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Aspire Golden State College Preparatory Academy is a 6th Grade-12th Grade Public School located in Oakland, CA within the Oakland Unified District. It has 562 students in grades 6th Grade-12th Grade with a student-teacher ratio of 23 to 1. Aspire Golden State College Preparatory Academy spends $12,215 per student.
School Score is a 3 out of 10

1009 66th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610-3430
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School District: Oakland Unified District
Phone Number: (510) 562-8030

- 25 Teachers
- $9,384 for Education Expenditures
- $5,324 for Instruction Expenditures
- 466 Students Getting a Free or Reduced Lunch
- 417 Students Getting a Reduced Lunch
- 49 Students Getting a Free Lunch

About The Area
Location: City, Large
Median Household Income: $85,628

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I move to Oakland 20yrs ago with high hopes, loved the geography of the city, the diversity is outstanding, and the charm of the older homes is wonderful. When I  More

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Over 3 years ago

Fun place to visit. Little rough is some areas- a lot to do  More

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I moved to Oakland because of its racial diversity in the early eighties although I've seen some ups and downs in this visually beautiful city, it has never been as bad  More

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