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Dowell Elementary School
2121 W Sandtown Rd SW
Marietta, GA 30064
(678) 595-8059
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public | PK-5
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Jan Komara2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/16/2012parentI have 3 kids. One has now moved to middle school and the other 2 are still going to Dowell. This school has been great for all three of them. The principal is very good. She is always able to speak directly to me if needed. The PTA is very involved and devoted. I also have had wonderful teachers. One of my kids has ADHD and they are very supportive. He has done great. I have had a total of 6 years with this school. I would say things were good before the new principal but, are wonderful now. I feel as a paret she brought more order and the kids still get the fun feel however.
5/17/2011parentMy son has attended this school pre-k and all 5 years and I find this school to be outstanding the teachers and staff speech teachers ect... are off the chart! Counselors who care and treat the children with respect. We will miss this school and to me it is the best school in the area...So Thanks so much for all you do... AT a parent
5/25/2010parentMy son's kindergarten year was wonderful, both for him and myself. I was very concerned about how he would handle his first year, but I needn't have worried. His teachers were great, their care for my son was genuine and he grew tremendously both socially and emotionally in this nurturing environment. For those who say they never saw the principal, it is very hard to believe. at least three time a week she greeted students as they entered the building, she was always available if I had a concern. The teachers I met on a daily basis were always welcoming, approachable and professional. I am very proud of Dowell Elementary and hope the hard work the teachers and staff have put forth will reflect in their students. Well done and keep up the good work.
5/2/2010parentI give this school a five-star rating. Our son is currently in Kindergarten at Dowell Elementary. There are two teachers for 17 students! They are both excellent! Our son's reading level went from not being able to read to a third grade level in just the first few months of school. His teachers brought in help from the higher grades so our son continued to be challenged in reading. I love their open door policy. We are always welcome into the classroom and my husband has been involved in the 3D All Pro Dad's program. He was spent several full days up at the school helping out in the classroom. I love the teaching methods - hands on and they work in teams. They even have computer lab time! They cover an extensive amount of work in Kindergarten: reading, math, social sciences, health, etc.. They get a five-star rating from me.
4/30/2010parentI think Dowell is one of the best schools that I have encountered. What other school teachers devote their saturdays to help the children with reading and math. Yes their is a language barrier, but I commend the teachers for going the extra mile to help the students bring up their grades. My son only speaks English and he gets just as much attention and care as all the students. Thank you staff fo spending so much time for making sure he has a great experience.
4/30/2010parentOne of the worst elementary schools in Cobb county. I've had two children to go to this school and I've had to 'come up there' to the school to address the principle about a teachers conduct. We moved to Kennesaw and believe me when I tell you that there is a HUGE difference in the total learning experience. We're in the process of moving into a new home in this same area. We see no other choice but to send our 5th grader to a private school.
4/29/2010parentWe are very happy with Dowell Elem. Our Kindergarden age child is doing extremely well and loves the school. His progress during this year has been great and looking forward to next year. I have visited the school many times and find the campus clean and safe, the staff friendly and capable. And the students all seem to like being there.
4/28/2010parentI agree with the parent below, Dowell has its strengths and its weaknesses in all areas. I can honestly say that I have also encountered both competent and uncompetent teachers at Dowell, but I find the administration to be almost none existent. I have never seen the principal, ever....I've had problems in several areas and she was never available. That's one of the many reasons why I've enrolled my child in private school next year.
4/28/2010parentDowell is a wonderful school. I have been a parent at Dowell for 7 years and have always had teachers excited about educating. The administration is friendly and approachable. I feel my children have learned in a warm and inviting environment. Both of my children have always done well on the standardized tests and rank above the state averages. I do feel that more parent involvement is key and that your child does more when you do more. Get there and get involved!!
4/28/2010parentI have a daughter in Kindergarten, and I have been thoroughly impressed at the outstanding instructional support she has received at Dowell. She has been pushed all year, even though she had mastered the Kindergarten curriculum prior to the Christmas break. She has a very dedicated and talented teacher, and the support staff is equally distinguished. The administration is visable, responsive, and talented as well, and I have nothing bad to say. This is a great school in a great school system.
4/28/2010parentLast year we had a great Kindergarten teachers and students. Now in first grade my daughter has an awesome teacher and our group of kids and parents are wonderful. Yes, there are little things that can be changed, The doors are always open for me to volunteer and the staff are always ready to listen when I need. We have a long away to go at Dowell, but right now I give to our school 4 stars. Way to go Dowell elementary.
4/28/2010parentI think it need to be a 21st century school, which is not right now. Parents should follow their kids success online, which can't be done right now.
4/28/2010parentMy grandchildren have been attending Dowell since 2005. I have found the teachers to be extremely helpful as I'm raising these children and this was a new beginning for me as well as them. The teachers and counselors keep me informed on things that I should know but didn't. They have made this transition a very smooth one for me and my grandchildren. I would truly have to say in my opinion, this school is the best. I have had nothing but plesant experiences since 2005. But in all honesty, I did encounter 1 (one) teacher that I thought needed to seek another profession. She is a 4th grade teacher and unfortunately she is still there. But my overall experience is wonderful! Thanks Dowell you're the best!
4/28/2010parentFor parents that are involved this staff is the best. You need to get to know more than your teacher! The whole staff is extremely supportive. I have both a gifted child and a special education child. I don' t know what I would have done without the help and insight I have received over the years here.
