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Summit-Questa Montessori School
5451 SW 64th Ave
Davie, FL 33314
(954) 584-3466
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private | PK-8
County: Broward


6/13/2012parentEEducation is very good, however I do agree this school needs some maintenance. Paint inside and out, needs new flooring, bathrooms should be remodeled a bit dirty. Gardens could be cleaned up a bit, playground could use some new equipment too. I do agree a bit dingy and dark. Makes it very hard to decide to keep my children there. Great education, wonderful teachers, but property could use sprucing up. Especially in the younger side of the younger children.
3/20/2012parentMy son has been in Summit Questa for 3 years . This is the best school for him . He was ask to leave a school in kindergarden , and my husband and I where so upset til we found Summit it has helped him turn into a delightful student and person. Thank you to Mr.Jose ,Ms June,& Ms.Caroll and all Family Staff
2/24/2012parentMy daughter has been attending SQM for the past 12 years, since she has been two. My son has been attending for the past 5 years. The teachers and the staff are so loving and caring, always willing to help and always have the time to listen. The foundation that is established in your child is unbelievable, I can definitely say it is because of this my children stand out in any crowd. They are loving, grateful and extremely bright. This is my daughters last year, we are so grateful we have been so blessed to have been part of this wonderful SQM family. It is because of this school my daughter has become the beautiful young women she is today. Thank You Ms. Judy, Ms Gabi and Summit staff.
12/15/2011parentI have 6 children & came across Summit Q when my youngest was starting 1st grade. I have experienced 6 elementary schools w my other children & wished I knew about S-Q earlier. My daughter is bright & has been fully challenged with the curriculum, not only academically but has practiced public speaking skills since 1st grade. A lesson sometimes not taught until high school or college. S-Q Principal is very nurturing, she really listens & offers great solutions to all issues. S-Q has grown tremendously under her guidance. PTO is very supportive and give our children a wide array of fun experiences. I Finally found the right place with a good mix of academics, and real life learning lessons taught. Can't imagine going anywhere else. Kudos to Ms Judy
12/9/2011parentMy son started 6th grade at Summit-Questa in August. Our family loves the school, the teachers and the administration. He loves going to school every day and is doing unbelievable academically. He has learned to be independent, work with partners and in groups, become organized, focused and the other kids are a great influence on him socially which is a big issue in middle school. This is the first time in five years he did not require a math tutor. The teachers are very focused on the kids and are warm and nurturing. 11 year olds still need that. The school is amazing.
11/15/2011parentMy daughter has been at this school for two years, and we couldn't be happier. I'm not sure where a previous reviewer saw a campus full of trailers and bedroom-sized classrooms, but it certainly wasn't at this school. The teachers are well-educated and caring, and my child performs at an academic level well beyond the "standard" found at other schools. She loves going to school, which was something that was missing before we came here. I also appreciate the emphasis the school places on independence and personal responsibility. It is well worth the money.
9/9/2011teacherI'm sorry, but if you are going to review a school, please get your facts straight. Most teachers are Montessori certified. Many have degrees from 4 year universities. However, the classrooms are not "dark, depressing, tiny and dirty." And there is only ONE trailer. The majority of the rooms are homey and inviting. It is definitely not your typical school room. The people who give the tour will show you any place you like; it's not as if some areas are "off limits" as you imply. Summit-Questa students far exceed most academic standards. Where else can a 5 year old do multiplication if he's capable? Montessori allows for that. I'm sorry if your child had a poor experience at Summit, for many, such is not the case. Maybe my opinion doesn't mean much because I am a teacher at the school, but I could be teaching anywhere. There are not many places where you will find teachers that genuinely care for your children and their education.
6/12/2011parentI DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL. We are pulling our child and going elsewhere. I agree with previous reviewer. This school IS a threat to the Montessori way of teaching. They use the word Montessori as a marketing tool but do not fully embrace the teaching philosophy. INCONSISTENT QUALITY of TEACHERS. Some classes are good but most teachers at this school are average to POOR in quality. SCARCE RESOURCES FOR A PRIVATE SCHOOL. Classrooms are almost all trailers. Dark, depressing, tiny and dirty classrooms. They show you the most beautiful parts of the campus on the tour but several classrooms are bedroom sized (if that). Children are stepping all over each other and WORKING IN A VERY CHAOTIC ENVIRONMENT There is TERRIBLE COMMUNICATION all around between administration, teachers and parents. TWO THUMBS DOWN.
