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Landmark Middle School
101 Kernan Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL 32225
(904) 221-7125
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public | 6-8
County: Duval


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10/19/2012otherI go to Landmark Middle School it's a great safe school you sit at one table and have to stay on one side of hallway it keeps others safe and from getting hurt and it has lots of programs so you are able to get skip up and they also have douglas anderson coming to the school for the talented students so this is a great school for all students.
5/16/2012parentThis is not a school you want your kids to go to! This is my son's first and last year here. He has not recieved any help from teachers(he has a learning disability) as required by his 504 plan. I have contacted the teachers and asked that they email at anytime and I never heard anything back, not even when his grades drop. If I could give negative stars I would! SO DISAPPOINTED IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL!
3/15/2012otherNot a good school!!! 1)forced to sit at the same lunchtable everyday 2)forced to stay on one side of the hallway and get a detention if u turn around because u passed your class ect. 3)cant have your phone out at lunchtime or it gets confinscated EVEN ON YOUR FIRST DAY!!!! 3)restrooms are always locked up inbetween class and teachers arent aloud to ever let students leave class even if its an emergency. 4) teachers cant control bad kids that are yelling and throwing papers at people. This is just a few of the horrible things about it. I would need a book to list them all. And dont think i am making stuff up i go currently go there. I would rather be in a jail cell for seven hours then be at school for seven hours.
12/7/2011parentThis school is horrible. If your kids are being bullied they do nothing. My daughter filed 2 reports and I was not contacted about it. My daughter was basically brushed off. They did nothing about it. I'm now contacting other people and luckily my daughter won't b their much longer.
4/17/2011parentGreat teachers, super students, and awesome location.Probably the best kept secret in education. I highly recommend the Honors Academy. Students in this program receive the best preparation possible for high school and beyond.
4/9/2011otherI once went to Landmark Middle School, and I would like to inform everyone that if I could go back to there, I would do it in a heartbeat! I well never forget the time I had at Landmark, and the things that I learned. The teachers there are excellent, the opportunites there are amazing, and I learned things that i would never learn anywhere else. Sometimes, when hearing people talk bad about the school, i get very upset, because most people never went there as a student, and the students are really the only ones that can judge how good the school is because they are the ones going there everyday. And i promise you that if you ask anyone who went there, like me, they will say it was the best three years of my life. Abosutely unforgetable. So don't believe everything you hear about this school, because you can NEVER judge a book by it's cover. THANK YOU LANDMARK, FOR EVERYTHING!!!
10/8/2010parentI wasn't very impressed with Landmark Middle School from the moment I went to 6th grade Orientation. Orientation consisted of going to the gym to order and pay for gym clothes, pick up my son's schedule (which had the wrong classes), picking up a school map and standing in line for 2 hours to get his photo taken for a school Identification card. We weren't allowed to walk around the school or meet any teachers. I hated that. My attitude has changed toward the school after meeting my son's Math, Science, History, Language Arts and Band teachers. These 5 people are the only reason I like Landmark. They are dedicated to my son's education. The teachers communicate through phone calls and emails. They have a weekly collaboration meeting with parents. They each also have class websites that keep us informed on classwork, homework & other important information.
6/25/2010parentPlease check this school out yourself. I don't know why, but the press seems to focus only on the negatives at this school and they ignore all the great things happening here. I see great media about JWJ and Paxon but knowing children that attend there, I can factually state that those schools incur the same stealing and fighting that happens here. Do not opt for a magnet school in a bad area. This is a great school who doesn't receive its just due. At least check it out.
6/24/2010parent2 of my children attended landmark the both got attack and no one did anything
12/31/2009studentI am an eighth grader at landmark in the honors program that gets straight A's and I only have good things to say about Landmark. Parents might argue that Landmark isn't a safe school or the kids are crazy but honestly it is a accurate reflection on our world today. Honestly, I didn't want to go to Landmark. I tried to get into a magnet school and I didn't make it because of the lottery system. The last resort was Landmark but knowing what I know now, I couldn't be happier where I am getting a well-rounded education in both academics and athletics. I love Landmark and I am saddened that I going to high school next year. :)
9/12/2009parentThis school needs a good cleaning, there's dried-up gum everywhere on the bricks in the breeze way that looks like it's been there for years. Some of the chairs in the classrooms are very filthy.
7/24/2009studentI've been going to landmark since 6th grade,i am now going to 8th.And i have to say the first year was a little rough,but you need to teach your kids who to hang with and who not to.Landmark is really a nice school however not always nice students.However as grades go if your child is willing to learn they'll have no trouble.I've made straight A,B honoral my whole time at Landmark.Great teachers and staff i love this school.
3/13/2009otherVery unhappy with the school and the out of control atmosphere is down right dangerous for our children.
1/27/2009studentschool needs to decrease number of fights. the teachinq circulum is qood .
