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Factory Shoals Elementary School
2300 Shoals School Rd
Douglasville, GA 30135
(770) 651-3900
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public | PK-5
County: Douglas


  School Head OfficialYear
Tommy Shadinger2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/2/2012parentMy daughter has attended this school for 5 years. The staff is very dedicated. This school will continue to improve even more so since they have a new building.
3/1/2010parentMy son has been a student at FSES since kindergarten. His teachers were very involved and the one who wasn't involved, I just made my presence known. Since then he has done very well. The PTA functions, the parental involvement, Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom, the annual PE Dance and a host of other activities displays the importance between parents, teachers and students. Our experience with FSES has been a very good one. We are moving and they will be missed greatly! Thank you for assisting me with giving my little person a great start!
2/17/2010parentThe teachers and administration are great. The problems I have really are lack of structurally sound rooms. In all these years we keep bringing MORE kids and have kids still in trailers learning? In my opinion that is embarassing and a disgrace. I do not quite understand the budget process, but can we not build on to this school? I agree the fundraising requests are out of hand, as well as all the mountains of paperwork sent home with our kids. It seems impossible to teach them to be environmentally concious when we can fill up bags and bags of papers every month.
3/4/2009parentI have 2 kids that have been here since k ...And now are in3rd grade. Dr.B...We miss ya!..However we welcome mr.S...We miss certain things that the children looked forward to and hope that the teachers arent lackn,,like 'student of the month' this gave all the children something to look foward to ,even those ones you'd raise an eyebrow to. Instead of pushing fundraisers..' Lets get the ar points enocuraged with incenitives going' ,this strenghens reading ..Everytime i turn around its 'mom we need $ for this' .. I love the school & -so do my kids..They love learning ..But - give me a break! and their teachers hands down are awesome!!! where would we be if you didn't have a teacher you or child weren't connecting with ...Fundamentally and supportivly? My children havent a teacher yet that they didnt enjoy n love!!! and we love love love mrs thompson!!
3/3/2009parenti love this school both of my kids go there and they love it the office staff is awsome. and the teachers do a great job.
6/4/2008parentI have had 3 children attend this school and they have all 3 loved it. Most of the staff is very helpful and nice. Some seem to not care, but the good ones surpass the bad ones. The new Principal for 2008 is awesome. We love having him at our school. He has had to overcome so many things to help get our school back on track from the last principal there. Thank goodness our last principal left, he messed our school up. I'm sorry the new one has to correct the old one's mistakes, but he's doing a fantastic job. I'm sure for him it was overwhelming to come into a school so disfunction and having to fix what the old one did to it. I'm so pleased to have our new principal here and hope he stays.
3/11/2008parentI agree totally with the other parents. The last principal was a very caring,loving person towards the kids and the parents. The new principal has a detachable relationship with the kids and the teachers. I also have noticed that its rubbing off the assistant principal as well. I feel that the morale has declined tremendously. My child was there since 1st grade and I had major problems when the new principal started. It got so bad that I had to do an emergency transfer to another school. My child is so much happier at her new school. I love the staff and the teachers, they made us feel like we have been there for a long time.
2/20/2008parentFactory Shoals Elementary is a great school. My child is in the PC program and am very pleased. The staff is great also. I am a parent that works hard in the school for my child. If you ask me this school is the best school in Douglas County and will be much better if we can just keep a principal for some years and stop changing every 2 to 3 years.
12/10/2007parentIt does not get good for this school when it comes to the 'upper' grades! We were so satisfied with KG to 3rd grades, 4th was OK.
9/18/2007parentOur child attends kindergarten at Factory Shoals Elementary. At the beginning we had a few unpleasant experiences. We were not sure what to expect, but after a rough start we have been pleasingly surprised. The teachers are excellent, the academic program is great. As parents, our goal is for our child to grow to become an independent and well-adjusted member of society. With this in mind, we looked at a number of options before deciding on public school. After several weeks of school now, we trust that we made the right decision and that our child will receive the best education possible as well as form long-lasting relationships with teachers and classmates at Factory Shoals Elementary School. We are sure there is a lot to learn about this school yet, but for now we are happy.
9/17/2007parentI believe that Factory Shoals is one of the best schools in Douglas County. I have had children in other schools in the county where they were not as concerned or caring about the kids. The curriculum is on point for the grade levels. I do disagree with the new grading system for the lower grades. It is too complicated. The music in the lunch room makes plenty of sense to me. It allows the children time to eat. They also have time to socialize during lunch as well. I don't know much about the new principal, but the assistant principal is awesome. She seems dedicated and caring. I haven't seen any problems this year with the bus so far. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the school.
8/8/2007parentThis is a great school. We have been under both principals and both were excellent. The new principal always greet the parents with a smile and a handshake and is always asking if there is anything he can do to help let him know. The teachers are great and the staff is great.
6/20/2007parentWe had an issue with the bus my son was riding. Swearing, bullying, etc. The principal did set up a meeting with the parents to try to rectify the situation. However, every solution the parents came up with was quickly put down. I left the meeting feeling very frustrated. However, the teachers are fantastic, the library staff truly encourages reading, and while the music in the cafeteria drives me nuts, the kids do actually eat their lunch. Our principal is pretty new; perhaps more experience will help him deal with parents better.
10/8/2006parentI've know this school for a very long time because of my children. I have always respected and loved the teachers. They seem to truly care about the students. However, I have not been as happy since the new principal has come. From being in the school, I can say the teachers do not seem as happy as they were with the previous principal. I am sad to say that the current principal does not seem to care as much about the school as a whole as he does about how he looks according to test scores.
7/14/2006parentI have had two children to attend this school, one of which is still attending. I too am in disagreement with the lunch room music. I hate it. It made me not want to have lunch with my son again. The teachers need to sit and eat and control their own class just as they did when I went to school. Why are the schools forever asking for money, or having sales of the same items other area schools are selling? What other extra activities? This school has a new principal and I think that was an issue. My son did excellent on the CRCT! That came from myself and his older sister working closely with him at home. The reading program and site words were great. The children need to be challenged more this semester. I was active last year in school and I will do the same this year.
12/22/2005parentHaving moved from out-of-state, I can say that we have found a very friendly, easy going and competent staff at Factory Shoals. Adaptating to a new school for my son has been made easy. Teachers and staff have been very approachable and helpful. Thanks!
11/19/2005staffFactory Shoals Elementary is an excellent school. We have an wonderful staff that truly cares about students. Our cafeteria lunch program is effective and fair. It allows students an opportunity to eat all of their lunch within a 30 minute time. Too often students are talking during the whole 30 minutes and have not touched their food. We move students that are being disruptive to a separate table. Recess is not used as a form of punishment. In addition, classes are recognize for good cafeteria behavior.
11/1/2005parentI'm content with the academics for my son in kindergarten. I am however not happy with his teacher who is seemingly controlling and very dry with the kids. I also have a big problem with kids not being allowed to talk during lunch. If a small child 'misbehaves' they are humiliated, sent to a seperate table, not allowed recess (where some misbehavior might be burned off) They're KIDS! Can't talk during class, or in hallways or during lunch, or in the bus...what gives? Personally I find it disturbing.
2/8/2005parentThe staff, excluding principal, are great. The teachers that my children have had are very in-tune with the needs of the students. Communication is great among parents and teachers. However, I have been very disappointed in the lack of discipline with Factory Shoals from the Principal. He seems irritated with concerns that parents bring to his attention. Scholastically, however, I am happy with my childrens' progress.

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