Eatonton, GA Schools


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United States / Georgia / No Metro Area / Putnam County / Eatonton / Zip Codes
Eatonton, GA is home to several highly rated schools. Many of these schools are part of the Putnam County School District, and they provide a high-quality education for students in the area. Some of these schools include Eatonton Elementary School, which has an excellent rating due to its emphasis on academic excellence, while Putnam County High School is another great school that offers challenging and engaging courses for its students. Additionally, there are also numerous private schools in the area that offer unique learning opportunities for those who desire them. Overall, Eatonton provides many great educational options for both residents and those living nearby.

Name Grades Type Rating
Middle School Alternative Program2 - 2Alternative Education
Putnam County Elementary School03 - 05Regular8
Putnam County High School09 - 12Regular5
Putnam County Middle School06 - 08Regular8
Putnam County Primary SchoolPK - 02Regular4
Name Grades Type Rating
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