Barnesville, GA Schools


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Barnesville, GA has many great schools to offer. The school ratings in the area are highly rated, with many of them providing excellent educational opportunities for students. Local schools in Barnesville include Barnesville Elementary School, Lamar County High School, and Lamar County Middle School. These schools provide an excellent learning environment for students, with a wide range of resources and activities available to help them succeed. Additionally, teachers at these schools are highly qualified and dedicated to ensuring that all students receive an enriching education. Students in Barnesville can look forward to getting a quality education from these local schools no matter their age or educational needs.

Name Grades Type Rating
Lamar County Comprehensive High School09 - 12Regular5
Lamar County Elementary School03 - 05Regular5
Lamar County Middle School06 - 08Regular5
Lamar County Primary SchoolPK - 02Regular5
Name Grades Type Rating
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