ElementaryPK - 06Regular9
Basis Mesa04 - 10Regular
Benjamin Franklin Charter School - MesaKG - 06Regular
Boulder Creek ElementaryPK - 06Regular7
Brinton ElementaryPK - 06Regular7
Burke Basic SchoolKG - 06Regular6
Bush ElementaryPK - 06Regular8
Cambridge Academy EastKG - 06Regular9
Canyon Rim ElementaryPK - 06Regular8
Carson Junior High School07 - 09Regular4
Christ the King SchoolPK - 08Private
Concordia Charter SchoolKG - 06Regular3
Crismon Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular7
Desert Ridge High09 - 12Regular8
Desert Ridge Junior High07 - 08Regular8
Desert Shadows MontessoriPK - KGPrivate
Dobson High School09 - 12Regular7
Dobson-Montessori School02 - 07Private
Eagle College Preparatory School- MesaKG - 08Regular
Eagleridge Enrichment ProgramKG - 09Regular7
Early Education CenterPK - PKRegular
East Valley Academy09 - 12Regular5
East Valley AcademyKG - 06Regular
East Valley High School09 - 12Regular4
Edison Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular4
Edkey Inc. - Pathfinder Academy - Sequoia LEHIKG - 06Regular
Edkey Inc. - Pathfinder Academy At EastmarkKG - 08Regular
Eisenhower Center for InnovationPK - 06Regular2
Emerson Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular4
ENTZ Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular8
EVIT - Brimhall Junior High School07 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - Carson Junior High School07 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - Desert Ridge High School09 - 12Vocational Education
EVIT - Dobson High School09 - 12Vocational Education
EVIT - East Campus10 - 12Vocational Education
EVIT - East Valley Institute of Technology09 - 12Vocational Education
EVIT - Fremont Junior High09 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - KINO Junior High09 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - Mesa High School09 - 12Vocational Education
EVIT - Mesa Junior High09 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - Mountain View High School09 - 12Vocational Education
EVIT - Poston Junior High09 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - Powell Junior High School07 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - Red Mountain High School09 - 12Vocational Education
EVIT - Rhodes Junior High09 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - Shepherd Junior High09 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - Skyline High School09 - 12Vocational Education
EVIT - Smith Junior High09 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - Stapley Junior High09 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - Taylor Junior High09 - 09Vocational Education
EVIT - Tempe Auto10 - 12Vocational Education
EVIT - Westwood High School09 - 12Vocational Education
Faith Christian SchoolKG - 12Private
Falcon Hill Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular8
Field Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular6
Franklin At Alma ElementaryKG - 08Regular9
Franklin At Brimhall ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Franklin Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular10
Franklin Junior High School07 - 09Regular10
Franklin West ElementaryKG - 06Regular9
Fremont Junior High School07 - 08Regular8
Gem Charter SchoolKG - 06Regular
Great Hearts Academies - Arete Prep.06 - 12Regular10
Guerrero Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular3
HALE Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular10
Harris Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular7
Hawthorne Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular3
Heritage Academy07 - 12Regular10
Hermosa Vista Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular9
Highland Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular8
Highland Junior High School07 - 08Regular9
Hillcrest AcademyKG - 08Regular
Holmes Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular5
Imagine East Mesa ElementaryKG - 06Regular5
Imagine East Mesa Middle07 - 08Regular6
Irving Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular5
Ishikawa Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular8
Jefferson Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular3
Johnson Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular8
Jordan Center for Early EducationPK - PKRegular7
Kaizen Education Foundation DBA Vista Grove Preparatory Acad.KG - 06Regular2
Keller Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular4
KERR Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular3
KINO Junior High School07 - 08Regular4
Las Sendas Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular10
Leading Edge Academy At East MesaKG - 06Regular7
Learning FoundationKG - 12Regular8
Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Alta MesaKG - 12Regular7
Legacy Elementary SchoolKG - 10Regular4
