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Dickerson Middle School
855 Woodlawn Dr NE
Marietta, GA 30068
(770) 578-2710
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public | 6-8
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Carole Brink2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
11/6/2012parentLove this school! I am thankful we moved to this district for our child. The standards are very high. The overall atmosphere is about academic achievement. If you are looking for an excellent education in a very organized school.....this is the place! Our child is so much happier here than he was at his previous middle school.
10/5/2012parentWe just moved here from California. The school is much harder than what we were used to. so my sons grades have suffered the first quarter but have improved greatly .i have found the teachers to be very caring and attentive. There are help sessions before school if needed. And I can't believe you can see your child's grades on line and even look at his books . Amazing to us from So Cal!! We specifically moved here for this school and have not been disappointed!!
7/23/2012otherI have a grandson that goes to this school and I am very dissapointed. He, as a child, did not elect to go here,.his father moved to Cobb Cty and there was no choice. I called the school last year as well as the School Board with the problems that to me are severe, and was told they moved to the wrong countyThey are too busy to deal with his issues and either he wanted to pass or he should just quit and go to a trade school..so if you are not a dr or lawyer or perfect then I would'nt advise anyone to move to this distric He is no longer active and his attire and attitude is so sad and bad now. I know that this is not all the school as he does not have a parent that cares what he does or where he is, but schools use to be full of mentors and people you could look up too. I was as a mentor at his elementary school for 5 years in another district and met the most wonderful teachers/counselors/etc... not here..so beware, they will flat out tell you that if your child is not capable of making A's then they will be disregarded at this school... No kidding...there exact words . they only teach the best!!! Kids can't help where parents move to. So sad
3/1/2012parent Something to be aware of: There's a somewhat newer principal here that is apparently not sitting well with the seasoned teachers. This used to be the school that teachers dreamed to be a part of, but there are 8+ leaving at the end of this year. That doesn't bode well.
11/15/2011otherThis school is great if your child is Ivy League bound. Make sure you fight tooth and nail to get them into advanced classes because if they stay on level they will never succeed. The average child here does not survive. The teachers do not all update their blogs nor so they work with you. There is a high standard for advanced students but it seems that the on level classes just simply don't care. The teachers methods are outdated and sometimes inappropriate. I had a child come home and ask why Obama is a tea partier that wants to make us Socialist. The S.S. teacher had apparently gotten on a soap box that day and ranted about our current president. Thanks for molding their young minds Dickerson.
3/23/2010parentI have two children that attended/currently attend Dickerson and I have been very pleased with the school. From my older son's experience, I can say the courses at Dickerson are rigorous and the teachers do not tolerate a mediocre effort. This environment of high expectations allows graduating middle schoolers to easily adjust to the pace of high school. I actually have had new neighbors that moved here for the schools tell me that they wished they had moved here before their children started middle school because they felt Dickerson would have prepared their children far better for Walton.
11/18/2009studentThis school is great. I came in the 7th grade and everyone was welcoming. Socially I am average everyone finds their group.Acandemically it is wonderful. Sometimes teachers are just a little to hard or stirct, but if you are looking into coming to this school; well, you should. It will change your life.
4/30/2009studentThis is a really great school! I am in the the Gifted Program, and it's amazing. The work is challenging, and they have really capable teachers. There's a lot of homework though.
3/15/2009studentI'm a Student at Dickerson, Best Middle School In Georgia, I'm in 6th Grade, teachers are definatly not strict, amazing lunch, not really, and they have awesome acvtities, parents i would reccomend this school for you, you will be suprised how much your kid will improve
3/13/2009parentAs parent I can honestly say that it Dickerson Middle School is horrible. It is more like being in a military installation. The kids have no time for anything but studying. It's more like an an Ivy league Middle School. Don't send your kids unless they are absolutly prepared because they will flunk them out without blinking an eye. Some will even suggest that you take you child to a less challenging school. It's hard to believe that its a public school.
12/23/2008studentI'm a student at Dickerson Middle School, and this is probably the best middle school in Georgia, love it, teachers are kind of strict, if you don't turn in your homework, they won't except late work and give you a zero(they give you about 1-2 pages of homework for every class),
4/19/2008studentI'm a student at Dickerson, and I think it's a good school. I'm in the Gifted program, and if you want your kid to be in it, prepare them for loads of homework. I suspect it's only to prepare us for high school, and that's a good thing. The only things that students wouldn't like are propably the constant dress cuts, 23 minute lunches, and pretty much no break time except for class changes. Unlike the other posts about 'trashy teen-lit', I think that it's good they let us read what we want. They can't expect us to force us to read something we dislike, and banning books is just discriminating against good writers who want to share their work in a different opinion than strict parents. And anyway, Constitution says we can READ and WRITE whatever we want. So I think it may be strict, but it definitely prepares you.