4/19/2011parentTwo of my children currently attend Summit Questa and love it. The environment is very peaceful and the teachers and staff are very caring and loving. Academically they are on track, and I couldn't ask for a better school, especially for the price compared to some other private schools in the area.
4/9/2011teacherThis school is a threat to the montessori way of teaching their methods of teachingare very poor many of the teachers are extremely mediocre Total Waste Of MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/16/2011parentRED FLAG . "I want your money school" . facade . The PreK is what sells the parents into thinking other grades will be just as nice . .School is like a day care till 8th . Like sending child to a school with No teacher .But tons of work for the child and parent to do . Many fund raisers , holiday expect to give teachers money for bonus . No real exp a montessori training course at the school /owner ceritfies them herself .Get the picture ? end up investing 60 grand by 6th gade, so your child can stay with his friends . Parent will be teaching their child more then school . Do not be fooled .The good reveiws they sound identical to the words the staff uses. Hint .Go back further ,hope your child does not show more energy then a tomato or they will be labeled . teachers in upper are the worse , yell ,.If you complain expect your child to be treated poorly .
5/7/2010parentIt is an amazing environment to foster the whole child, teacher's, staff etc. Is exceptional! We love this school because our son is blossoming into an amazing human being!
5/7/2010parentThis school is amazing. Friends' children are learning their ABCs and how to count to 10 at kindergarten level. My son is performing multiplication, talking about animal classifications in depth, learning different types of land forms. But more importantly, his behaviour and level of confidence in himself has improved tenfold at this school now that he is recognised as an individual with his own personality, interests, and learning style. Fantastic school for developing the child into the person that they were meant to be. I would highly recommend checking this school out; I don't think you can find any better.
4/25/2010parentIt is a fabulous school that teaches to the child. There is a wonderful community spirit.
9/25/2008parentMy son just started here in PK4 and has been transformed from a child that hated to go to school to one that runs into his clasroom with a huge smile. Both his behavior and attention span have improved dramatically due to his phenomenal teachers and the program they apply. They truly seem to respect and understand each individual child and exhude complete faith and passion in all principles of montessori. Parental involvement is awesome; the school really views itself as a community with a common goal of raising phenomenal children. In the 6 weeks that my son has been attending, we have had parent orientation, a welcome breakfast, PTO meeting, a parental lecture on the principles of Montessori, a parenting workshop, a peace celebration and a community BBQ. This school is a perfect fit for us and we could not be happier.
8/28/2008studentI am in the eighth grade, and currently going to SQMS. I absolutely love it there. We learn fantastic leadership skills, how to care for animals, and so much more. The teachers are great. I must say that although this school has some flaws, such as the ongoing construction, it is a great school. Your child(ren) will love the hands-on experience they receive here. It is not for everyone, but overall, an amazing school.
3/5/2008studentI went to this school for 10 years, and i feel that it more then prepared me to enter other school settings and feel that I have above the average social skills. I learned about every aspect of life, about ethics and morals, as weel as getting an amazing education. I was able to be very successful is high school and graduated with honors. I credit this school, and my parents for putting me in an environment like this, with all of the academic and personal acheivements I have made. I don't think that this environment is for everyone, but it is more about the parents commitment, and them having an open mind, then the school not providing the proper foundation for the rest of their lives.
8/13/2007parentWow hard to say. Yes it is a holistic approach but not sure the kids are getting the basics like money and how to tell time. Your kids are safe here and they will have close friends and the teachers will get to know them well and yes the campus is nice despite all of the construction. Pre-K teachers are the best Ms. Jane and Ms. Sylvia are real stand outs. They are though a for profit corporation and you can't help to be reminded of this when tuition and fundraising season starts. I have always felt my children got a good foundation in Pre-K but the book is still out on lower elementary.
