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Due West Elementary School
3900 Due West Rd NW
Marietta, GA 30064
(678) 594-8071
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public | PK-5
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Peggy Fleming2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
1/19/2011otherAs a Black America parent I am not happy with the level of attention giving to my daughter success. My daughter enter Due West reading 2 levels ahead of her class only to be told after a full school year that she was not comprehending Her test scores that I received did not reflect a issue. The teacher did not give any indication that my daughter was having any issues until the end of the school year. To late to address.
5/17/2010parentTeachers are genuinely concerned with the success of the students
5/16/2010parentBecause the teachers care deeply for the students and their sucess
5/10/2010parentThe teachers at Due West Elementary are outstanding. I know they care about my child and are quick to respond to me when I have a question or concern. This school has many opportunities for parents to participate in the education process! My family is very secure with the education my children are getting at Due West!
5/9/2010parentIt is a small school where all the staff know the children by name and care about them and how they are doing. Such a a warm, welcoming and postive place to be as a child and as a parent.
5/6/2010parentWe love DWE because of the teachers! They always expect the most from our children and give them the support they need!
5/2/2010parentThe teachers are professional and collegial, and the curriculum, from kindergarten to 5th grade is well thought out, organized, systematic, and continuous. As a parent and an educator in another school, I am profoundly impressed with what is taught and how it is taught at Due West. I know from experience that my children are receiving an excellent education and will be well prepared for future studies after moving to middle school.
5/2/2010teacherI love Due West Elementary School for the genuine love for the students the staff has and the way they portray this by making every child feel they are special and loved. The education a child gets at Due West is hard to compare to any other school in the system. When 'alumni' continue to return with their children, that is a sure sign that DWE must be doing the right things.
5/2/2010parentThis our first year at Due West and we are really impressed and happy. The teachers are wonderful, loving, professional and caring. They are the tops!
4/30/2010parentDue West is a great school because of the people that are employed there. I feel very confident that the leaders of Due West are empowering their staff to teach our children everything they need to know to succeed in life.
4/28/2010teacherDue West is a small, warm community of actively involved parents that support their children AND their school. The children, parents, and teachers are an awesome bunch! As a teacher, I feel love and support from the parents and children every day. They know how much we love them, and want to see the children be their BEST!!! We LOVE our Due West Pioneers!
4/26/2010parentWe are so IN LOVE with this school!! Starting from the principal all the way down, these folks make my child feel so loved and, as a parent, that is all you can ask for!
4/26/2010parentEveryone at Due West works together as a family. It's a perfect size school with a lot of heart. We truly have the best teachers, support staff and students.
4/26/2010parentDue West is a gem in Cobb County. It's a small school with a lot of support from parents. The teachers and administrators are terrific and really give individual attention to all the kids. We moved from another district and can definately say there is no comparison to Due West.
4/26/2010parentIts a small school so it feels more like a family then a school! You always see familiar faces and the principal truly makes you feel like your child is the only one in the school! Makes a effort to know these kids by name! GREAT SCHOOL!!!! Couldnt be happier!
4/25/2010parentDue West Elementary School is more than a school is ever required to be. The people and the community give it the life that it brings into the homes of so many young children. In a time where children often become a number and a test score this school gives them an identity as well. Each child whether the are at the highest learning average or the lowest, is loved and known by their teachers and staff. There is no perfect school, just as there are no perfect people. What is different about Due West is that there is an understanding that each day it opens it's doors that there is the fight to do better today, than was done yesterday. That really is all we can do. There will always be children who have to go home to sometimes the best homes and sometimes the worst homes. At Due West each child gets to find there own way with solid guidance and a genuine concern to draw out the very best possibilities in each child. There is no better place for a child to grow.
4/25/2010parentSmall school with a large heart for teaching our kids! Best teachers who are always smiling!
4/25/2010parentI think Due West is a great school because they have great teachers and it's a small little community.
4/25/2010parentI love Due West because it is truly a neighborhood school. Everyone is able to know everyone by name, and it is obvious the teachers love their students.
4/25/2010otherDue West is a great school. Awesome staff, extremely involved community and parental support as well.
4/25/2010parentLove the small school atmosphere. the attention to making sure each kids needs are met.
4/25/2010parentI love Due West because it has alot of really GREAT teachers, who really care about the students and who take the time to care!!! The principal & ass't principal go the extra mile and really love the kids!! The lunchroom food really is good too!! The ladies who work in the kitchen have such friend attitudes and want to make the line fun for the kids!! Due West Elementary ROCKS!!!!!!
