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Brumby Elementary School
1306 Powers Ferry Rd SE
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 916-7070
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public | PK-5
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Amanda Richie2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/16/2012parentMy daughter goes to this school and she is challenged everyday. Keep up the great work Dr. Ritchie!!!
7/31/2012parentMy initial experience with my son s Pre-K teachers was a great one. He had two teachers who were very respectful to the parents and treated the children great. My wife and I both had opportunities to sit in the class and observe. We felt comfortable with the environment the teachers created there and my son was on track with his learning. Outside of the class we had several issues concerning communication, disrespect, and even false accusations with the principle of that continued on throughout his progression in the first grade school year. The problem with the principle got worse and expanded with the two teachers that taught my son in his first grade class. They all were very disrespectful towards my wife, but treated me a little better, however my request for the school to contact me if there was any problem with my son was ignored several times. Even my request for his school records and a curriculum of what he should be learning was ignored. I wondered if it was a problem with us, so I asked a few of my neighbors and found out that they had similar problems on and off depending on what teacher their kids had.
1/24/2012parentWe love the teachers and facilities at Brumby. I grew up in WI, and the school itself is nicer than any elementary school I went to (leather couches in the office?!). It has a bad rap in East Cobb, but I think it's mainly because it's being compared to all the insanely fancy areas of East Cobb (so it's considered the 'worst one'). The teachers and principal are great; I never expected to have such a working relationship with my son's teacher, but she writes personal notes often and sends/answers e-mails all the time. She really cares. The school is attended by almost all apartment dwellers, which brings problems. There are a lot of luxury apartments on one side of the boundaries, but the other 2/3 is low(er) income housing. The teachers say there is hardly any parent involvement from these families, and little financial help. There is a very large population of foreign children who barely know English. This makes it very hard on the teachers, to have a productive class. My son is halfway through kindergarten, and I'm still waiting to hear about him learning something new, that he didn't know before (since class is kept SO basic, to benefit the foreign kids).
3/16/2011parentMy daughter has been attending Brumby School for three years she graduates this year. I m a volunteer for the PTA. The teacher s show much consideration for the students education and future which in turn the children want to learn and do their best. Thank you, to all the teachers at Brumby Elementary. Thank Dr. Richer for running a safety and educational environmental for our children.
8/16/2010parentBefore considering my review please note that I found the faculty at Brumby to be friendly & engaging. That being said, the teaching staff is less than satisfactory. Most schools have one mediocre teacher for every good one- Brumby's ratio seemed to have an additional bad teacher- in addition to the mediocre one- per good teacher on staff (1/3). Frankly speaking: While the principle and assoc. principles seem more than competent, the school is just hamstrung & overwhelmed by its concentrated transient, ESOL, & economic demographics. Consistently below average (state) test scores are just the tip of this iceberg. The decision withdraw & go the homeschooling route becomes the necessary choice when considering the alternative of making your children Brumby Bobocats. Remember, elem. school is the foundation of your kids' education.
7/14/2010parentMy son attended Brumby from K-5...although there have been several changes over those years they worked out for the better. I absolutely love this school and now that Dr. Richie is there, I have seen a wonderful turn around. I wish she was there throughout my son's experience. oh yeah, I also loved Mrs. Shue but she didnt stay very long.....Great School!
6/1/2010parentMy daughter attended her last year at Brumby. Entering school at 5th grade; mid-year can be very challenging. Yet the teachers, staff and children were so welcoming to her. She would come home each day happy and excited about all the new things she was learning in school and not to mention their Jekyll Island class trip. My daughter felt that this was the best school she has attended in both Cobb and Gwinnett. I tip my hat to the staff! Thanks for making my daughter's last year in elementary- one to remember. Ms. Suber is GREAT !
4/9/2010parentMy daughter has been attending Brumby since they had the pre-school program there, she is now in 2nd grade. This is an awesome school, the teachers are top notched, the administers are truly the best ever. I have seen so many changes since I have become a Brumby parent and they are still making changes to make it a great place for our kids to learn. Keep up the excellent work Brumby!!!
3/15/2010otherIt's a great school. It has a great learning environment. It's very nice, it's clean. And they offer many extracurricular activities. I love Brumby. -Melissa
1/29/2010parentBrumby is so much more than a '3.' My family moved here from a highly ranked elementary school in the Midwest and we were concerned about what was in store for our kids at Brumby. The moment I walked in, however, I knew things were going to be just fine. On the day we registered we were able to meet with Asst. Principal Clark to discuss our children's needs and she responded in such a great way. The teachers are great, the children are happy and welcoming to new students and our kids are excelling in the environment. I would not hesitate to give Brumby a 'thumbs-up' to the next new family in town.
