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City of Pembroke Pines Charter School
10801 Pembroke Rd
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025
(954) 443-4800
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charter | K-5
County: Broward


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8/28/2012parentOur son attended the PPCES FSU campus from Kindergarten to 5th grade. He was in the ESE program from start to finish and we could not be happier with his progress. The whole school embraced our child and he has made strides beyond our wildest dreams. Mrs. A. Rodriguez is an AMAZING Teacher. We love the staff, the students, the academics....our list goes on and on. Thank you for everything. We are confident that he is now ready for the next chaper in his life, but know that we will miss you more than you know.
8/26/2012parentMy son has attended Pines charter since kindergarten. I love the family feeling and the professionalism of the staff. He is in the gifted program and has gotten all the support he needs. I recommend Pines charter to any parent who truly cares about their child's education.
4/20/2011otherAs the grandparent of a highschool student at Pines Charter Highschool, I have to say that the Pines Charter School System has failed my grandchild. After being tested and diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD and learning disabilities, my grandchild has not gotten the help that is legally suppose to be given. We have tried to get the proper help since middle school with no success. If your child has any kind of learning disability, the Pines Charter School is not the place for them.
3/22/2011parentI appreciate all the hard work from the teachers. They are very focused on grades. I wish they would have more extracurricular activities and foreign language classes for the child. My child attends the west campus...
9/12/2010parentBoth my kids attended this campus since Kindergarten. One has moved on to 6th grade at the Central campus. It is one exceptional school. The Teachers and Staff are caring and very attentive to each child's individual needs. I had concerns with my special needs son and they were addressed immediately and professional by the Principal and Guidance Counselor. Not to mention they strive to maintain their status as an "A" school. They do believe in the motto "no child left behind" The atmosphere is vast different from that of a public school. No violence. I am very active in my kids education and became very active volunteering at this campus. This school offers a private school experience without the private school tuition.
5/25/2010parentMy child is just finishing 1st grade at this school, and while this is my first experience with ths school system and I have nothing to compare it to I am nonetheless very satisfiedwith the level of professionalism of the staff. My son has had two good years and is going into the gifted program.
4/29/2010parentMy child attends Pembroke Pines Charter East and it is a very good school - they have been outstanding in helping the students meet their goals and becoming the best that they can be. I really love the school and the teachers are the best. May god bless them all I know it is not easy.
4/10/2010studentthis school is the best! very big.
11/19/2009parentPembroke Pines Charter East Campus Elementary has the worst administration. The teachers are great, but the principal has very poor communication skills and is very uncaring. He tends to ignore important issues and refuses to deal with key issues even when pressed. I withdrew my daughter and enrolled her in Pasadena Elementary. What a difference. Everyone is positive, happy and my daughter is in a much better place. The Charter Schools are run by the City of Pembroke Pines and when I reached out to the City for assistance, they also ignored the issues. I learned that other parents have done the same and had the same experiences.
9/29/2009parentMrs. Bell is awesome at Pines Charter East Campus. Love that teacher!! The Principal stinks. He caters to certain groups of parents. He doesn't communicate well and doesn't return calls when you need to speak to him! He will make problems for you if you ask to many questions. Not a good Principal. Pines Middle West Campus love it. Great teachers and faculty across the board!! Awesome School!!
7/28/2009studentThis school provides an excellent education, it's one of the safest schools I've been to. Drama is to a minimal, so your child will be focused. this school is very structured. be sure that your child has their shirt tucked in and their ID on to avoid a 2 hour administrative detention.{this info applies mainly to the west campus middle school}
6/7/2009parentMy son just completed kindergarten at the East Campus Elementary school and I can't say enough great things about the school or, especially, his incredible teacher, Mrs. Bell. I was so excited to enroll him in the school, and I have not been disappointed. The quality of education is far above par and my son has thrived, both academically and emotionally.
6/4/2009parentLove the school ! My daughter just graduated 5th grade and since K has been in this school - amazing teachers, amazing curriculum.
4/27/2009parentI have 2 kids at PPCS. One from 4th grade and the other started at grade K. Most of the (NOT ALL) teachers are awesome and aids are very caring and professional. The only problem I find is the excessive homework they bring home every week. I do not feel its necessary so much homework for the children. Also the field trips are expensive. I made a good decision, so far.
9/28/2008parentI have a child attending PPCSE East Campus and unfortunately I have experienced a very rude principal. I have watched teachers who are not comapssionate to childrens needs. I witnessed a teacher calling a kindergarten student a baby for crying. Do not mislead other parents into thinking this school is great because it's not. The principal is always in a meeting when you want to talk to him. He doesn't want to deal with parents. That is the truth!
8/3/2008studentThis school is the best, all of my previous teachers taught me many life learning and educational skills. If I was a parent this would my number one choice to send my child here! I hope you do too.