LEHI Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular3
Liberty Arts AcademyKG - 08Regular5
Lincoln Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular4
Lindbergh Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular3
Longfellow Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular3
Lowell Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular2
Macarthur Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular7
Madison Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular6
McKellips Learning Center05 - 09Alternative Education
Mendoza Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular7
MeridianPK - 06Regular8
Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies04 - 09Regular10
Mesa Arts AcademyKG - 08Regular8
Mesa Distance Learning ProgramKG - 12Regular4
Mesa High School09 - 12Regular6
Mesa MontessoriPK - KGPrivate
Mesa Transitional Learning Center03 - 12Alternative Education1
Montessori Education Centre Charter School - MesaKG - 07Regular9
Montessori Education Centre Charter School - North CampusKG - 07Regular4
Montessori House Charter SchoolKG - 06Regular
Montessori International SchoolPK - 08Private
Montessori Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Mountain View High School09 - 12Regular9
New Horizon School for the Performing ArtsKG - 06Regular3
New World Education Center - MesaKG - 12Regular
Noah Webster Schools- MesaKG - 06Regular9
Noahs Ark Preschool and KindergartenPK - KGPrivate
O'Connor Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular8
Pathfinder AcademyKG - 08Regular10
Patterson ElementaryKG - 06Regular7
Pilgrim Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Pinnacle High School - Mesa09 - 12Regular
Porter Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular3
Poston Junior High School07 - 09Regular7
Powell Junior High School07 - 09Regular
Power Learning Center05 - 09Alternative Education
Queen of Peace Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Red Mountain Center for Early ChildhoodPK - PKRegular9
Red Mountain High School09 - 12Regular9
Red Mountain Montessori AcademyPK - KGPrivate
Red Mountain Ranch ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Redbird Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular3
Redeemer Christian SchoolKG - 12Private
Rhodes Junior High School07 - 09Regular5
Robson Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular5
Roosevelt Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular6
Salk Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular6
Self Development Charter SchoolKG - 08Regular10
Sequoia Charter Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular4
Sequoia Choice School Arizona Distance Learning SchoolKG - 12Regular2
Sequoia School for the Deaf and Hard of HearingKG - 12Special Education
Sequoia Secondary School07 - 12Regular3
Shelby School theKG - 10Regular
Shepherd Junior High School07 - 08Regular8
Skyline High School07 - 12Regular8
Smith Junior High School07 - 08Regular7
Sonoran Desert School05 - 12Regular
Sousa Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular8
Stapley Junior High School07 - 09Regular8
Step Up SchoolKG - 08Regular
Stevenson Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular3
Sun Valley High School09 - 12Regular1
Sunridge Learning CenterKG - 06Alternative Education
Superstition Springs ElementaryPK - 06Regular7
Taft Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular5
Taylor Junior High School07 - 09Regular6
Tempe Montessori School LimitedPK - 04Private
Trinity Preschool and KindergartenPK - KGPrivate
Vista Grove Preparatory Academy Middle School07 - 09Regular
Washington Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular6
Webster Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular4
Westwood High School09 - 12Regular6
Whitman Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular3
Whittier Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular5
Wilson Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular7
Zaharis ElementaryKG - 06Regular8
Name Grades Type Rating

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Reviews for Mesa    58 Reviews
It's always darkest before the dawn. - 4/26/2019
My in-laws are huge Meza fans , it might be because their last name is Meza. We have our own Americaucasionispanic cultura.Thats pronounced... Read More

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Beware of Police - 12/13/2017
Mesa police department is out of control. I do not recommend living here. They get away with killing innocent, unarmed, compliant people. Google Daniel Shafer.... Read More

A poor place to live... - 12/9/2016
I've been living here in Mesa for the past 20 years or so and I can tell you firsthand it's a terrible place to live. Nice schools. Okay neighborhoods. They are closing... Read More

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