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Kanapaha Middle School
5005 SW 75th St
Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 955-6960
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public | 6-8
County: Alachua


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/29/2012otherI asked my grandson what he thought about going to Kanapaha Middle School. He said that he likes it and is pleased with his school and his teachers. That made me smile!
5/16/2011parentIt's embarrassing to see students write in and not even know how to spell or punctuate correctly - that in itself speaks volumes - doesn't it? Maybe they like it because they are not challenged! Very Sad.
4/19/2011parentThis school is okay, compared to other schools in Gainesville, but the Gainesville school system is seriously behind the curve. I was so disappointed when my Sons started school here. I expected so much more for a big college town. The schools here are like 2 years behind the school up north. The teachers are okay. They seem to just teach out of a book and do not explain much. Also, it seems like for 8 months out of the year, they just teach for the FCATs. It's such a disservice to the children.
1/13/2010studentThis school is the best im doing great im in an advanced class
10/13/2009studenti went to this school.! and i loved it.! i would love to go to this school again.! i liked everything about it.!
10/1/2009parentEverything the satff does puts childrens education and well being first! Top notch academics!
7/29/2008parentGreat school with great teachers
12/5/2006studentI'm a student at Kanapaha. Kanapaha is by far the best school in Gainesville, Alachua county, and probably one of the top in Florida. I have fabulous teachers who always offer after school or during lunch help whenever needed. They give a lot of personal attention to those who need it. If a kid is struggling in class the teacher typically helps them out a little more than others, and that's ok. ~ 8th grader Kanapaha Middle School
1/9/2006parentSome excellent teachers but more are just OK or really not very good. One gifted class available per grade (l hour per day) but other classes not nearly challenging enough. Teachers on average do not foster mentoring relationships with students, but a handful do a terrific job at this. Administrative staff very personable, communicate well with parents and students. Band and chorus available, not much other music or art available. Excellent pta core group but other parent involvement low.
9/15/2005parentThis school has been great for my child. Discipline is not a problem for the administrators and it is a safe environment. The teachers care about the kids and their school. This school also has a very involved parent base.
5/17/2005parentThe academic programs are challenged because of the inability of many of the teachers to deal with 'less interested and motivated' students. In addition, for students with ADD and similar issues, the teachers seem to 'brand' them as deficient resulting in a tendency to treat them poorly. As for music, art and sports, the Alachua County School system has the ridiculous opinion that these programs do not enhance or support the education process. The middle schools have no organized sports programs (one of the very few in the state) leaving that to United Way funded programs such as Boys and Girls Clubs and other independent organizations. The music program is constrained and it is my understanding that the choral program has been eliminated. Parental involvement seems solid for a select few...i.e. if the parents are interested, they are real interested. If not, then no involvement at all.
4/23/2005teacherThe academic programs are first rate for a public school. The school's 'A' grades the past two years have proven that. The majority of the current teachers hold an advanced degree in education. Others are currently enrolled in classes to achieve this in the near future. The music program is phenom! The awards received from students in the jazz, festival, and concert bands are unmatched in the county. KMS also offers Spanish, Technology, and Physical Education as electives. Parental involvement at KMS is important for the school to be successful. Teachers use a telephone service called 'homework hotline' and many use email to correspond with parents. The PTA is very strong and supportive.
4/23/2005staffOne of the newest schools in town with a great faculty, wonderful student body, and caring administrators. If you want your kids to excell at academics in a public school environment, this is the place for them.
3/9/2005parentThe teachers are great. We have had a wonderful experience with this school. My child has enjoyed the technology program and has had opportunities for activities not available at other schools in town.
1/31/2005parentExcellent school. Exceptional in their ability to work with the child and the parents to fit into the right courses. ESE classes are exceptional. Teachers are understanding and accommadiating to children with special needs. Guidence coun(s) and Dean are very compassionate and work with the children and the parents. Quality of academic programs: Excellent. Level of parent involvement: Excellent....always available to assist the parents and children. Highly recommend this middle school.
9/18/2003othertoo much homework, not enough discipline
8/11/2003former studentI have been going to Kanpaha for 6 and 7th grade and I think the teachers are doing a great job at teaching and preparing us for what life brings. -Kayanna H., 8th grader at KMS

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