4/25/2010parentThe attention the teachers and staff give to the children is wonderful! It is nice that the staff knows who you are and who your children are!
4/24/2010parentMy husband went to due west and my 3 boys. We love it. It has a private school feel to it - the size is perfect - and the staff is great!
4/24/2010parentWe moved to this area just to be in Due West, for the reputation of a small private school atmosphere. The faculty and staff supporting our children, has exceeded our expectations. The involvement of Faculty, Staff, PTA, as well as the Parental involvement contribute to a well run school. We have been at Due West since our Daughter started Kindergarten, and every year since our Teacher has gone above and beyond caring for each child in their class, making sure all children are getting their individual needs met to ensure the highest possible acheivement. The administration is top notch, and whether you are in the office, Lunch room, Nurse's office, or Media Center the staff knows the Parents and the children by name. When you get all these factors in one package, You've got an A++ school.
4/22/2010parentI am so impressed with the individual attention that each and every staff member gives to our children - each child is greeted by name - they are not a number. The staff truly cares and they go the extra mile to help each child succeed by recognizing their strengths and develop strategies to improve their weaknesses. Many thanks to all the teachers and staff who make Due West such a welcoming Educational experience for my child and the parents!
4/21/2010parentIt's Cobb County's best kept secret. The teachers treat each student like a person, not a number.
4/20/2010parentThe children's education is always first! Awesome teachers & administration in a close, friendly encourging environment
4/20/2010parentSmall and organized - everyone knows everybody so the students are well cared for.
4/20/2010parentI love due west elementary school because of the great teachers that work there, the child friendly environment in each class, and because my child loves it!
4/19/2010parentDue West has been great for my kid. The teachers and administration have gone out of their way to provide all that he needs to learn and grow.
4/19/2010parentWe love Due West Elementary! My son entered Kindergarten this year and he absolutley loves it! I really think that with such great teachers and support staff, they have helped him truly *love* school. He's bummed when we're off! His class size is small and the attention each child receives is excellent. I feel that the teachers and staff truly care about each child and we are excited about his upcoming years at Due West. We couldn't be happier!
4/19/2010parentWhat makes Due West great are the teachers and the families that attend. It's a small school with a big heart.
4/19/2010parentCaring, friendly staff and families who encourage respect, creativity, and acedemic success within a positive environment.
4/19/2010parentI love the atmosphere at Due West Elementary!! The faculty is amazing. They truly love children and they make learning fun.
4/19/2010parentMy children are so happy there and that makes me happy!
4/19/2010parentGreat family school.Feels like family.
4/19/2010parentIt's small and personal. Compared to all other elementary schools in Cobb County, it has around 500 students while others average 1500 or more. The principal, vice-principal, secretary, etc. all know my kids names - and that's not because they are bad kids! They are just well loved, as are all the other students there. It's like a suburban school with a small town mentality. And the teachers are excellent. CRCT scores prove it every year. The parents are involved and the PTA is active. I've done homeschooling and private school and I appreciate what Due West offers to my kids in a public school environment.
4/19/2010parentThe small, intimate setting and the dedicated and resourceful teachers make this school a place where students enjoy attending. Due West truely is a neighoborhood school and we moved into this area for this school and it has exceeded our expectations.
4/19/2010parentThe Teachers and Staff are so caring, and the school is just overall a great place . It feels like a big family.
4/19/2010parentLove the small community feeling at Due West. The teachers are great. My kids love the school. So glad it is K-5, so we can enjoy the school for 6 years!
4/19/2010parentThis is a small school that has kept its personal touch. I went to this school when I was a child then moved around after elementary school, I came back to this area for this school when I had kids of my own.
4/19/2010parentAt Due West, it is full of wonderful people, Each and everyone of the staff care about each and everyone of the students. You will not find a better school in Cobb!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4/19/2010parentThey truly love the children and help them in every way possible. It still has the small town feel. They're just family.
4/19/2010parentThe teachers are so dedicated and they and all the staff go above and beyond to teach both academic and life lessons! The children really feel involved and part of the team, bonding that empowers them and makes them accountable.
4/19/2010parentThe student body at Due West is still small enough that everyone pretty much knows each other, creating a close knit community. Despite budget related shortfalls, there is a high level of student achievement at Due west thanks to the united efforts or administration, faculty and parent involvement.
