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Evans Elementary School
100 E Chapman Rd
Oviedo, FL 32765
(407) 320-9850
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public | PK-5
County: Seminole


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5/6/2011parentI have several children at this school. I found the comments to be accuarate. If your child fits the standard model then you are good. Thankfully we do. I have a child in the gifted program that begs me to remove them. They say it's boring and all they do is research and play games. Is that what gifted is about? The new administration staff is wonderful. Although the old staff was strict I did not find it to be a turnoff. The front staff (not all) can give you a less then welcoming feeling. It is unforturnate but hopefully it doesn't carry over to the children who come in. The teachers are wonderful. I do not feel there was a huge turn over in the previious years that we've been there. I think it is good that our children experince all types of personalities and for the most part our teachers have been wonderful educators to our kids. The PTA is very active but they tend to stick to using only parents they "approve" of.
1/24/2011parentThere is new principal and vice principal leadership here who are outstanding. They even stand out on the sidewalks on the hottest and coldest days of the year directing traffic.
10/3/2009parentGreat teachers, great (new) administration, great parent support, great students!!! Where the best get even better...
9/29/2009parentI love my kids school because the teacher's really seem to care about the kids and their parents! They are one of the top AR schools and did awesome with FCat's last year too! Go Evans -you rock! :)
9/15/2009parentWe've had 3 kids at Evans over the past 5 years- overall our experience has been disappointing. We moved our oldest child out of Evans because of their teacher. She was completely uninterested in guiding her classes or helping them build confidence and seemed to be supported by the previous principle. She only ever seemed interested in FCAT scores and made it clear that this was 'just a job' -she did not want to be bothered after hours with questions or concerns. Our other two children remained at Evans but have both experienced varying levels of problems. Though with them, their teachers were much kinder and accessible. The new leadership, coming into the 2009 school year, seems to be trying to create a friendlier environment, which is appreciated, though some staff should have also been replaced with the leadership, such as many of the 'assistant' staff and the guidance staff.
8/30/2009parentI can not say enough about the quality education this school provides. My son's teachers have been unbelievable! The teachers do an outstanding job, even under the ruling of an overbearing, very unlikable Mrs. Winger. I look forward to this year. The teachers at this school deserve a break from her tyranny!
7/9/2009parentMy son is going into 3rd grade and has attended Evans since kindergarten. He has has had wonderful teachers who have been very patient with him. He went through testing for ESE and found he was not the process was done quickly. He is ADHD and his teacher were wonderful during the process of working with him. He is an average student and they are always positive. The only negative I see and I agree with the some other posts about the office staff. You tend to get ignored for a significant amount of time at time. But usually pleasent when they get to you. The guidance counselor is wonderful.
5/16/2009parentI took my daughter out of this school a few years ago mostly due to the rude, sarcastic front office staff. It was really disgusting. The principal did nothing to help when I complained.
5/15/2009parentMy daughter went to Evans from K thru 1st grade...I found the staff wonderful, supportive and kind. The Principal was the Best! I moved, and she is now a student at Casselberry Elementary, and this is another great school. I have 5 children and have had experience with plenty of schools over the years. These are the best.
3/4/2009parentThe office people is the worse, rude and very arrogant. I totally agree with the comments that they have good teachers but in general the staff is real bad, see the web page, you can't communicate with the teachers they are always asking just for money and the kids have a lot of press. My child does not like to go to school. I totally agree they don't care about learning in general, the only format that they understand is FCAT....
2/12/2009parentWe have never been so disappointed with a school! From the front office to the principal they are condescending and rude! There may be a few good teachers but they are overshadowed by the 'just putting in my time'teachers. I have witnessed the principal just sit back and watch her front desk staff be rude and nasty. I truly believe that the tone of the school is set by the principal and I can just hope she is retiring soon!
