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Harvester Christian Academy
4241 Central Church Rd
Douglasville, GA 30135
(770) 942-1583
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private | PK-12
County: Douglas


  School Head OfficialYear
Jack North2007
4/26/2011parentNot having much of a diversity speaks for itself and should send up a red flag. Front office staff pleasant people, principal has a sweet spirit and pretty mellow, new headmaster has NO personable skills whatsoever! Must admit both children loved the school, unfortunately they don't understand discrimination and racism at an elementary age. One teacher was constantly unfair to my child who was not a child that got into trouble. he received demerits for being academically challenged. when teacher was questioned, her response was that she has too many students to tend to, meaning my child and tuition meant nothing. my child was bullied by the opposite race being physically hurt which was never reported until I contacted the school and on another occasion a racial slur was made to him which got brushed under the rug as well. witnessed many disruptive children at this school. Money wasted! will have more peace homeschooling or even returning to public school. with all the incidents, not one parent whose child was at fault even apologized for the distress. some type of christian environment i placed my children in. WWJD
4/26/2011parentI would not say that this is a bad school. Harvester offers many christian values to the children which is great! On the downside, there are many cliques in this school, beginning from parents down to the students and even the teachers. The school prefers parents to substitute over highly educated individuals outside the school. If you are not in the clique, you are pretty much out of the loop on things and can pretty much feel that you don't belong there. No diversity so if this is what you are looking for, then this school is for you. Also, you may want to be a little wealthy to fit in with the other parents. Otherwise, you are invisible in meetings and events. No huge scholarship opportunities either which helps to maintain that same group/class of people at this school. The same parents talk to one another in groups and it appears they intentionally make you feel unwelcome. Kids love chapel and have learned many things from the bible. however, feeling accepted and just as important as the one that have attended HCA all their years is just as important as well.
2/13/2011parentMy daughter is new to Harvestor this year. I can say that there is little diversity here but my daughter seems to love it all the same. I haven't had any problems with her teachers or the staff. If a problem arouse, it was handled promptly. I love the school so much that I am entrusting my baby to go there next year as well. It sounds as though some of the previous reviews may have been isolated situations. And these feelings can arise anywhere. Wherever you are, be positive and encourage success of the program.
1/23/2011parentThis used to be a good school, but since the new Headmaster "Mr. Personality" has taken over in August 2010. It is much more sterile and superficial. My daughters teacher hands out sub-par learning material and sits at her desk without much oversight. They fail to challenge my daughter, she is behind her two friends (same age) that attend Douglas Counties poor Public schools. When we had a confernece with thye teacher, she said that she was at the top of the class. I really feel sorry for the rest of the kids under her. My advice, either homeschool or send them to Landmark. Christian.
8/1/2009parentThis school did not have the diversity I was seeking for my child. The office staff is very pleasant. I felt a superficial sense of tolerence among some teachers and parents. I had serious problems with my child's teacher nothing was done about it. The principal simply ignored my note to him and sided with the teacher. He and the teacher also discussed my situation with some other parents during a meeting of concern that they were having with their child. I could have sued them in court. However, the Bible says that Chritians should not take Christians to court. I turned it over to the Lord and decided to walk in love. I have no bad feelings toward the school.I had to find another school for my child. This was a christian experience that the Lord taught me many things. I will never forget it.
7/20/2009parentMy daughter has attended Kingsway, Heirway and Harvester. Harvester is by FAR the best Christian school in this area. I like the fact that they do not have to wear plaid uniforms they can just wear khakis and collared shirts. Their lunches are kind of expensive but they are much better food quality then public schools. I do wish they had buses but that would not be practical :). I do think they should be open earlier then 7:30 for parents who have to be to work in Atlanta by 8. There is no way you can get to Atlanta from there in 30 minutes! We did have a problem with a teacher and a lot of the kids were failing her class and NOTHING was done about it. They continued to blame it on my daughter.
2/23/2009parentMy son is a graduate of this school. He attended there from ninth grade through graduating. The godly teachers modeled Christ before him and challenged him to grow spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. The most influential person during his time there was the Headmaster. This man has made a tremendous positive impression on my son. I will be forever grateful for his kindness and wisdom in helping in the raising of my son. As long as he remains at the head of this school I will support the school financially, with my prayers, and in any way that I can to promote the great things going on there each school day.
4/2/2008parentThis school is really weird. The Lord is not going to teach these kids SAT vocab, but that is what the school preaches.
9/11/2006former studentI am not a parent, but I am an alumnus from this school. HCA gave me the knowledge I needed to go to a great college and I was able to go with an almost full ride. The school is very focused on Christianity and it helped me to be prepared to stand for what I believe in. The teachers are some of the most caring people and they love God with everything they have. I never had a teacher who did not care about what they were doing. The school has a great size to it. It gives the students the one-on-one teaching needed to really get kids to want to learn. I find HCA to be a place where I would want to send my kids one day and a place where I would like to work.
3/26/2006parentI absolutely love this school. The teachers are great and really care about the kids. This is definitely a Christian environment - the school is bathed in prayer. The other parents are great too - lots of involvement.
2/15/2005parentI have a son at this school who has had trouble academically this year. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get his teachers to co-operate in attempting to raise his grades. They do not respond to my telephone calls or notes. Even after having a conference with 2 of his teachers, there has been virtually NO assistance offered. I'm beginning to wonder exactly what it is I'm paying for at this school. I thought private education was supposed to be top notch.
1/7/2005parentHCA provides an excellent education. Most graduating seniors earn scholarships to college. Faculty members are Christians and encourage Biblical standards for students. God's Love abounds at HCA. Parental involvement makes HCA fabulous. The most important aspect of HCA is the focus on Jesus Christ. All things are done for His Honor and Glory there. HCA is a small school, yet we know that our son's education having Jesus Christ as the foundation and the Cornerstone is the most important aspect. HCA offers art, music, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, football, baseball, and track. There may be others~not sure. Academics are excellent. My son was doing the same work a fifth grade teacher friend was teaching when he was in the third grade! As a public school teacher, I see many perks at HCA which aren't available in larger classes/schools. Research shows~sense of family is very important to students through high school.
11/22/2004parentHarvester has its pro's and con's. One very good thing about Harvester is that the Christian life is very brought into this school and its teachings. Also the kids their are almost all very nice pure kids. A con is that the school is not very well organized. If you need something it may take a while to get it. Also the dress code is rediculus. They make a dress code st the beginnig of the year and they change it through out. One thing is that the students pants must not touch the ground, you may not wear undershirts, you may not wear hoddie sweatshirts, and you cant wear jackets inside they building. My child and I think these rules are goin a bit overboard and they should stick 2 a better dresscode or just switch to uniforms. I would suggest looking into other schools before sending your child here.
11/5/2004parentMy son loves Harvester. I like it too. It is really a good school. We like small schools. I feel like he gets a lot of attention. The Public school systems is totally different. I know that your child can't get a lot of attention. My son is a kindergartner and he loves Mrs. Forlaw. She is an awesome teacher. She treats all kids the same. He is learning a lot from her. She is special in our lives. We thank God, Harverster and Mrs. Forlaw. The Williams Family
11/3/2003otherThis school is a very good school. There is very good Christian leadership and every thing is strictly enforced. My daughter does not really like the school because she thinks it is way to small and wants to go to a bigger school. There are only about 25 people in the 8th grade!
10/19/2003parentMy daughter is currently enrolled at Harvester. It is a great sschool with great staff. My daughter thinks it is to small though.

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