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Blessed Trinity
5 SE 17th Street
Ocala, FL 34471
(352) 622-5808
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private | K-8
County: Marion


  School Head OfficialYear
Jason Halstead2013
10/1/2012parentWe should have known from the start what we were in for. When your preschooler is getting written up for...being a preschooler, it's a bit ridiculous. My husband and I both grew up in catholic schools, so BT was an obvious choice for us. After four years of this it was obvious we had made the wrong choice. The school and the church are about money. There is no tolerence for children acting like children, and the staff involvement and communication is not satisfactory what so ever. In our last year there our child was written up within the first week of school, and later in the year for putting stickers all over. We had requested several meetings with the teacher only to get demeaning notes home. We were on the fence about switching schools until our child came home with half of their hair cut off, and the principal dismissing it. Then we were called and asked to make a decision because they had children on the waiting list if ours was not returning! We're only two months in at the new school and our child is excelling tremendously (and hasn't been written up once!)
2/8/2011parentIt seems to me the reason that many of us make the commitment to a private education for our children is to ensure proper guidance, challenging and advanced curriculum, and an environment that provides a safety net to protect them from negative influences. It is true that BT is selective in accepting applicants, but ethnicity seems to be diverse. The theory is to educate the whole child by including instilling morals and values and fostering lasting relationships among students. Bullying is not tolerated and the Ten Commandments are expected to be upheld. The goal is to educated child in all aspects of life,so that he or she may be a positive contributor to society in the future. The children know the rules as do the parents and we are all expected to follow them. Overall my daughter has done a complete turn around since entering the school five years ago, she was already doing well scholastically, but her ability to show concern for others and to be a caring friend and role model to others has blossomed beautifully though her teachings at school. Not every child or every parent will understand and appreciate the program, but we sure love it!
5/2/2010parentI read some of the other posts with a negative tone concerning race and 'selectiveness' of race for the sole purpose of athletics and that is completely preposterous! This person sounds like a person with more excuses than a hard look at the reality of whatever his/her situation was with her child or children. I am Hispanic and my son is bi-racial and there has not been one 'issue' related to race. Parent involvement is one of the best aspects of BT. If you do it out of the love of your child's education, you will be all over the place and make great friends who are just as dedicated. If you go in with an attitude you will post like some of the other negative posters on this site. The school is fantastic and I love (as the other poster mentioned) how BT will not put up with bad behavior.
9/27/2009parentWe love BT. My daughter can't wait to go to school in the morning. Her teacher is excellent, and so are all of the other staff. I wouldn't want her anywhere else!
8/8/2008parentParent involvment is very high. I am appreciative (unlike other posters) that the BT administration personnel will not put up with behavior problems. Children are there to learn and our children have that ability. In addition, other than what other negtive posters wrote, there is cultural diversity at BT. Finally, my son will be in the fifth grade this year and each year he test well above average on the standardized test. Thank you to all BT personnel, because unlike the negative posters' comments, I only encounter generosity, kindess and professionalism.
7/1/2008parentMy children are not even Catholic and have never been treated badly! The school is a Christian atmosphere who welcomes all families of all races. They also welcome any parent volenteer as long as they are willing to be finger printed for the safety of all our children!! My son was only in the 6th grade when he was contacted by Duke University to take the S.A.T. test because of his high acedemic scores!
5/8/2006parentI was very excited about putting my child there until he got there. This academic side of schooling is excellent The administration and staff are another story. You are called for the smallest thing your child does and threatened to be expelled if these 'minor disciplinary problems continue.' I feel that they are very selective about who gets in and don't want certain races of children there. You only fit in in athletics once you get to high school. The staff is rude and very snotty.
3/3/2004parentBlessed Trinity was once known for its high academic standards and family type of atmosphere. The current administration has reduced the ammount of volunteers allowed at the school and the emphasis is more on what your child looks like rather than what your child is learning. Likewise, the outward appearance of the school as a whole seems to take a higher priority than the curriculum. After 8 years and many headaches, we have chosen to pull our children from BT and they couldn't be happier.
9/9/2003parentI have had 4 children enrolled here. One just graduated and is now a high school freshman. The others are in 7th, 4th, and 3rd. They have done very well at BT, consistently scoring in the high 90s on their standardized test. My only negative comment concerns their special ed program - they need one!
8/10/2003parentI wouldn't said my children to any other School. My oldest son just graduated the 8th grade, My daughter is now in the 5th grade and my youngest son is in the kindergarden. The teachers are grade its the best school in marion county

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