2/8/2009parentThis is an excellent school. My Daughter has a great teacher. Evans is very well organized and they do care very much about the students education. I never had a problem with the front desk staff. Everytime I walk into the front desk they great me.. My child is an A student. We love Evans Elementry.
2/6/2009parentWe are completely unhappy with Evans, and removing our child. I agree with the other posters that the teaching is completely centered around the FCAT, with no regard for any real life learning. There are a few good teachers, but for the most part, parents are actively discouraged from participating in the child's education. Most teachers do not allow parents to volunteer in the classroom. If you walk into the front office, you will be more likely met with sarcasm (if you're not ignored) than help. The school is disorganized -- my child has been frequently misplaced. If you have an intelligent child who tests well and you fit the average demographic (race, political views, etc) for this area, then your child should love this school. If you have any differences, then you should consider one of the magnet schools.
1/2/2009parentThis school is a great school for the average student. The school performs very well on the FCAT, and they have some great teachers here. As soon as the current principal retires and they get some new people into the guidance department they should be fine. Most parents and kids loves this school. I would recommend his school for the average student and you child will do well at this school. Please do not move to this school if you child is gifted or has any disability. This school does not know how to deal with these students.
11/5/2008parentI have two girls who go to school. There have been a couple of times when they were under par but their teachers were so helpful to the girls and to my husband and myself. They showed us what we could do at home to help them and took extra time with the girls. I love the support in the school and how involved the parents are. I think it makes Evans a strong school.
9/9/2008parentI am dreading putting my son into Evans again next year. The front staff is awful and his teacher does not seem ti truly care about the students. The school is unorganized and only cares about test scores.
7/31/2008parentMy son has been in three diffrent schools in his short school career.A total of one year is all it took to make me transferre him out. The office staff was one of the rudest I have ever experinced, I dreaded going in to the office for anything. FCAT was top Priority. Their outlook on a child a little out side the box and vary out going is harsh. I would never put my son back in that school.
7/31/2008parentMy son has been in three diffrent schools in his short school career.A total of one year is all it took to make me transferre him out. The office staff was one of the rudest I have ever experinced, I dreaded going in to the office for anything. FCAT was top Priority. Their outlook on a child a little out side the box and vary out going is harsh. I would never put my son back in that school.
7/8/2008parentI transferred my child as soon as I could from this school. We felt that the teaching was primarily FCAT related. We wanted a well rounded education for our children a we felt this WAS NOT a priority at EVANS. We felt our teacher was apathetic and detached. We got no support from the principle who seemed to view our concerns as a nuisance. We have since moved our children to different Seminole County School and are extremely pleased.
5/23/2008parentEvans is a nice looking school, the staff is friendly, but we have had a teacher that we did not feel was up to par two different years at this school. Evans is FCAT centered. They are not able to truly help when a child needs anything extra. It's a 'that's not my job' feel from some of the teachers.
4/17/2008parentI have had several experiences w/ elementary schools, and I am very disappointed w/ Evans. The teacher (principle included) seemed to care primarily about the schools FCAT statedus and less about providing students w/ a well rounded education. My son was labeled as below grade level at Evans b/c he thinks outside the box, after transfering he was tested as gifted (this was from a different Seminole county school) tested as gifted at all other schools but b/c they think outside the box....not allowed at this school!!! He was later tested at another Seminole County School and placed in gifted math and is above grade level in all subjects...they took the time to get to know my child. If you want a child with strong critical thinking skills...Run from Evans...if you are happy w/ just good testing taking scores,and questionable teachers ..Evan is the place for you!!!!
3/20/2008parentEvans is a fabulous school. I came from the state of Massachusetts and my child was in a very high ranking district up north. I can tell you that Evans is academically in that same outstanding range. They truly work with the parents and have programs that enrich and assist all students to perform at high level standards. They truly stick to the motto no child left behind. Kudos to Evans Elementary.
