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Bayside High School
1901 Degroodt Rd SW
Palm Bay, FL 32908
(321) 956-5000
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public | 9-12
County: Brevard


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2/8/2010studentI attended Bayside high School for one semester and i miss it very much. the teachers and faculty were wonderful and there were many extra curiculare activities to be involved in. My current school is rubish compaired with the quality edjucation i was reciving at Bayside.
12/3/2009studentI love bayside it is a good school to attend administration and teacher care and are very helpful
11/21/2009studentBayside is doing very well. We have been making history so far this year. Football has been outstanding as well as academic qualities. Fundamentally it has gotten a bit elementary. Teachers are just to picky about standing in the halls and its just a little annoying. Otherwise its pretty chill
8/29/2009studentBayside is great. I just feel like the administration has changed and made student lide more middle school like. It doesnt feel like high school anymore, or like it was when i was a freshmen. It changed a lot however the students keep baysides traditions alive
9/3/2008studentBayside has one of the best honors program in any of the high schools in brevard county. They helped me get into a program where I will graduate with my associates degree. The counselors work around your needs and help you as much as possible. The sports programs are amazing.. our football team won the first game of the year. Overall.. I would never want to go any where else. I love bayside high. GO BEARS!
1/23/2008studentBayside High is very safe. Whenever there is a fight, the deans quickly extinguishes the raucous within minutes. Not only that the school also is an 'A' school.
1/11/2008studentBayside high is a great school everybody there thinks they are the best banana.
11/25/2007otherBayside is okay. . .sports are okay too. . . .it just seems like something is missing though.The band on the other hand is awesome! The drumline is amazing also.
5/28/2007studentI can assure you that all the field trips provide quite an educuational experience, even an enlightening one. Take the trip to Washington D.C. for example, the memorials teach their own lessons of a unique kind that you can't get in a classroom or from pictures. Overall, Bayside is an excellent school. We were overcrowded last year, and as a result many a scuffle occurred, but all in all, if you had any common sense, the year went by as usual.
5/3/2006parentBayside High is a fantastic school. I'd recommend it highly. It offers a safe environment and a healthy learning experience.
1/12/2006parentGreat news for incoming freshman,06-07,a new 9th grade center being created with team teaching, block scheduling for the 9th grade, remediation for 10th grade fcats, more opportunities for electives, and honors class's too. Then 10-12 will be on 7 period school day thinking out of the box is wonderful for all kids.
8/23/2005parentGreat school! They have set very high standards for the students. They are very strict, yet fair with the discipline which makes for a good learning environment. I feel that the teachers are good role models for the students. Parental involvement is good. Availability of electives is 'fair' at best. Foreign language is out of the question for the younger students-forcing them to take in their sophmore or junior years. Sports teams are good, with great coaches-but school spirit (especially at football games) needs to improve! My children feel VERY safe at Bayside High School which makes it easier for them, as well as myself!
8/9/2004parentBayside is a wonderful new high tech school, B grade FCAT and close to acheiving AYP. The Principal and Staff are student acheivement oriented. We are blessed.
8/5/2004studentI attend Bayside High School and our dress code is one of the strictest codes in the county of Brevard and most of us do get into trouble. Maybe you should observe the school and then realize that most of us are covered and it is kind of hard for a few administors to look after almost 2000 kids. Parents are suppose to know the dress code too and have their kids follow it. Bayside is an awesome school, sometimes more strict than I like, but it is an amazing school. You learn a lot, the campus is clean and pretty, the teachers all care, and we have an awesome staff.
7/30/2004parentBayside is a good school but there is room for improvement. I especailly object to the inapporpriate field trips taht are offered such as the ROTC trip to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Otherwise, I think the lacking dress code enforcement is the worst problem. There are too many sexually provocative outfits wandering around unchecked. If the parents have to leave work a couple times to return a student home to change, that will wake them up ane get these young adults to dress properly.
6/18/2004studentThis school is the greatest one ever. The people there are great. The teachers are awesome. The ROTC and Band programs are Awesome.

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