4/28/2010parentI have two kids in dowell. I am happy with the PTA but, really feel something is lacking in this school with staff. I can not say my kids are doing there best when they do great one year a horrible the next ,are getting the correct teaching. Staff is very cold and don't really act as if they care about you or your child. Again, not all staff but, most. Also, all the extra activites are way over priced here! However I have had two great teachers out of six. It is just not a happy fun school. More by the book and get the job done type of place (other than PTA).
4/28/2010parentMy children are in 4th and 1st. I can't say they are doing 100% but, am happy with some of what the school has going on. I have helped with the book fair and know how much effort they put into that. One of my kids had a really hard year this year and I did feel very alone and confused with it. I still don't really agree with waiting until the end of the year to seek outside help from the teacher if your child is not getting it. However, my 4th grader has a A+ teacher this year! So, just in who you get I guess?
4/28/2010parentThe administration and teachers of Dowell actively participate in schoolwide functions, even when off campus. There are lots of schoolwide family activities. There is very little differentiated instruction, and the fear of standardized tests prevent teachers from teaching the WHOLE child.
2/22/2009parentLike all schools, Dowell has its strengths and its weaknesses in all areas. I can honestly say that I have encountered both competent and uncompetent teachers at Dowell, but I find the administration to probably be one of its weaker links. That's important when your operating any organization. Sound, strong, visible leadership is a must.
1/24/2009parentThis is one of the worst schools ever in Cobb County. If Spanish is not your first language then your children will never learn. There are a few great teachers but most of them are there for a check. The entire administration is a joke and I will be glad when I can afford to get to a better school.
9/24/2008parentMy daughter (in 6th grade now) attended Dowell from kindergarten through 5th grade. As an educator myself, I undoubtedly believe that she had a great elementary school experience. She excels in school. Learning begins at home. The teachers are doing their jobs but it is up to the parents to do theirs. I agree with many other parents that Dowell's paper record does not do it justice. The language barrier is a big deal and something must be done about it. I still have two students at Dowell and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Keep up the good work staff and thank you for your dedication to our future.
9/23/2008parentI think Dowell is a really good school. I thinks its better than it looks on paper, meaning test scores. You can only work with what you have. The phrase the ' workers are few' holds true. The same parents always volunteer, and education has to work both ways! I always see all administrators, and they are very personable. I could not have been blessed with better teachers. I do wish the test scores were higher, but I think there is a big language barrier.
9/22/2008parentDowell is okay, I wish it had the strenghts of the other schools near its area.I believe that the school has some really great teachers,but the leadership of the school could use some work.When I had a conversation with the administator he was very unprofessional .I rarely see the principal,however The asst.principal has been very helpful in policies and procedures. I was a new parent this year and no one explained how the system worked.I found myself trying to figure out carpool,pickup in the afternoon,lunch money,just basic stuff a new parent would need to know.The PTA does a great job,they struggle at times though.And thats lack of parent support,but they are working with what they have.(keep up the good work PTA)
1/11/2008parentDowell wants to be a good school. There are no discipline or safety problems. The Principal is a quiet leader, but the Assistant Principal and the Administrative Assistant (he's not a secretary, but like another assistant principal) are very visible and effective. There are some wonderful teachers, and then some that need improvement, and some that need to find a different profession. PTA does their best to put on some great extracurricular activities (the Fall Fest was spectacular) with average parent support. The classroom education is higher than what is perceived from the CRCT and ITBS scores, which are a reflection of the attending demographic, and not the school standards. However, Dowell's Target (gifted) program could use some improvement.
8/9/2007parentI am shocked at the parental reviews I have read. I could not tell you who the principal is if she was standing in front of me. She is never around the school. As for the school I am happier with it than when my first child attended but there is still major need for improvement. The children are not learning what they need to in this school. I have had a child at Dowell every year for the past 8 yrs and I can honestly say I have very few good things I could say about this school.
5/10/2005parentTeachers emphasize the basics, especially reading. Our kids read beyond their grade level, no small testament to the aptitude of the teachers and administration. The Target program for advanced students provides the chance to explore beyond the typical school-room setting. Programs like sock hops and cosmic bowling night create a rich sense of community. We've especially enjoyed the music programs performed during PTA. The PE teachers have been creative in giving the children outlets for physical activities. Teachers encourage kids to send cards and letters in school, which helps with writing skills. The media center is a hub of learning with all its computers and collection of books. TVs and computers in the classes provide the right touch of technology. Teachers are frank and open during conferences. I'd highly recommend this school. On the negative side, the lunch room can be loud and the parking lot crowded. Dowell earns an A-plus.
3/5/2004parentDowell has been an outstanding school. I have a 2nd grader who amazes me daily with new things she has learned from reading maps to doing their spelling tests by dictation. She learns something new daily and enjoys going to school. They have been wonderful and helpful especially during a divorce which is not an easy topic. My daughter was given a lot of support from counselors as well as teachers and administration. I would definately rate this school fun and number 1 in my book.
9/22/2003parentI think the school is great. My son is now in the second grade. I could not imagine him attending any other school. Dowell Elementary cares about its staff and children. The principal is great. No child will be left behind at Dowell Elementary!
4/17/2003 We are most pleased with the overall 'feel' at Dowell. It indeed is a friendly place. Mrs. McWhorter (the principal) speaks to everyone and knows many parents by name, our school has close to 800 children but she makes you feel special. Our daughter's first grade teacher sent her mail at home to say how pleased she was with the success that my daughter was having with her reading. This was a great plus as my daughter was a struggling reader at the time. The PTA is very involved and runs some great nights, Sock Hop and Cosmic Bowling were lots of fun.

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