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Jupiter High School
500 Military Trl
Jupiter, FL 33458
(561) 744-7900
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public | 9-12
County: Palm Beach


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6/8/2012studenti attended JHS this year as a freshman and i will not be going back. I hated it. The staff, guidance counselors, and faculty could care less about you, and don't even try to speak up for yourself because all the member in student services and the front office treat every kid like dirt. The school was awful i am more concerned about my grades rather than my social life and teachers did not seem to understand that. i would absolutely not recommend this school to anyone. Disappointing but true JHS is terrible!
6/10/2011studentI'm very glad I chose to attend Jupiter High School. Its Environmental Academy is by far its best choice program and I've had not only a wonderful education, but also a lot of fun. All of my teachers are passionate about the subjects that they teach and want nothing but the best for their students. The extracurriculars are wonderful as well and I'm part of many of them, including the speech & debate team, which is home to many nationally ranked competitiors & travels thorought the country to compete at institutuions such as Yale, Harvard, and the University of Florida.
10/11/2010parentBoth my children attended JHS. They have wonderful teachers and good arts programs. My children were in Band all four years. It helped them excel in their studies and taught them valuable life lessons.
8/27/2010parentThis is a great school if you expect nothing. That is exactly what you will get from the faculty and staff so you will not be disappointed. They are ill prepared for students who are not overachievers and for the gross overcrowding at the school. I went to pick up a sick child today (not mine)and not ONCE was I asked for identification, from any of the 5 adults I encountered. I witnessed the office staff allowing 3 young adult men to sign in as "guests". It was very obvious to ME that they didn't need to be there and were just "visiting" a student friend. Luckily it wasn't on the nightly news that evening.....
8/27/2010parentI am so sad to see that nothing has changed insofar as the "under achievers" since the 90's when my son attended. He was not an "over achiever" and in fact his guidance counselor encouraged him and other students to drop out and get GEDs!! All the efforts were placed with the future college bound students.
7/24/2010parentWonderful, caring teachers, principal is strong and capable leader, coaching staff puts academics first, and parent volunteers are amazing.
7/19/2010parentI moved here in January. My daughter is a freshman. I am very impressed so far with this school. Very Organized and the staff is excellent!
10/4/2009parentMy son was diagnosed with a learning disability, and struggled for many years to overcome it. With the help of the good teachers at Jupiter High and other schools in the Jupiter area he now is taking regular classes and is very involved with the band. He's even taking French and is going to France in the spring. I am so grateful for all the hard work and dedication this school has for it's students - my sons self esteem has shot thru the roof and he is now preparing to go on to college. I am so proud of him. Go Warriors.!
10/3/2009parentJupiter High School has the best teachers and its a great school, it takes care of all of their students and treats them all as family
9/18/2009studentJupiter High School is such a great school. The band is second in the state for division 2A. The band desperately needs the money though. We have a great athletic program, too. Jupiter High School Graduates of 2009 got over 1 million dollars in scholarships. Great teachers, and even more amazing principal.
9/16/2009studentLed certified and one green schools award in our county. Has best Environmental Academy in the southeastern part of the united states
12/8/2008parentUnless you are an overachiever or an underachiever, you get lost in the group at this school. Many teachers are counting their days till retirement.
8/15/2008studentThe School is a great school I'm glad I went there. The best teachers are Mr. Skinner and Mrs. Ridler. The band program is outstanding. The cost is high but they offer many fund raising opportunities. I am a senior. I'm glad that the old principal is gone. She was not involved in the band at all. The new principal is so far outstanding. Over all I'm glad that I went there.
7/18/2008studentBest school ever by far!
7/10/2008studentJHS is purely what you make of it. If you want to challenge yourself academically you definately can, they add more and more AP classes every year. There are many different clubs, and it if there are none that interest you, it is easy enough to start one. JHS also offers an array of competitive varsity sports. The resources to be successful and move on to a top notch school are available to students at JHS. With that being said, if you are not an outgoing, active, involved student you will not get alot out of a JHS education. With a school packed to the rim, over 3,000 students, it is quite easy to blend into the crowd. The guidance staff is not helpful, and class sizes are large if you are not in AP classes. You have to be driven enough to succeed because noone at JHS will push you.
4/24/2008studentJupiter is a good school, one of the best in the county, and I am glad that I attend it. JHS has very good magnets/academies. I am in the Medical Academy and I love it! I have found in my years as a Jupiter student that most teachers are nice and are good at what they do. However, if your kid is completely unmotivated, they might have a hard time because the faculty can't just focus on them, there are about 3000 other students. Jupiter is overcrowded due students that fake addresses to attend this school instead of the one whose boundaries they live in. Unfortuantly, too much school funding goes to sports instead of academics because of our climate. most students around here apply to UF, but obviously to other colleges also. And the majority get accepted to the college they want. Overall, Jupiter is a pretty good school.
2/7/2008parentI am a parent with 2 children at Jupiter. One will graduate 2008. If your child is an 'over achiever' they will do well at Jupiter. If you child needs an extra push to keep up they will be lost to the masses. This school is great if your child is academically motivated but athletics, clubs or working students tend to fall behind the 'norm' at Jupiter.
1/20/2008studentI love the school. I'm goin there 4 high school. I think its great how they let people use the school as a church, cant go wrong with this school.
11/6/2007parentOur child was lost in the sea of students at JHS. Great community school, just not for us.