6/26/2008parentWhat else can be said about a school that encourages teamwork with parent and the entire staff. The academic standards are top-notch and I am now proud to be a parent of 2 kids attending the PPCES East campus.
1/29/2008parentThis school has an excellent academic program! The staff is amazing! I love having both my kids there! To be part of this team of champions, makes us so proud!
1/28/2008parentI have a daughter in 1st grade and she started at grade K. I'm still learning about the differences between Public, Charter and Private shcool systems. In K grade she had an aswome teacher and aid very caring and professional. Now in 1st garde she also has a great teacher who she loves and has a great relationship with parents. The only problem I find is the excessive homework they bring home every week. I do not think/feel it's necessary so much homework for a 6 yr old child. I'm very happy to ready the positive feedback from other parents which assure me that I made a good decision, so far.
1/3/2008parentI have a child in Kinder and I am so very pleased with my daughters progress.
6/17/2007parentOur son Dennis Manzi was studying in Flannegan Charles High School where he completed the grades 9th to 11th. Infortunately he didn't had the best grades during this time. So, we took the decision to change him to the City of Pembroke Pines Charter High School. That doesn't mean that it was the Flannegan School's fault. We know that the only responsible person was our son. We had a great experience with the Pembroke Pines Charter High School because the quality of the academic programs is excellent. We had the oportunity to be in some of the meetings that the School did, and we felt after that our son was in a great place to study. Also, the activities in sports, music and arts give to the students the opportunity to see other doors to the their future. This is an oppportunity to say thanks to the Principal, teachers and staff. Gabriel
6/1/2007parentGreat school. Great teachers. Tecachers are very nurturing, which is important because students feel welcome. Students are challenged through consistent homework & projects. Parental involvement is excellent & the key to success for all schools to thrive and for students to stay on track. I am very pleased with the quality of the school and my girls love it.
5/23/2007parentMy daughter attends the Central Campus and we are very pleased. She is gifted and they do offer gifted classes based on test scores. The teachers are top notch, Mrs. Perraud is one of the most caring, unbelievably dedicated Kindergarten teachers at the school. We feel like we are getting a private school education with no cost. I believe that the parents who complain about the volunteer hours are the ones who would liek to drop their kids off at school and forget about them. Although I am a working mom I find it very easy to complete my hours each year. This school is great and I have not heard of any complaints from the parents.
7/18/2006parentI was disappointed with the charter school system for my children. Basically, they gear to the average child with hardly any accommodations for the struggling or gifted child. I took my children out (one had learning disabilities and the other is gifted) and they are getting so much more instruction at the public school. In the charter school, neither of my children would have received the instruction appropriate for them.
6/13/2006teacherThe school is excellent! The teachers are able to teach because the self-confidence level of the students is so well nurtured!
1/6/2006parentThe pembroke pines charter school is not all that it is cracked up to be. It is fine if your child doesn't need academic help. If your child struggles, but is not failing, it is up to you to hire a tutor if you want them catch up. The curriculum consists of homework and outside time and that is it. The atmosphere seems hostile. I don't see or feel any compassion with the exception for one or two teachers. Also the field trips are expensive.
11/8/2005studentPreety good school , alot of parental envolvement . Very strict code of conduct policy's
8/19/2005parentI feel like a millionare, having my kids in the Charter System (West), the quality of education my kids are receiving is SUPER!!. Teacher's for the most part are well qualified, and those that are not, are not longer teaching at this school. My three kids are part of the Charter System and they just know one way to get educated: Work hard, do homework, respect others and be responsible with your assignments. Thanks to God for giving me and my family such privilege.
7/27/2005parentGreat School and system period!
5/21/2005parentOur family has been part of the PPCS system since its inception. My son began in the 2nd grade (the year the West Campus opened) and my daughter has attended from K through 5. As both a Mom and an elementary educator, I have been very pleased with the West campus school. There are 25 children max. per class with a teacher and an aide assigned to each classroom. There are currently 4 classes per grade level which makes for a small-town feel. My children have known most of their fellow students since their first year at PPCES. Parents are required to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours each school year. This requirement helps ensure that parents stay involved with the school and with one another. This has been a BIG PLUS. The teachers are caring, nurturing individuals who work hard to meet all of their students' needs.
4/25/2005parentThis is an excellent school, parent involvement is strongly encouragd, and they are definetly at an advantage with the smaller class sizes and high quality academic programs.
4/4/2005parentI'm very dissapointed with my child being 5 in grade K with way too much homework daily. The dicipline in the school is very strict. Overall, I would still keep my child here. The effort will pay big one day. Great teachers and environment. In matter of hours my concerns are heard and fixed.
2/19/2005parentSchool is well run and teachers are responsive to parent concerns. Offers and encourages parent involvement in education process.
9/28/2003parentBest school my child has attended. Students are held to a much higher standard. Parent involvement is key.

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