5/20/2009parentWhen my family moved to atlanta,ga this was the first school i visited and i love it and she has been going since then she will be in 5th grade next year. she has been there since 2nd grade.
9/19/2008parentMy daughter has attended Brumby since she was in kindergarten i have always loved this school.My daughter has simply exceled in this schoool. The teachers and staff are always pleasent and warm when i visit the building.Her teacher she has now Mrs.Hankerson is the absolute best she expects nothing but excellence from her students.It is simply refreshing to see teachers and students that are still excited about learning. -Amara's Mom
8/1/2008otherI have been a substitute and a volunteer at this school and although some teachers are super, others are disrespectful, unprepared, and untruthful. The same goes for the administration. Communication and Teamwork are this school's weakness. Teaching is not an individual accomplishment, it takes communication, teamwork, and compassion. Most of the teachers at this school share in those traits, but the ones who do not spoil the opportunity to be more successful.
4/1/2008parentI love this school, very friendly and informative. the teacher are great! i would recomend it. It ratings for all the schools in cobb is it in the 80-90's so that is wonderful.
12/4/2007parentThis is not a great school to send if your child has special needs. I strongly advise against it.
5/11/2007staffBrumby is the best! It has the hardest working teachers in Cobb County! The teachers do not get the credit that they deserve. Good job, Brumby teachers!
3/12/2007parentMy son has been at Brumby Primary for 2 years. His teachers have been excellent. But there are many problems at this school such as 1) terrible communication between the school and the parents, 2) close to zero parental involvement, 3) no soap in the bathrooms With all the help that is offered to this school it is so sad that they can not capitalize on it. There are also no extracurricular activities.
1/29/2007parentMy children have been going to Brumby since kindergarten. My oldest son is in the 4th grade now. Brumby could use a lot of work. My children have [5 times] been sent home the wrong way (riding the bus home when they needed to go to ASP, or ASP when they needed to ride the bus). There is a lack of communication between the teachers, administrators, and parents. I love the teachers that my children have been blessed with, but Brumby just seems to be a little behind when it comes to quality of work and education. They're not as well-organized as other schools in the country. I do think Brumby has a lot of potential. They have a wonderful, caring staff, but someone needs to do something differently.
10/22/2006parentBrumby Intermediate School is truly a magical place. My child started at Brumby in third grade, and is now in fifth. In her time there, my daughter has not only excelled academically, but she has become a better person. She has learned to accept and celebrate all cultures (including her own), she has learned to judge people by their character, and she has learned that language differences and cultural differences don't stand in the way of friendship. If we had stayed in our old district, where there was minimal diversity, I don't know if she would be the same child she is now. Any school can teach kids to read and write, but it takes a special place to teach love, acceptance, and colorblindness. Brumby is such a place. If you have never been to Brumby, I highly recommend a visit.
7/18/2006parentI personally think that Brumby does not get the credit it deserves. My family and I are not originally from GA, and when my son entered Mrs. Burkes class he could not read, math was not his favorite thing to do, and he was not in the least bit interested in school. By the first report card, my son was reading, writing, and coming home telling me things I didn't know about science. The afterschool program has also been a big help for me and my family, because his homework was always done! Raising a child takes teamwork, not just the work of the teachers.
8/9/2005staffGreat school with a great staff! This school is truly committed to making each and every day successful for each individual student.
5/12/2005parentI also believe that overall the school has alot of positives. But as they say a few bad apples spoil the bunch. I think teachers as a whole need to be trained on how to deal with children 'diagnosed' with adhd and/or add. The need to not alienate these children is very high. The asp program should have better and more timely tracking of funds. All the classes should have chairs and tables to accomodate the growing body of the children attending this school.
7/17/2004parentOverall I think Brumby is a great school with a few exceptions. The school has a high volume of children and the afterschool program could use staffing that would help the children with thier homework. Alot of times my child tells me there is not enough staff to help with the homework so she usually waits until she comes home to do it. Also some of the teachers are not so willing to hear the parents concerns in regards to learning disabilities. I have requested for the last two semester to have my child evaluated and the process is initially started but not completed. This year I plan to take this to the principle if nothing is done
7/29/2003parentNot nearly enough proactive communication from the school. The school has potential, but when it realizes it takes a joint 'team' effort from parents and teachers, and not just trying to find ways to hold parents accountable; it will make strides in its test scores.

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