8/8/2007parentMy daughter goes to Jupiter High and we love it.
7/5/2007studentI just graduated Jupiter High School(2007!), and I believe there is not one school in the entire state that I would of spent the last 4 yrs. It is a school of great pride and history that goes back years. Its academics are by far some of the best in the county; its athletic program is one of great recognition; and its student body is one of amazement. This school will not only continue on its 'A' track but hold the place as one of the best schools in the state!
6/29/2007studentWhenever anyone asks me about my school, I always smile and tell them exactly how I feel. That the admnistators, the teachers, and most of all, the students are empowering. I will be a junior at Jupiter High this coming school year (class of 2009!) and thus far, my high school experience has been everything I ever hoped for and more. I have nearly always been on the honor roll. Though the beginning of freshman year, I had gotten a little off track. Then I met a student who had such a positive energy and he made me feel like I wanted to be better and that I wanted to excel; and I really have. I have worked very hard throughout my years at Jupiter and the teachers and students are more than supportive. I tell everyone who asks, that I couldn't picture going anywhere else, and that's how I
5/24/2007parentJHS is an excellent school and has a very positive environment. The principal and the teachers are very dedicated and caring. This school prepares the child for the best colleges and provides them with many opportunities to excel.
4/13/2007parentI had 2 children in this school. The older one is extremely self sufficient and does well. However if your child is not a go getter they will get lost in the shuffle. Very over cowded. How do you fit 3,000 kids into 2 lunch periods? Its a public school so you get what you pay for. We opted to withdraw our younger child from the 9th grade and put her in private school.
12/14/2006parentGreat school, excellent academic curriculum, outstanding music program (requires $$ and high time commitment). Academies are some of the best in the county, plus the students get to experience all aspects of high school, and are not just focused on one program (e.g. magnet schools). Athletic teams are not chosen by talent, but by who you know. Losing great athletic talent (in all sports) to Jupiter Christian. Volunteers are extremely helpful, and the principal is outstanding. Assistance principals are hard to get in touch with, but guidance office is very helpful. Overall, this has been a great school for my kids.
5/25/2006former studentBest public school in the area but highly overcrowded and the staff in guidance, student services, and in the library and not helpful and are often rude.
5/15/2006parentI am very pleased with Jupiter High School. My daughter started this year and she has excelled in every aspect of her education as well as a person. The administration is ready willing and able to address any problems and I have the utmost respect for their abilities to lead these kids. Parents need to understand their role in their childs education is vital for their childs future success. Parents who choose not to get involved will get out of it exactly what they put into it! The same goes for the child - you get what you give! The parent involvement at JHS is excellent and I hope the tradition continues for years to come.
4/13/2006former studentI attended the Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy at Jupiter High School. If your child is interested in any particular facet of science, have them attend this fabulous program! Graduates of this program are now working all over the world in various positions, I myself live in Japan! It's a great program and provides outstanding opportunity!
2/22/2006studentTeachers have been great for my son, and the school runs quite well. It is rather daunting at first (over 3000 kids) but everything is pretty new and the counselors help getting students settled in.
1/18/2006former studentI atteneded a few schools in the area and I can say that this schools by far would be the enviroment I would want my child to be in. The teachers where good and there where far fewer srious problems.
1/11/2006parentBe prepared for a very large school. JHS has an A rating with excellent magnet programs. The school staff works hard on organization with the continually growing student body. JHS offers an excellent curriculum for Honors and AP classes. The campus is new and centrally located in Jupiter. Teacher/Student ratio depends on the class. Honor and AP classes have a smaller ratio (15-20). Whereas the basic classes may be larger(20-30). The band and sports dept. are excellent. School pride and spirit are strong. The staff is well organized, teachers are very accessable and finally the principal, Dr. Nessmith is well respected and loved. Overall, JHS is an excellent school for your college bound student and Jupiter, Florida is one of the nicest areas to live in Palm Beach County. My son will be attending University of Florida and we owe much of this to JHS!
8/25/2005parentJHS seems to have many high achievers. Many students have plans for their futures and substantial goals. Unfortunatly I do not believe the School District is ready for them or for the many students to follow.This is the 1st year since JHS has been rebuilt,and they are still not prepared for these bright, excited,impressionable young people. Teachers make a great impression on our young people and sometimes a lasting one.These are great teachers,stiffled by a greedy district. Good Luck JHS.Good luck to all your children.
8/15/2005parentJupiter High has excellent new facilities and offers a wide variety of extracurriculars, just about anything you can think of. Parent involvement is very high and academics seem to be pretty good despite being a little over enrolled for the space they have... but welcome to life in South Florida!
6/13/2005parentThe school was extremely overcrowded until last year when a new school opened. ESE programs were of very poor quality and extracurricular activities were limited due to high volume of students.
6/11/2005parentMy son goes to jupiter high school and it is a great school, they have many acedmic programs including ROTC getting students ready for the army. They have phenominal teachers in every class and jupiter high was just named an A school. They have very high FCAT scores and a tremendous percentage of seniors go on to college.
5/3/2005studentJupiter High School is extremly overcrowed being it's second year since the new school has been built. I believe that you should experince JHS for yourself, but not to ingrnore my comments.
4/8/2005parentGood Programs, High competition to get on school teams. 75 freshmen tried out for the freshman team. Great band program, however cost is high and time commitment is high. Strong academic curriculm available.

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