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Read (George) Middle School
314 East Basin Rd
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 323-2760
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public | 6-8
County: New Castle


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
11/15/2010otherI used to be a student in this school back in 07 and I have to say it is the worst school I've ever gone to. Students were getting bullied constantly, there were food fights in the cafeteria every week, and the administrators wouldn't do anything to stop it. Most of the teachers there didn't care much of the students' education' although there were a few that actually did. I don't even know where the school board got the nurse from all she would do was give students peppermints. I actually witnessed her hold up a student by the neck collar of his T-shirt for running in the hall. That's alittle bit too excessive don't you think. When the DSTP tests came along the teachers didn't even prepare us for it, I guess they think we can pass the test without the proper knowledge? Overall, its a bad school with poor education who has teachers who don't really acknowledge you. If it were up to me, I would probably fire the teachers and administators who don't do their job and keep the ones who do. Don't send your child to this school unless, you want him or her to get scarred for life
3/10/2010parentMy daughter is currently a 6th grader at George Read. People told me alot of negative things about this school before my daughter started. We kept a positive outlook about it but I have to say that this is the worst school I have ever seen. The kids are bullies, disrespectful and just plain mean. The teachers don't seem to care about the kids education or wellfare. My daughter is and always has been an honor roll student. The DSTP state tests are this week and George Read teachers have not helped the students get ready for that at all. My daughter asked if there would be any reviews the week before and the Math teacher didn't even know test were going to be taken. How pathetic is that? Next year luckily my daughter will be attending Skyline Middle in Red Clay where she'll receive the superior education she deserves!
6/2/2008studentI am a student in 8th Grade at George Read Middle. I have had a wonderful experience their and learned alot! The 8thGrade consouler is The BEST! However some of the 8th grade teachers are NOT the kindest . Overall George Read is a wonderful School <33
4/22/2008parentMy daughter is currently in the 7th grade at George Read and so far I am very disappointed. It seems to be very chaotic and unorganized. The home access center is an excellent tool but the teachers at George Read can't seem to find time to complete it in a timely manner which really makes the system useless. I have two younger children and at this point hope not to send them to this school.
2/4/2008studentGeorge Read Middle School is a school that varies a different experience for each student and each parent. I know many other students that get bullied often, whine about it and then get picked on even worse. I also know students that swiftly sail through George Read without having a single problem. Of course, there is no real excuse for the constant bulling and public displays of affection that many students get invovled with. The fact is, most of the things paretns complain about happen in every school. Why should George Read be any different?
8/13/2007parentI heard a few stories about GR but decided to keep an open mind when sending my daughter there. She has been involved in sports for 6th & 7th grade. I think the best thing for her was to have her pick a sport which helped keep her involved with school and too busy for the 'bad crowd'. We had a discipline problem with a student pushing my daughter, but the school handled it immediately and that boy was suspended. I have met with teachers, I have emailed with teachers and I am one of a handful of parents that show up for the open house to meet my daughter's teacher. I think each experience will be different, but you can choose a good one for your child if you and your child stay involved with school. - Karen D., August 2007
6/21/2006parentThe teacher to student ratio is to high. My child was constantly bullied in class and the teacher did nothing, not even send the bully to the office. My daughter had food thrown at her in the lunch room. Even though the kid admitted to throwing the food nothing happened to him. I have asked for notes to come home when my child was at a C average, although promised to keep up on it, I never recieved any notes from teachers. It just seems as if this school doesn't care about the students well being. You can't even sneak a peak at the classroom without the teacher knowing you are coming. That defeats the whole purpose of surprise visits
8/1/2005parentPoor educational environment. I cannot think of anything that would describe George Read better. Extreme lack of discipline - i don't think administration knows the meaning of the word 'expulsion.' Children get away with disrespect, violence towards others, destruction of property, foul language to their teachers, etc. With only a small detention or suspension. Class sizes sometimes reach 40 students per teacher - tell me what could possibly get done in that room? Nothing - i've seen it. Don't bother trying to get anything done about these problems, don't bother sending your child there. Although there are some very dedicated teachers, they can only do so much, and administration will not change these ways. It's unfortunate for the students that care and teachers that love their profession to have to be associated with George Read.
6/10/2005parentI shared many of the same concerns of the writer of December 2004 throughout the school year. I was hopeful that meeting with the teachers on a regular basis would improve our overall experience. Unfortunately, I've found that sometimes it does not matter how involved you are in school if your child shuts down. I felt like I was fighting a lose-lose battle some days. But, in reading the views of the writers in Feb and March, I am again hopeful that the 7th grade teachers have a little more patience, smaller class sizes & more integrity to 'teaching', are willing to be involved & provide suggestions to academic concerns before labeling them as behavioral issues. I also think that incorporating a 15-20 minute 'recess' could help since the children never really get a break in the lunchroom.
3/8/2005parentGeorge Read has been an excellent experience for my daughter. She has been involved with the choir for 3 years (she is in 8th grade now) and has enjoyed 3 field trips to 3 little bakers. Geo. Read is a large school, and your child should be well prepared for the changing of classes, because there are many kids in the hall at once, and that can take some getting used to. My daughter has never had an issue at this school, and actually has become quite attached to more than a few of her teachers. The staff and principal have always been willing to work with our family, and we have seen many rewards for our efforts. Overall, a good school, and you will see rewards for your efforts. I agree with the other parent - you must stay involved with your child. The school is not a babysitting service.
2/24/2005parentI was a little leary of George Read Middle when I had to send my daughter there for 8th grade this year. Overall, the experience has been pretty pleasant. I believe that if you are experiencing problems with the teachers or staff there it's because of behavioral problems stemming from your child. It is the parents responsibility to become part of the solution to making things better. I have had the pleasure of meeting with my daughter teachers and they actually turned out to be really great. They have expressed a great interest in helping get her and keep her on the right track. I believe George Read Middle School would definitely get much more positive praise if many of the parents of the students who attend this school would just get to know the teachers and school staff and become more involved.
12/7/2004parentThis is most likely one of the worst Middle Schools in the state. My experience has been nothing but trouble. Teachers and Principals. It would seem that many are there to draw a check and wait to retire. I wish that the State of Delaware Dept of Instruction would take a closer look. I just do not get what they seek to do!

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