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Providence School
2701 Hodges Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32224
(904) 223-5270
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private | K-8
County: Duval


11/5/2012parentI have read the reviews on this page and honestly, you should pay attention to the curriculum prior to seeking enrollment at this school. My son loves this school, the teachers and is doing quite well academically. Providence is a college preparatory school and it intended to challenge its students. This school is meant to prepare your child for further education. The classes are tough, the rules are strict. High school shouldn t be about, what should I wear to school, what does my make-up look like, or what color finger nail polish should I wear. School is about being educated. Period. The teachers at this school are top notch. The curriculum is top notch. It is a bible based curriculum which makes it all that much more perfect. Go Stallions!
5/26/2012parentMy son has attended Providence since the 2nd grade and is now in middle school. Teachers: The teachers at Providence the best in their fields. These teachers teach because they want to make a difference in the lives of children. The administration is supportive, allowing the teachers to stay focused on teaching. The teachers I have dealt with have never disappointed me. Academics: My son is learning stuff in middle school English, math, science, and history that I didn t learn until high school. His history lessons are not watered down; the contributions that Christians made to this country are taught. His Bible classes are giving him a foundation I didn t have in the Bible until after college. Science classes make a point of teaching the difference between theories and facts. Extra-curricular Activities: The athletics at Providence are fantastic. My son is not a star athlete, but he has gained so much experience and character playing on the sports teams at Providence. The coaches get great players by encouraging each child to do their best. The students at Providence are amazing kids. I cannot imagine sending my son anywhere else.
3/11/2012parentMy daughter attends the PCDC (Providence Child Development Center) and I am "very" happy and pleased with the school. My child has grown emotionally, academically and morally. Yes, it is expensive for a daycare. Yes! There are a few"fundraisers" and fieldtrips which the school "asks" finacial support. However, I am dumbfounded "why" this is an issue. I am a teacher is the public school system, which is plagued with cutbacks. Parents complain their children and not receiving a quality education' however they do very little to support their schools. My daugter is learning and enjoying the learning process! If I have to do more to provide her with a quality education I will. The director of the school is kind, caring and considerate. Any concerns you have she addresses them immediately. She never undermines your concerns; while being professional (principals and directors should never undermine or discuss their staff in an negative manner with a parent). Her teachers are loving, passionate and professional. They help develop character, teach academics and nuture the students. I am very pleased and highly recommend Providence!
2/28/2012parentExtremely happy, and proud to send my children here. The school is amazing, and the best in Jax.
12/23/2011parentWe have been at Providence for three years now, and I am very happy with the school!
12/14/2011parentI have two children at Providence. I have been VERY IMPRESSED by the quality of the middle school teachers and staff! My children are having a wonderful experience at this school and most of the parents I talk to feel the same. No school is perfect but this has been a great fit for our family. There is a strong emphasis on both academics as well as character development.
12/6/2011parentThis school is by far the best school in Jacksonville. My child loves going to Providence! The teachers are amazing and the staff is always so friendly! I am extremely happy with this school.
11/4/2011otherNew parent this year and could not be any happier!! My children love this school and have excelled socially and academically. Challenging academic structure, good parent involvement, good principal and headmaster leadership. A great school.
6/29/2011parentPreschool mgmt and the teacher my child had....were a huge disappointment. Gave my child a complex and almost had me believing it too! We have since moved on, and my child is thriving! A teacher can make or break your child - this school definetly has some breakers!!! And management supports them. ALSO - mgmt is known for calling parents to pick up kids for temper tantrums....hmm...perfectly normal for the PRESCHOOL age group! So glad to have moved on.