3/29/2008studentI'm a caucasian 8th grader at Dickerson Middle School and I am just starting to appreciate Dickerson. In 6th and 7th grade, I really disliked this school due to the excessive work, strict teachers, and strict rules. But I am now appreciating Dickerson for everything they have done. Just a week ago, all the 8th graders went through high school registration and class placements. I couldn't believe it when i got into an AP class and 2 other honors classes. This is because Dickerson worked me very hard. If you can go through Dickerson without any C's then you are in good shape for the future. This school is the absolute best prepareness for Walton High School. If you go to Dickerson, you will be way ahead of all the Dodgen Middle Schoolers.
3/20/2008studentI know its a HUGE school and if you dont have the grades, it wont be long till you have people on your tail. Sure that we dont have the best library but it does have some good books, you just have to find them. But it really is an EXCELLENT school, the work may be hard, but its only to our adavantage. Take this from a student, Its a good school
1/28/2008parentDickerson is a good school. As many below me have said, 'You must have the grades to survive at this school.' I defiantly feel that this school is very hard and many of the teachers are strict, but most are good and understand the students. All three of my children have gone though Dickerson and have progressed and by the 8th grade have made honor roll and continued on to Walton High School with fabulous grades.
1/16/2008parentThe school is great academically - extremely demanding and thorough. The reading and literature assignments are helpful for writing skills, but there is no emphasis on good literature, and the library is definitely filled with alot of trashy teen lit (as mentioned in another post). My child's reading habits really went down (in quality, not quantity). From Ann of Green Gables before Dickerson, to 'choose your own book, teen oriented' reading, a step down. Also, the lack of recess and freedom was stifling. Arriving at school early meant time spent in the library, with absolutely no talking allowed. At one point they banned talking in the halls during class changes. I think this upper middle class suburbia could handle a little more freedom for these kids.
1/9/2008parentSchool is a great school as long as your child is highly academic and can keep up with lots and lots and lots of homework, or if you can afford extra tutoring to accomodate the education so that your child can have good grades like everyone else. I am somewhat dissappointed in the stressfull time my child with learning dissabilities had for the three years he attended, as this is the first time he was made to feel like an underachiever.
2/15/2007parentOne of the highest-performing public middle schools in the state of Georgia. Honors classes for students who can handle them are great; teachers and staff are professional, well-qualified, have high expectations; kids learn a lot, have to be organized and serious to keep up. Frequently the homework load is heavy. Lots of parental involvement and community support here, though not in the classrooms (parents are encouraged to stay out). Music programs in particular are excellent. Definite Minuses: Only 1 semester of P.E. each year (not enough exercise for growing kids!). Only 20 minutes for lunch, and you must sit with your class, under the gaze of your teacher (jailhouse rules). No recess either, and these kids are lacking a break or some exercise and a chance to briefly socialize at least once during the day. The buses can be rowdy, nothing's done about it, so carpool. Too much trashy teen-lit in library.
10/15/2006studentI'm an eighth grader at Dickerson. Despite being overrun with cliques, the school is a wonderful experience for any child. My mother is a teacher there, so I am familiar with most of the staff. About 85% of the teachers are friendly, dedicated and understanding--a pretty impressive number. I am enrolled in the Gifted program, which provides fabulous academic opportunities. For the parents of students in need of Special Education: My mother and her friends in the Special Ed. department are possibly the most hardworking of all staff at the school. They generally don't pack up until 6:00 or later, trying to get the excessive amounts of paperwork done. Dickerson is a good school.
6/6/2006parentIt depends on your child whether this is a good school for them. If your child is a conformist and good at following directions, they should do well.
3/29/2006studentDickerson Middle is a phenomenal place for a child to be at. However, they are a little too concentrated on test scores, and may give excessive amounts of homework unreasonable for a middle schooler. Other than that, the academics and the music programs are the greatest, especially the percussion program, and the children are exposed to many wonderful things. Dickerson is a wonderful place to be, and I fully recommend it as a fantasic place to be educated from.
3/11/2006parentThis is one of the best middle schools in all of Georgia. It is in a affluent area of East Cobb. The biggest thing you have to worry about is the fact that most of the kids there think they should have everything (materially) handed to them on a silver platter. This attitude can be contagious. The academic's are superb!
1/10/2006parentThis school is just great in all respects, from the principal on down to the bus drivers. The academics are top notch, though the kids do seem to have an excessive amount of homework. As another reviewer noted, there are a lot of projects, but the kids seem to enjoy doing them and the projects help keep the kids motivated and provide an outlet for their creativity. The kids do a fair amount of writing (at least in 6th and 7th grade), but in my opinion they should be doing even more to get ready for high school. There is 100% parental enrollment in the PTSA and tremendous amount of parental involvement in the school. We took our son out of private school to put him in Cobb County schools, and we couldn't be happier. Great band and orchestra program. School newspaper. Clubs. Everything a kid and parent could want.
10/25/2003parentMy child is a gifted student and this school does have gifted programs but they focus way too much on doing projects. I feel my child is spending too much time coloring and less time on academics compared to other gifted schools in other states. Sometimes we have as much as 3 projects per week and my child is not able to read as much as they did with other schools. I think the school should reduce the project load and focus more on academics. The gifted math teacher Ms. Tom is the best and this class seems to be the best thus far. My suggestion would be to limit the projects because this takes away from the academics of the school, which they are capable of doing better.

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