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Mulrennan Middle School
4215 Durant Rd
Valrico, FL 33596
(813) 651-2100
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public | 6-8
County: Hillsborough


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10/5/2012otheri think that this is the best school i have ever been to. i loved mulrennan. it had a fanominal band and orchadstra with my most favorite teacher mr. vail. he helped me on my way to greatness. i play the violin and viola. it is funny that he doesnt know how to play the violin but he can teach it perfect. and mr. klas my science teacher was also one of my favorite. he teaches 8th grade science and i really recomend him. i really have nothing bad to say about this school. there are some fights once in a while but i mean what school doesnt
9/29/2009otherMy grandson was ill recently and thanks to the generous and beyond her scope as a teacher, Mrs. Forsythe (6th grade math) helped him keep up with his assignments.
9/16/2009parentMy daughter loves to go to Mulrennan every day! She love all her teachers!
8/21/2009otherI went to mulrennan all three of my middle school years. I'm currently a junior at Durant. Mulrennan made me the success I am today. The teachers inspired me to live up to my potential and to pursue anything, without hesitation. I had a rough home life. The teachers at mulrennan stepped in as parents and never let me fall. I am thankful that I have been blessed to have gone there. The Choral Program led by Mr. Mallernee is phenominal as well. Mulrennan is a family, always embracing and cherishing the hope for tomorrow.
3/30/2009parentawesome school! youll get a kick outta this one! mr. ducker, the principle, is very talented and is a fantastic leader:)
3/23/2009studentThis is my second year at school here and i love it! They try to make sure parents aand children are happy and they go to a great extent to show it. Many parents say that they haven't been informed of anything and the administrative office is unorganized but i can assure you that children are told and they send out letters and even call home. Im very proud of my school and i also love my teachers. I have learned alot from fifth grade to now and i know your children will too. [=
3/16/2009studentThis is my last year at Mulrennan, and it's a nice school. Not strict enough in my opinion, and not hard enough on the students. I am an advanced student though, but everything is to easy for me. Top classes are not enough, but they will do. Yes, I loved it here all the teachers are great, but I can not wait till high school!
2/5/2009teacherI am a teacher at Mulrennan and have been here since day one. I recognize individuals have opinions both favorable and nonfavorable: that is the right of each person. Yet, for the sake of individuals who want a fair, honest picture of how the school truly is, let me point out a few things about our school. Parent Contact/Involvement: 1. We have quarterly Parent/Teacher conference nights. 2. We have a website with great information. For instance: a. A calendar of events (including extr-curricula activities) b. Teacher homework webpages with homework assignments posted daily. c. Grades posted online updated at least weekly. d. Teacher email addresses 3. We have a local radio station that broadcasts school events. 4. We have the Iris System, a direct-call phone system that alerts parents to important events. Instruction: The school has scored an 'A' every year since its opening. I have more to say, but not enough space provided. We are a great family.
1/6/2009studentTons of my teachers are absoulutley hilarious. Mulrennan has most certainly improved since my 6th grade year.
11/28/2008studentim in the 6th grade and love mulrennan it can be hard and teachers can be mean but they are mean because kids have done something wrong.i love this school and wish to be here my next to years of middle school.mr.ducker is an awesome teacher, and mr.mallarney our chrous teacher, and mrs. ogrady.they are all nice and funny so rate our school #1 GO MUSTANGS !and also our school is a place to excel.
10/2/2008parent my son has has just started this school and enjoys it very much. the 6th grades teachers are always informing us on our sons progress and they will responed via email any question i may have
7/13/2008studentthis school is not the best but it's very fun for me im in my last year here and the earlier years wre great..mr ducker is an awsome principal... he's very friendly and easier to realte 2..he not like most principals that re just all work no play he has a fun side thats awsome...some of the teachers arent so great but the good one have taught me life lessons.... pep rallys and dances are awsome... and the school lets us add our own oppinion of what should go on in the school...this place is like home and is getting better ....soo all the parents that are adding rude comments about this school needs to stop because Mulrennean is an amazing school where kids can learn more than whats in the books but life lessons that will make the excel....
3/2/2008studentthis is a great school with great teachers and an exelent ag program in fact im now on special asighnment to this school
8/11/2007parentAfter having two other kids in middle school, this is an awsome school. I cant say enough about it. Thie pric. is great. How many princ. do you know will go on the kids field trip at the end of the year and walk around in the heat just making shure all is well and that the kids are having fun? The teachers are wonderful also. With the online program, I can go on every day to check the school work.