10/28/2008parentMy daughter is in her 3rd year at LM in the Honors Academy. Her FCAT scores have been 4's & 5's so she is obviously receiving the instruction she needs. She has mostly excellent/responsive teachers. I communicate via email and all of her teachers respond within 24 hours and even at night/weekends. It is not the same as elementary school but no middle school is. I was hesitant because of rumors and decided to try Landmark and have been very happy that my child is so close to home. Dr. Henry (principal) is approachable as well as the administrators and any issue that has come up has been resolved. I strongly recommend being involved with PTA or SAC as this is how you will stay involved with your child and know what is really going on in the school. Both meet only 1x each month for 1 hour.
4/14/2008parent I love this school the teach and coaches are exlence
4/9/2008studentsound weried but since i arrived to land mark i finally have friend there nice when you get to know them a land mark there nice especilly there coach Foy. but there are fight but only because peple say not so nice stuff about other people and they take it harse but i never got into a fight yet and proble wont hopefully but you know all you have to do is not make bad comment about people but if you do go to this school your going to make lots of friends im a stunt a land mark and prould to say it 2 sam7th
1/16/2008parentMy problem with this school is teacher response to parent phone calls and how they handle problems between students. I personally have had problems with my daughter since she began there this year. I always heard Mayport Middle is so 'BAD', but to my surprise I feel Landmark is alot worse. I would strongly recommend parents to look and see if there is second option school before enrolling at this not productive facility.
12/2/2007studentEver since I arrived at this school in 2004 as a 6th Grader I've always had a bad feeling about Landmark. To explain my feeling for this school, it has a very unhelpful staff that treat parents very badly and dis-respectfully and most of their students are constantly trash talking and bullying is a huge problem also which makes the school environment very dangerous. All in all, I suggest sending your son or daughter to another school if you have a choice.
10/17/2007studenti love this school all the teachers are nice!
10/9/2007studentLately Im no t happy here at landmark. The classes are over crouded and they keep changing my classes. Gym and computers are the only classes I have that have a good amount of kids in them.. They say there going to fix the problems but nothings happening? Im an 8th grade student at landmark and there have only been to problems this year.
9/27/2007parentSo far I am very disappointed in the whole Duval County. We went from Abess Park Elementary School, where my son had the option of before school care and after, and now that he is in 6th grade, There is no supervision what so ever. I have no idea whats going on in his classes, I have emailed the teachers, only to get no response. I feel so helpless in my own childs education. Just because we live close to this school, we seem be getting penalized. It seems to be unfair. Very disappointed parent.
9/21/2007parentI was concerned before my daughter started at LM because of many rumors. This is her 2nd year & she loves the school. She is in honors/advanced classes, has had wonderful teachers that are very easy to communicate with via email &/or phone calls. She has a few well behaved friends & has really become more independent and opened up since 5th grade. Dr. Henry (principal) and officer Goodin do not put up with adverse behavior that interferes with learning.The more involved you are as a parent, the more you will know this. How many schools offer free tutoring 2 days/week & on Sat! The only concern I have is the amount of binders/notebooks/supplies my daughter has to carry when she walks to school & all throughout the day.
9/20/2007parentThis school is the worst school my child has ever been at. My child has only had a few wonderful teachers Mrs.Lee(7th) Mr.Evans(comp.) Coach Foy(science) Mrs.Rojas(6th) This school cant even provide paper for my child we have to go out and buy paper for copys just so are chirldren dont have tio copy every thing. My main thing is the lockers landmark middle has lockers down almost every hall way ,yet my child is forced to carry 6 class periods worth of papers and notebooks in a bookbag almost 7 hours a day. These people tell the parents they are going to take action but nothing happens.I am i worried parent
9/20/2007studentI am a student a landmark middle and i am so happy with my school!They rock my socks!The only thing is the lockers we have them y not use em you know.....i hate carrying bookbags for 6 classes its so flipping hard on my back =[
8/22/2007parentTo make a long story short... If you can afford private school, send your kids to private. This school should be rated D because of the leadership and discipline.
8/2/2007studentim a student of landmark middle school, and i love it there because of the great teachers like mr.tupper, and mrs.Gaulier. i am a advanced student and now more interested in politics and ancient discoveries than i was before i attended this school. my only issue was that they no longer give students lockers. other wise im looking forward to my new year of school there!
6/8/2007parentI have to admit I was a little worried about my daughter attending this school. I had heard so many negative things about it, but found that most of them were not correct. We have been very pleased with Landmark and my daughter is happy there as well. With this age group I think it is very important for parents to step up and be involved with the students and I think Landmark encourages parents to do so.