4/19/2010parentThe administration puts the children first, and the parents are so supportive of the school and the kids!
4/14/2010parentThe one on one attention my daughter receives! And the special programs they offer-
4/14/2010parentThey do an excellent job of communicating with parents, engaging with the community with special events, and make school FUN for my child. Can't say enough good things about the warm welcome everyone there presents each day.
4/14/2010parentDue West provides an outstanding environment for childrens to learn and grow. Due West is 100%committed to investing their time, talent and treasure in the world's future our children.
4/14/2010parentI love that the size has remained small and the one on one attention my daughter receives!
10/7/2009parentBecause it is such a friendly school that makes parents feel welcome!
8/6/2009parentTeachers are always helpful and friendly, class sizes are relatively small, kids are friendly, adminsitration always helpful. School gets great community response.
8/5/2009parentTeacher's are still wonderful! But, now that Dr. Jones (the previous principal) has moved on, the new principal Ms. Hanauer and assistant principal Ms. Fausett are not supportive of parent and student needs. They do things their way, and very 'closed door,' policy. The whole atmosphere of this school has changed. I am just waiting for them to move on!
5/2/2009parentMy son is Mrs. Ullmer's class and is new to Georgia. Mrs. Ullmer is a sweet and caring teacher. She has done her best during the school year to keep me informed through email, phone calls and quick notes. Transitioning from another state can be a difficult process but she made it so much easier. My son also came from a gifted class in his previous school and Mrs. Ullmer took special care to give him extra work to keep his mind stimulated. The school secretary is also very pleasant, informed and stays on top of things. If a problem arises you can be sure that the principal, Mrs. Hanauer will be on top of it as soon as you bring it to her attention which was the case with a bullying incident. Small school/great teachers and administration.
1/6/2008parentMy son is in Ms. Robterts' kindergarten class. She is an amazing teacher and provides a very nurturing, friendly, fun, and exciting learning environment for all of the students. The school as a whole is very centered around treating all students and parents as one big family, it's a wonderful place that my son is spending his elementary days!
10/12/2006parentDue West is fabulous small public school. There are only 480 students K-5, which allows the teachers and administrators to get to know all of the students quite well, which is quite different from the typical elementary school of 800-1,100 kids. This family atmosphere supports the learning environment very well. The teachers are all experienced and very dedicated. Most teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that every child is well-educated. The level of parental involvement at Due West is very impressive. Due West also has a lot of gifted children and they receive excellent attention. My children were extraordinarily well-prepared for middle school after attending Due West- we couldn't have chosen a better public school in the area!
9/21/2006parentDue West is a great school. Alot of caring people that want the children to learn.
5/31/2006parentAll three of my children have attended Due West. I feel truly blessed that they were able to be in a school where people really care about each other. My children were challenged and encouraged in all areas. It is a GREAT school!
3/5/2006parentIt's like sending my daughter to a private school without having to pay an arm and a leg. The entire staff is wonderful, and my daughter is getting an excellent education. I'm greatful my child is a Due West student!
1/12/2006parentDue West is fantastic. My 6 year old is reading at a 4th grade level and looks forward to each day. The small size of the school makes all the difference. His kindergarten class was compiled of 12 students and 2 teachers and that contributes to more attention overall for each student. The parents and community are very actively involved and this school promotes the kids in higher grades to mentor the younger students which is great. The staff knows my son and family on a first name basis and I am amazed at the level of parental involvement. Their academics and extracurricular activities constantly stimulate these young minds on all different levels. I have full confidence that by the time our son is complete at Due West he will be more than ready for middle school, both academically and emotionally.We moved here for this school and best decision ever.
6/27/2005parentThe teachers at Due West are very attentive to the needs of each child. The student:staff ratios can be excellent! There were only 12 students in my child's Kindergarten class this year, and there was 1 full-time teacher and 1 full-time parapro. Staff turnover is very low as the teachers really seem to enjoy teaching at this school. The principal is very receptive to parent involvement. The music teacher is outstanding! Many of the students have stay-home parents who are very involved with the school and the PTA. Due West is a great place for children to learn and grow.
9/27/2004parentDue West has an intimate environment that makes a child feel comfortable and empowered. Most of the teachers are competent and caring while many of them are truly gifted. The school administration is responsive and parents are very much a part of the daily activities.
8/18/2004parentGreat school, great teachers and helpful staff! My daughter loves it.
12/2/2003parentGreat small school with loving and devoted staff!

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