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East Columbus Magnet Academy
6100 Georgetown Dr
Columbus, GA 31907
(706) 565-3026
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public | 6-8
County: Muscogee


  School Head OfficialYear
Kevin Scott2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/15/2010parentThis is a awesome school, if your child is there to learn. they have a lot of rules which for me as a parent are great. The academics are excellent same as the personnel
12/19/2009studentI love ECMA. Im an magnet 8th grade student there and the teachers are oh so wonderful! Espically Mr. Scott(the principle). He gets everybody on track.
11/7/2009parentThe teachers work with my daugther and I belive it is an excellent school.
8/6/2009parentGreat atmosphere and learning environment. Teachers and staff are wonderful
6/5/2009studentthis school is the best of all of the schools not only because i am an student at ecma it is the bbest of all
5/21/2009parentI say this is excellent because everytime I go in that school I see many many parents supporting thier children
3/7/2009studentI am a stuent at East Columbus and EC is a very well eduacated school.our Mr.Scott does his job very well and is very professional when he does it.East Columbus IS indeed the best middle school in columbus.We have lots of leadership and lots of well eduacated teachers to teach their students what they need to know.I must also say that just because we have a day call 'buy-outs' doesn't mean anything.It just the children getting a tiny little break from all the hard work they are doing or trying their best to do.And Mr.Scott wouldn't allow us to have this activity if it was going to represent the school badly,because as a principle he does what he can to make sure ALL the students in East Columbus Magnet Academy passed the CRCT and go on to the next grade.So, yet again EC Knights Is indeed the best middle school!
1/28/2009parentThis is the worst school I've ever dealt with. The teachers do make the kids feel dumb and the focus is not on teaching the students or reinforcing positive behaviors but more on the negative. I have never known for a school to have lockout where all the kids pay money to stay out of class all day. The lockout is in the gym and kids are walking around talking amongst their friends. I will never recommend this school to anyone. Poor leadership and poor teachers.
11/28/2008studentwell i am a former student and athelet of east columbus. i attended EC all my three years of middle school. Mr.Scott became my principal when i was in the 8th grade. He had a vision of how he EC should be ran. You could really tell he knew what he was doing because the previous years EC was not 'that good'. Mr. Scott and mostly all of the teachers there, really do care about their students education. Even though there may have been some teachers who just want a check, but what school doesn't have 'those types'? And when we did good things, we got rewarded. The Sports programe there is awesome too. I love the coaches {ms.tanzie.mrs.crooks.coach marino}. And having the best football/cheerleading team in the city {for middle school}, is just a bonus! So as you can see i really do love East Columbus.
11/13/2008studentI am a 8th grader at EC. We ae very well behaved around Mr.Scott. He has done an excellent job. Last year he whipped us into Shape for the CRCT test. I love that school so much go EC knights.
11/5/2008studentI went to ECMA for my 6th & 7th grade year. I am currently in the 8th grade at Rock Lake Middle School in Longwood, Fl. I love that school more than any school I ever been too. I was a 07-08 ECMA cheerleader & loved it! The school teachers can be strict but only if your or the class is really misbehaving. the teachers there will always try their best to help you succeed in their class. The athletic programs in the school are very good also. I was there when they had Mrs. Hutchinson and the school seemed really out of hand when she was principal. I didn't know exactly who she was till January in my 6th grade year. Mr. Scott was my principal for 7th grade and he is an excellent principal. He really knows what he's doing!
8/28/2007parentWe have four children, two of which attended East Columbus Magnet School under the leadership (if that s what you call it) of the former principle Mrs. .Hutchinson. It was obvious she hated being at that school, but I guess she needed a paycheck. While there my children suffered mentally, emotionally from the treatment they received from staff. They went there as honor students but came out feeling crushed, dejected and torn down. The staff was a product of the principal s nasty attitude. They were lazy and unprofessional in everything they did. Mrs. Hutchinson, the principle didn t care enough for the children to attend the PTA meetings; it was hosted by the assistance principal. I felt as if my children were in a cult, as the school did not welcome parent s visits. I pulled them out of that school. Complaint made by the parents went unnoticed by the school board. I personally made several complaints on this principal and did my neighbors, the superintendent never responded!! East Columbus has a new principle, BUT I wouldn t trust that school unless the principle does a complete overhaul on the staff.
8/26/2007parentI am so glad that we have a new Principal at East Columbus Magnet Academy. I can tell the difference in the hallways and in the classroom on how the students are acting. The students are well behaved.I feel more secure knowing that there is control at ECMA now. The teachers are teaching with a smile on there face like they enjoy being there. My child is in the 7th grade and she is enjoying this year much better than last year. I talked to the new principal and he want us parents to come to the school anytime. And that his door is always open. I know that is true because he made time in his schedule to meet with me and to just say hello. I recommend your child coming to ECMA. A.L
10/12/2006parentThis school is by far the worst that I have dealt with. The leadership is lacking and the staff seems to only be there because they haven't any other choice. I have had great dealings with the vice Principle, and I to agree that she should be the Principle. The Principle there is very unprofessional when it come to associating with parents.
7/31/2006parentI am really not pleased with ECMA. My child attended there last year and it was not a great environment. My child had teachers telling him at the beginning of the year that he was going to fail and he did. I told my son if he had questions ask, but he was told that his question was silly. The principal doesn't return phone calls. My son is an LD student and half of the time did not have the resource teachers come in to help.
7/25/2005former studentI was a student at this school for all three grades. The athletic program is a great one, the coaches really care. The assistant pricipal, Mrs. Kinney, should be the principal. The real principal is only seen when there are visitors. Some teachers can't handle teaching at this school emotionally. To sum it all up, it is not a stable environment. Although, your child can get a great education at this school. The teachers are smart, but not stable.
3/12/2005parentThe teachers talk loud to the students, and some yell frequently at the students. The teachers don't seem to have the compassion in dealing with the 6th graders in their transition to the middle school in trying to understand the these children are going through adolescent changes and are adjusting to this new phase in their life. Some of the teachers give busy work and never use the blackboard to explain class work. The school focus more on the student's dress rather than on academic acheivement. The reading teacher seems to be more understanding, and cares about the student learning.
6/4/2004studentEast Columbus is a good school. The teachers are very devoted. The administration is also hardworking. Student achievement is very high. Extracurricular activates are excellent. This school over all good but needs more parent involvement.

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