Irwinton, GA Schools


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United States / Georgia / No Metro Area / Wilkinson County / Irwinton / Zip Codes
Irwinton, GA is a small town located in central Georgia with a population of just over 1,000. Despite its size, Irwinton is home to some great schools, including Wilkinson County High School and Wilkinson County Elementary School. Both of these schools have been rated highly by the Georgia Department of Education, giving parents peace of mind that their children are receiving a quality education. The schools provide students with many options for furthering their education such as honors classes and dual enrollment opportunities. There are also various extracurricular activities which give students an opportunity to explore their interests outside the classroom. With excellent faculty and staff dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential, it's no wonder why families choose to move to Irwinton for the quality education provided by its local schools.

Name Grades Type Rating
Wilkinson County Elementary School03 - 05Regular4
Wilkinson County Primary SchoolPK - 02Regular3
Name Grades Type Rating
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