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Zephyrhills High School
6335 12th St
Zephyrhills, FL 33542
(813) 794-6100
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public | 9-12
County: Pasco


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8/23/2010parentWhat I love about ZHS is the JROTC program! Those teachers really care about the kids in this program. They keep them disciplined and make them work hard. I have had a few issues with teachers who dont want to show up for work everyday and it really causes problems with your childrens grades when they have a substitute every other day. Also some teachers like to just assign work and not teach it. Last time I checked that is why they are employed to TEACH! Or some teachers dont communicate with the parents at all via email after the parent reached out to them many many times. Parents that want to be involved are shut out by the teachers who dont want to communicate. All in all this school is ok and if it wasnt for ROTC im not sure my daughter would even want to go their.
9/21/2009parentWhat I love about Zephyrhills High School is that the teachers give a sense of perpose to every student while helping them excel to their full ability.
9/17/2009otherZephyrhills High School has any amazing reading specialist who is truly interested in the students she works with as well as working with the people and teachers around her.
9/17/2009parentZephyrhills High School is a great school because the staff is caring, dedicated, and devoted to helping students to achieve great things.
9/16/2009studentBest group of people in the world - couldn't have had better teachers either!!
9/16/2009parentThe teachers care about each and every student's success in life and learning.
8/16/2008studentThe people who write these 1 star reviews make me laugh. It's like they had their own little social problems that had nothing to do with the school, and this was their only pathetic release. Since moving to Florida when I was in 5th grade, this is the only school I've actually loved. The programs here are amazing, with too many clubs to choose from (with club day every other Thursday, half an hour during school) The art and music classes are great, all with excellent, involved teachers. From all of the teachers I've met, none have been at all unfriendly or uncaring in the least.
5/25/2008parentLife is what you make of it. This is true about Zephyrhills High School. As with any school, it is not perfect. However, the tools are there if the students choose to use them. And, there is parent involvement...if the parents choose to be involved. I have been there during lockdowns - there is discipline. There are excellent choices and instructors for the Honors and Advanced Placement classes. Some teachers don't care, but most do and many are excellent. I also find the administration above average. I see that parents and students who have problems with the school, instructors, and administration already have their own issues and problems and do not want to take responsibility for themselves. It is a good school with staff proud to be called ZHS Bulldogs. I just wish the drop out rate was lower.
5/3/2008studenti think this school is worthless they teachers spend too much time worrying about who your talking to and what you are wearing then teaching you. Amajority of teachers won't even help you. If you ask for help they'll sit there and roll there eyes or start talking about something else and throw you off track. They don't know how to control thier classes so it's never quiet. Also the students just aren't that great.
1/3/2008parentI feel the administration at this school is very poor ... the decipline is poorly structured...
9/18/2007former studentI found that the school did have well educated staff. Though I did run into teachers that wouldn't do much in class but talk about their thoughts on life were, and how the government should be run. I found that there were many sports to choose from, and in fact have a great sports program. In my freshman year I couldn't stand the normal classes because of the discipline problems, kids had no real punishment. I understood though cause kicking them out wouldn't help our community, a school should help. When I went there , the principles tactics about dealing with misbehavior was poor in my opinoin. Seemed to be taken care of while I was leaving the school and is most likely being dealt with properly by now. My parents were never involved, I know few students parents were a lot, but for the most part I didn't see much.
2/21/2006former studentI am a former student from zhs and the reason I left was the steriotypes. I am a so called *goth* and alot of people arnt comfertable with that , especially the teachers at zhs.
2/13/2006studentI think that this school is terrible. Nobody is friendly and the teachers dont give you work and expect you to pass without helping you. I would much rather attend WCHS!
1/14/2006parentI believe Zephyrhills High School is a poor quality school. There doesn't seem to be any teacher involvement and the academic programs are lacky.
1/7/2006parentI just moved here and enjoy the school
11/10/2005parentMy son is currently a student at Zephyrhills High and is very happy. He has done the best of his entire school career. My only concern is that I wish the teachers would involve the parents more. I feel it would greatly improve the students chances for sucess.
7/24/2004studentThis school had an amazing theatre, chorus, art, band, police explorers, football, weightlifting, swimming, diving, tennis, track and field, baseball, softball, soccer, and jrotc programs. The great teachers far outnumber the average ones. There are great classes for the above average students (honors and AP) and the below average students (remedial reading). I always felt safe at this school, I saw 2 fights in my 4 years attending. The teachers are helpful and most honors teachers treat the students as equals. There are many extra curriculars, a great library, and lots of new computers. The town of Zephyrhills is very nice and safe. It's mostly populated by newlyweds and senior citizens. We have a cinema 6, a bowling alley, a skate park, and the 2nd largest Super Wal*mart in the Florida.

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