5/4/2011otherI go to providence and i must say it is a horrible school. The tuition is higher than it should be, the people are mean hearted and don't show the qualities of a true christian. And while some of those in the administration are good, fair, and nice.Others have sever favoritism are mean and have even been fired for inappropriate conduct with a student. Also the rules are blown out of proportion things like wrong nail polish color and hair color/style and i personally have even gotten a Saturday school (which costs $35) for having pink lining on my socks then there is also the issue with measuring skirts where administration forces the girls to go on their knees in the middle of the hallway to measure the length of skirts and even if its 1/4 an inch of you WILL get written up. And lastly this school doesn't promote individuality it tries to force everyone to look the same, act the same, have the same beliefs and outlooks on EVERYTHING, etc. Needless to say i would never recommend this school to anyone unless you want your child to be a mindless zombie without their own personal beliefs about anything that has self esteem issues and no TRUE friends that they can count on for anything.
11/30/2010otherThis school lacks basic policies that are required of any institution that involves children. Some of the behavior that is tolerated from the children is astonishing. There is great inconsistency in discipline and they are very concerned with how much money is donated/raised- even ask the grandparents of the children for money. There are more courses provided by the public curriculum as far as A/P goes, it is not academically superior no matter what they claim - do your research, ask for copies of policies. They cut resources and don't even notify the parents until after the tuition is paid; same goes with fieldtrips - down to nothing due to budget cuts - yet the tuition keeps rising and those things are suppose to be included in the tuition!!!
11/9/2010parentThis is a fabulous school. My children have attended for three years, I wish they would have started here. The academics are great and the families have been wonderful to get to know.
11/2/2010teacherEveryone seems to comment on how great this school is academically. However, these same reviews are riddled with grammatical errors and misspellings. I have to say, it is disappointing to see a "Christian school" place so much emphasis on money. Money is the root of all evil. I'm pretty sure that was first mentioned in the Bible. Awful.
7/1/2010parentThis school claims to offer a high quality education, but this is simply not true. MANY children struggle in this school due to the poor quality of teaching. The Administration is narrow-minded and the "open door" policy is really a "closed door" policy. Many problems exist at this school which are continually left unaddressed and hidden. Don't waste your time and money at this school!
4/22/2010parentProvidence is a great christian school. It keeps my child morally sound in todays world of violence and hate.
2/1/2010studentmy name is alexis i attend providence and that is the best school i ever gone to but the rules is just over the top i can not explain the rules they have their so formal when it comes to attire for the school i currently go their now and im in sports but this school is the best in florida Go Stallions!
7/24/2009studentI am a student attending Providence School, and the academics are good, but i do not like the administration. I do belive the rules are over the top. such as socks, nail polish, gym uniforms... etc. i do think that they try to get more and more money out of us. some of the teachers are the nicest and smartest teachers i've ever met, and some are the meanest people. providence will not let you be your own person, they form you into what they want you to be, and they don't accept you for you. the teachers pick favorites, the tution is raising faster than ever, and it's too expensive. students (i believe) should enjoy going to school, not resent it because of the administration.
11/21/2008parentFabulous school...top rate academics, excellent balance between the arts (which are terrific--theater, visual and performance) and sports. Teachers are predominately very engaged, communicate well with both students and parents and legitimately care about the success of the students. This is NOT a school for kids who struggle as it is a college prep school, but they clearly know their mission and for those kids who desire this type of commitment, there is absolutely no better foundation than Providence in the northeast Florida region.
11/15/2008parentIf you are looking for a safe, loving, Christian school environment for your child with a strong academic focus...this is the school for you! I have two children there and have been very pleased for the past eight years. No school is perfect, but overall Providence is a great school!
10/26/2008otherWe are grandpaents. We have a grandson and a granddaughter in the 7th grade at Providence. We think the facilities are second to none. We are also very impressed with the emphasis on Christian values. The academics are exceptional. We are proud our grandkids are students there.
10/10/2008parentMy husband and I could not be more pleased with our decision to place our daughter into a Christian private school. In my opinion, Providence School is the best private school in Jacksonville. The leadership is what makes the difference and I challenge you to attend a Pep Rally. You will be amazed at the school spirit and the love of Christ that surrounds the students and faculty.
9/21/2008parentProvidence overall is a good school. However if your child has any academic weakness or challenges, this is not the school for them. They will be labeled and require you to hire a tutor to attempt to keep up with the work load.