7/25/2007studentI am going into seventh grade this coming year, I was in the honors 'team' last year, which was a very well behaved group of kids.And our teachers strictly enforce an orderly classroom, and for their pupils to give them respect.But,as we came across kids from other teams, the teachers grasp on the children,seem to dwindil.Electives are very easy to get into, and so are sports.In sports, however, they check if the child is passing.Parent evolvement is not of the utmost, but I have been to a PTA board meeting(it was right before a concert)and there was about 40 parents there.Teachers are genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of your child.But it does seem your child is!Kids generally don't convey what's going on at school,or that the teacher wants a meeting with you.You usually find a piece if paper in their backpack.I think the school,overall, is great.
6/22/2007parentI have a child going into 7th grade, and our experience in the 6th grade has caused great concern! This school has been very de-motivating for my child, and we are considering moving. This school needs a serious overhaul.
4/25/2007parentI currently have a 7th grade honor student at Mulrennan Middle. I will also agree that is a very parent unfriendly school. You will have problems getting any type of assistance for your child. I will say the teachers are not the major problem, it is the Administration. I will advise any parent to send their child elsewhere if you want a positive learning environment, and a administrative staff that will return your phone call.
4/18/2007studentI am a current sixth grader in Mulrennan and it is the best school I have been to. They keep it very safe in the school and the classes can be fun. I think this a great school for your child to go to.
1/9/2007parentMy son is a 6th grader and can't stand the school. I find the teachers are rude, even to me, let alone my son. He comes home every day complaining that one of his teachers is never satisfied with his work no matter how hard he tries to do what the teacher asks of him. The school doesn't seem to care about parent involvement either. I am forever trying to figure out when sporting events, extra-curricular activities etc. are being held because they never send anything home to the parents with any information.
11/7/2006studentI am currently an 8th grader at Mulrennan. I have been at Mulrennan since 6th grade and this year has been, by far, my favorite year. My teachers are great and Mr. Ducker(the new principal) is making it more fun and exciting to come. Also, our new Student Government President has made some great decisions and is making this year more and more fun each day.
10/17/2006parentMy son is currently an 8th grader. He likes some of the teschers but I find Mulrennan to be one of the most unparent friendly schools I have ever encountered. I was very involved in my two grown children's schools and find Mulrennan to be very rude and snotty. The staff are unfriendly, few teachers care, except Mr. McHugh, and if there is a problem, the children are suspended prior to providing any explanation. Even if they are victims. I will be glad when the school year is out.
7/27/2006former studentAs a former student, I can honestly look back and say I'm fairly ashamed at having gone there (though it wasn't by choice). The students are not taught respect, nor is the discipline enforced, as can be seen from the disgusting state of the side of the roads the students ride their bikes or walk to school on. Most teachers are average, uninterested in helping failing students. It's hardly a place to excel. Student performance is mediocre at best, and they're not pressured to do any better than they already are. The school may want to consider changing their motto to: 'the place to be average'.
1/11/2006parentMulrennan is big disappointment for this community. The leadership on this school does not understand the parents nor does the principal want to understand. It was said to me that the parents are too involved and they ( the administrative staff) could do what they want with the children, classes and their schedules. The principal is the worst principal I have ever encountered. This school has some good teachers and some really bad teachers. It is a shame that in middle school when the kids are very impressionable that they are seeing exactly how NOT to act. In my opinion when the principal and her staff change this may be a school this community could be proud of.
11/7/2005parentMy son has attended this school for two years. We have been very pleased with our experience. The teachers and administration are informative and pro-active. In addition, my son enjoys the atmosphere of the school.
7/30/2005parentThis school is ok but my child doesn't enojoy it too much. The principal should leave in my opinion because she doesnt do anything for the school. The assistant principal is better.
4/25/2005former studentmulrennan middle school is an ok school . well I guess since Im a kid most of u adults dont really care what I think . I think some of the teachers are great and others arent but its not really my choice to like them or not because I have to get along with them . they are my teachers . I really like there extracurricular activities because it gives us kids something to do instead of staying at home and talking on the phone like I always do right when I get home . I think there are a couple of things mulrennan can improve on but over all mulrennan is ' A place to excel . '
1/29/2005studentMulrennan is the best school in the world!

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