7/8/2007parentMy child hated this school. Felt lost and uncared for. Previously a good student, lost self esteem. Judy, as well as other's do care. They are overworked and lost themselves. My child was left behind on a field trip due to poor communication. Some teachers, in my opinion, do not care or are exhausted. This is not, I repeat, not, a 'whole child' education. Preparing a child for an IVY league college is great but there should be more. I am not sure that every child can do well academically here but even if they do, that is ALL they will get. Knowledge without ethics or morals is dangerous. Buyer beware.
4/24/2007parentMy boys, twins, attended Summit from age three through 6th grade when we moved out of state. They were so well prepared to attend the number 1 schools in New Jersey that the teachers all wanted to know where they received their previous education. I am very proud to say they were recently admitted to all the colleges they applied to, including Cornell, Brown, Georgetown and Princeton. The essay they sent with their applications spoke of their Montessori education at Summit and how that prepared them for life. Nothing in life is perfect, but Ms. Judy makes sure it is as perfect as it can get! I will be forever grateful for the education they received at Summit. It has shaped their lives forever. Thank you.
10/27/2006parentOur child compleated the 8th grade here. She was not well prepared for High School and has had a struggle. Students need more instruction on how to take notes from a lecture, study for test and move about from one class to another. We kept our daughter here only because she had long standing friends. I urge you in the very least to do a great deal of research/observation before sending your child here. The 'democratic' approach to learning is poorly demonstrated here.
10/23/2006parentOur child attended the middle school here. The discipline is futile. Their is terriable communication between teachers. Children are poorly supervised. The environment is lovley outside but the classroom is void of any beauty.
8/3/2006parentThe best school in South Florida with the most caring teachers and assistants. I don't feel there are too few kids in the middle school. Every one of them have their own unique personality and are not afraid to express themselves around their peers without feeling uncomfortable or outcasted. They share a bound I would have loved to have had the opportunity to build when I was their age. And it is remarkable to watch them mature into the outstanding teenagers they become. Assessments are necessary in any private school especially after a hurricane season like last years. I doubt you would be able to find another private school that didn't have an assessment last year. My son wishes they would expand faster so there is a high school ready for him when he graduates.
7/25/2006parentMy daughter graduated in 2005 from Summit-Questa Montessori School. She started in pre-school and completed the middle school program. I chose the school for it's excellent reputation, nationally recognized staff, and it's dedication to the wholistic education of each individual child. There is great emphasis on the importance of community and parent involvement is high. My daughter was accepted to the #1 High School in Florida, St. Thomas Aquinas, and is excelling in college. I would highly reccomend this school to anyone who is looking for a school that not only has national acreditation and a high standard of academic excellence, but in addition seeks to allow each child to discover their gifts and talents in order to achieve their highest potential Jane
7/24/2006parentMy Granddaughter was a student @ Summit-Questa for 12 years. She graduated from Questa Middle this June and is well prepared for the challenges of High School. Summit-Questa has provded her with an environment that allowed her to grow to her fullest potential. I rate it the top Montessori School in South Florida.
7/22/2006parentThis is one of the best schools in South Florida. Low teacher-student ratios, excellent teachers, beautiful 10 acre campus with all kinds of animals and gardens. The school is a true Montessori school, in fact it is an accredited Montessori teacher training center. My children have never been happier going to school. I recommend it to all of my friends without reservation.
7/19/2006parentMy two children have been in Summit Questa Montessori School since 1996 and I only have good things to say about this wonderful school. I have complete faith in the teachers and adminstration and strongly support the programs. It is a warm, safe and nurturing environment. The school has highly qualified and experienced teachers with a very low teacher-student ratio. The school is growing and we look forward to the completion of the schools expansion and athletic additions.
5/26/2006parentThis is overall an excellent school thanks to the Montessori program. Recently, though, a construction project is withdrawing funds from the school budget, resulting in fewer teachers/more assistants with no relevant education and higher costs. Additionally, assessmants were levied and will be expected in even higher amounts the next several years. The ongoing construction will also make the school less attractive for students. The sports program is minimal. arts and music classes are offered, but have not yet produced great talent. The school might be great again at a later time, but right now you would be investing in the future of the school, not the future of your child.
5/2/2006parentProbably the best in South Florida. Touchy feely, holistic approach. Fabulously woodsy and environmentally minded. Group approach teaching leadership. Downside: too few kids in the middle school leads to almost sibling rivalry.

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