6/2/2007parentI can not believe that Landmark is allowed to teach children. We tried to be active participants in the school and were discouraged from doing so. The entire staff never return calls, are rude to parents and children. Landmark failed to teach our child, who prior to attending Landmark was an honor roll student. We pulled him from Landmark and placed him in a private school. Because of Landmark, our child will NEVER attend Public School again, and we will vote NO to every school levy. Its not a money problem, its a people problem, with Teachers who only care about FCAT Numbers, instead of Teaching our children
5/31/2007former studentMy sister (03-06) and I (02-05) both attended landmark middle and loved it. We had incredible teachers such as coach Foy and Ms. Gailur and great experiences that we truley miss. We learned things there that surpasses our high school and that we will never forget. There are problems at every school and you can not say landmark is the worst. The important thing was our education and we recieved a great one from landmark.
5/24/2007parentLandmark has had a bad rap over the years but it has turned around. Yes there are fights and yes they do still have some problems. But the staff is doing a great job in curbing the problems to a minimum. I have been very proud to say my child goes to Landmark and loves this school. They care about the kids and it shows. The fact they have a great nursing staff tops off my reasons for loving this school. Having a child with medical problems paired with a school that cares makes all the difference in the world. Kudos to Landmark for helping to make a lasting difference in these kids lives.
5/22/2007parentI have not seen a more unorganized school as Landmark Middle. I cannot believe that a school of this nature is allowed to operate as it does. Between the never returned phone calls to the abundance of trash and kids running/ riding bicycles in the halls during the last chorus concert of the 2007 school year, I'd definitely not recommend Landmark as a school of choice.
6/27/2006former studenti attended lank mark middle and left in the year of 2004.. i really thank landmark i believe it is a gret school and that you can learn a lot if you stay on the right track... i can honestly say that things i learned in landmark middle are things that i havent learned in school now that i am in my second year of high school in another state.. and the staff was very polite and sweet to me.. i loved it
5/24/2006parentParents try to be involved in this school and it is not encouraged. Teachers never return phone calls. I have visited this establishment numerous times and have been left waiting in the halls for reasons unknown and treated rudely by the teachers and the staff in the front office. The atmosphere is one of a juvenile delinquency center rather than a learning institution. The teachers are non-communicative and unresponsive when called upon for answers.
5/2/2006parentThe school is violent and very disorganized. I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone. Fights are more often than not at this school. This is what we have encountered at Landmark.
4/25/2006parentWe are in our 3rd year at Landmark and doing just fine. Lots of worries prior to starting Middle School, but as long as you keep involed with your child it's great!
10/5/2005parentMy experience at Landmark has been a great disappointment. Administratively this school needs help. I have tried to be as involved as possible as a parent, but when questioning situations that have occurred at the school, I was essentially ignored. If I had not persisted in my quest for answers, my concerns would never have been addressed. Thankfully, my daughter enjoys her classes and her teachers, and does well academically. I just feel that more consideration to parent's concerns are greatly needed.
9/26/2005parentGood school, great music program. the only bad thing is overcrowding. A child can get lost if not self motivated. All in all, good teachers, but just too many students.
9/10/2005parentThis school recently made many changes to their policies, giving students only three minutes to navigate the more than crowded hall. Even though they changed the students hall time, their tardy policy stayed the same. Also, many student have to go up and down stairs to their elective and PE/Health classes. THeir extracurricular programs are good, but often found more important than their core classes.
3/1/2005parentI recently transferred my daughter from Landmark to a smaller Jacksonville Middle School. I discovered that my daughter had begun skipping school (5 times in a 9 week period), and no one from the school had contacted me about the absences or required her to bring a note from home. I was extremely disappointed in the way this was handled at the school, and can't believe that no one notified me about the large number of absences. I have now transferred her to a smaller school where she will hopefully not be as likely to 'fall through the cracks'.
2/11/2005parentGreat school for your kids. My kid went from being a C-B student to a A-B student at this school.
5/1/2004parentI would like to submit a review of Mr. Moody, 7th grade Math teacher. He is extraordinary in the time and effort he puts into teaching and coaching students in Math. He is a no nonsense, work hard kind of person and Landmark is lucky to have him.
4/22/2004parentLandmark is a great school for those students in advanced classes. For the average student or slightly above average student the experiece is not good. The school went several semesters with no math teacher and after finally getting one offered no help to the students. In fact the school slammed the students with low grades and no help. There is an extreme problem with theft. There are many students that bully other students. Watch out for the bus ride. Watch out for new 'houses' this means all the teachers in that 'house' are new and inexperienced. All 'A' schools are not equal. I found this school very disappointing at every turn. I recommend if you have to send your child here scream loudly for advanced classes otherwise try Clay County schools that way they can enter into an A high school as well instead of the D Sandlewood.
10/27/2003parentI want to thank Mr. Adams, Mrs. Evans(especially), and the football coaches at Landmark Middle. You have all be a great insperation to my son. I am a VERY involved parent and I listen to my children, and when they come home praising and talking about teachers, it tells me they are making a difference in my childrens life. Any time I have had a concern about ANYTHING, it has been addressed immediately and with care to assure my son continues to strive in his education. The teachers and staff at Landmark earn an 'A' in my book. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! Mercedes Troche

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