7/21/2008parentI have two children at Providence School and could not be more pleased. Both are being well prepared academically and spiritually. Anytime I have had a question or concern, the staff and faculty (espcially the administration) has met with me and a resolution was reached. In middle school, things are a little tougher (but so is my child). I didn't always understand why they did what they did, but but I was heard, treated fairly, and given an explination. I trusted them to be experts & having been through it now, I know they were only preparing my daughter for high school. As my children get older they have more responsiblity from the teachers. There is no tolerance for misbehavior and safety is stressed. There is no better school in Jacksonville. Students will be well prepared for college and life beyond the classroom.
7/3/2008parentProvidence School offers much to all types of students. Athletics, academics, and overall atmosphere are stong and biblically sound. If you are looking for a high quality, Christian education this is the only place in town for you to be. The lower school has loving, nurturing people and the Upper School offers everything from grade level guidance, college counseling, strong curriculum, and state certified teachers. I've never had a bad experience that wasn't addressed and logically approached.
10/4/2007parentMy wife and I have been exremely happy with the school and our sons academic progress. Still in the elementary school, our aspirations for him are high, but grounded in the truth that he will be what he will be. We all want our children to be 'doctors and lawyers and such', the reality is that we can do and provide all that is possible and the Lord will have the final approval. Having raised 7, I speak from experience. Go Stallions !
5/23/2007parentAcademic programs are fairly robust and will prepare your child (academically) for any college. Establish early, clear communication with teachers and remain in contact. Extracurricular activities are well-coordinated and fairly well-attended. Providence is has a comparatively small student population, so your child will not get lost in the crowd. Initially, Providence appears very antiseptic in appearance compared to public schools, but it is an infinitely safer environment. Spirituality/Bible is sometimes overemphasized. Strict dress and conduct standards ensure your child will be surrounded by good kids.
2/28/2007parentWe have been at Providence for 6 years. Two children that have graduated and are very prepared for college and one in middle school that has a strong academic base because of the great elementary school. Problems arise during middle and upper school. The communication is poor between parent, administration and teacher. It is the schools way or nothing. Not a good school if you want to be involved as a parent. If you have a child that is not organized and honor roll material it will be very difficult for them.
8/14/2006parentParent of a graduate and Senior:the school has exceeded our expectations. Very academically challenging, the education received has prepared our son well and he is the recipient of a large academic scholarship to a private, out of state university. We are very pleased with the excellence in extra-curriculars, such as dance, theater and sports and the parent involvement is great. Teachers and staff are very responsive, curriculum is tough and relevent and the tuition is very reasonable. We are thrilled and will send our other two children on to Providence despite the long drive (30 miles).
12/16/2005parentProvidence school has a wide variety of activities to offer children of all ages including a vast amount of extra curricular activities. It is designed to prepare students both spiritually and academically for college. Good school. A bit expensive.
11/12/2005studentI totally love this school! It has brought me so much closer to God and I have learned so much and made a lot of new friends!
11/3/2005studentI love this school. It is so good and it has agreat christian curriculum!
10/30/2005parentAcademics are very strong, however, there is no room for developmental differences. If your child can keep up,great. If not, a developmentally normal child that is not on the front of the curve will be labeled detrimentally. Parent involvement is high.
6/8/2005parentProvidence has an excellent balance of religion and academics with a great deal of parent involvement (voluntary, not forced!). There are a wide variety of extracurricular activities to choose from, and the sports programs have excelled in recent years. Compared to other private schools in town, this is the best deal tuition-wise.
1/29/2005parentQuality of academic programs is generally very high. Many sports and extracurricular activities available. Level of parent involvement is fairly high.
12/9/2004parentAll of the subjects are taught from a biblical viewpoint or with biblical references. Advanced material presented but with large class size. Offer before and after school help sessions. Quite strict regarding uniforms and behavior. Not for the independently minded.
9/14/2004parentParent of preschool and kindergarden boy. School is terrific...strong academics - 5 year old has homework which actually requires work at home. Teachers(3 for 3) are great - all sold, loving, Christ minded and nurturing. Would recommend this school highly.

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