12/13/2007parentI am very pleased with my sons teacher. He is in first grade and is struggling with reading and a few other learning issues. She is putting him on a program to help over come the problem. The school our older child attended at this age just said 'She needs to work harder' There wasnt the support system or programs that this school has. Thank you Mrs McRory for being a wonderful caring teacher and for trying to give the best to our son.
9/27/2007parentachademicly this is a great school, only problem is if you don't get a good teacher you have no help from the higher office! The front office staff would be happy if there were no parents allowed into the school or on the phone! They are rude and unhelpful. This also includes the principal who lets them get away with it! Most teachers are great but as previously stated - soon move onto better run schools so each year you take pot luck! If we were able to send our kids somewhere else we would!
9/26/2007parentMy daughter went to this school and we had no problems. My son who has ADD went to this school and we spent years trying to get him the support he needed in order to be successful at Evans. Overall, we were very disappointed.
1/18/2007parentThis school was supposed to be a great school due to it being modernized and the computer lab. It has been great for one of my children who fits the norm. However, my other child has not had a nice experience. If you get an experienced teacher everything is great. If not, you are out of luck. The teachers have very little flexibility in the classroom. Overall, we are seeking to move into another school system as Evan's is not prepared to deal with these issues.
9/28/2006parentOverall this school is an OK school, it all depends on the teacher your child is assigned to. If you do not have the 'right' teacher and your child does not fit the 'Normal' mold then its not that great of a school. Their primary focus is preparing for the test(FCAT) which is why this school seems good from the outside, but if the school is that great then why would so many teachers leave as they had leave after last year.
9/19/2006parentWe left a private school because so many of our neighbors raved about Evans Elementary. This is our 3rd year and we could not be more satisfied. The enrichment programs, media center and computer lab exceeded what he was getting at a small private school. The teachers have been phenomenal and very responsive to our son and us. He is thriving and we are so happy with our decision to have him go to Evans.
5/9/2006parentOverall, I'm not displeased with Evans. Academically, the school does well, but it teaches to the test and at least in our experience, it fails to take into consideration that these little kids need downtime, too. I am currently looking to transfer my son to another school, or else move outside the boundaries of Evans Elementary.
2/27/2006parentIt is a great school if your child fits the 'normal' model of how a student should learn and act. The majority of the teachers are great and work wonderfully with the children in a conducive learning environment.
8/29/2005parentthe leadership and organization at this school is excellent
6/30/2005parentA wonderful school! My daughter enjoyed her few years at Evans.
3/31/2005parentThis was our first year at this school. We have been in three different Orange County schools due to moving very often. Well we are not moving again. The teachers really care. The parent involvement is off the chart. I almost homeschooled my kids until I fell in love with this school.
3/14/2005parentI have nothing but positive things to say about this school.We came from a private school up north and was worried my daughter would not adjust.Her reading has improved,and her 2nd grade teachers are truly wonderful.
1/17/2005parentJohn Evans is a great school. The academic programs are right on target and as each year goes by kids are learning more and the previous class for that grade. I can tell because I have two boys and my younger one is learning stuff my older one had not learned at that grade. My son participating in a production of the King and I that was very inspiring. To see these kids performing as they did was amazing. I find myself very much involved in my kids education because you find out sooner than later how important it is to their success.
4/6/2004studentMy son has been attending Evans for the past 2 years and we love it. Kindergarten was a great experience and First Grade is even more fun, but more of an academic challenge. We highly recommend this school and next year (2004-2005) will be even better with the enrollment being reduced to 850 students.
11/24/2003parentWe have been at this school for 4 years since it opened. I think the academics are great! Good teachers! We have a child who is straight A's with ease I believe the teachers challange him still. We also have a younger one with developmental delays and is in the Pre-K program. Outstanding is not good enough for this group of teachers. So, whether your child is gifted or challenged, they are equipped to give them all the best education that your child can take.
10/8/2003parentThis school is the best elementary school ever! My son is attending here for the first year and everything about this school is great! I love his teacher, his principal is awesome! What else can I say. Awesome school!

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