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East Cobb Middle School
380 Holt Rd NE
Marietta, GA 30068
(770) 578-2740
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public | 6-8
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Tiffany Honore2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/18/2012otherThe school is horrible . It has a dress code where kids only have to wear collared shirts, there are so much rules. The school is filled with drama. The kids bully other kids, especially cyber bullying. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD THERE IF YOU WANT SAFETY FOR HIM/HER/THEM.
8/10/2012parentMy son has attended this school for the last two years (6th & 7th Grades). He has been taking all Advanced Classes. This will be his last year there as next year he will be starting High School. While I cannot speak to their regular classed. I can say that they have a very good advanced class program. I have never had any problems getting in touch with any of his teachers. I have only had one problem with a teacher that was very slow in updating Pinnacle with my son's grades and that was two years ago. Lastly I can say that my son has enjoyed his time while attending this school so far and likes his classmates. Me and my son are very close, I believe that if he had any problems with this school he would tell me. The work has not always been easy, but the grades have always been fair and with hard work my son has been able to maintain a straight A average.
8/7/2012parentMy daughter attended this school during her 7th grade year and for part of her 8th grade year. This school is horrible. The kids are out of control and the administration is not responsive to any of the issues. I would stay away from from schools with a high percentage of economically disadvantaged students, because the administration at such schools never seem to care about the welfare of the students.
7/9/2012parentCan someone please provide some current 2011-2012 school year info. I am moving from Michigan to Marietta and have a choice between ECMS & Marietta Middle. Can u guys give me some factors to help me make the choice please. They both received a 5 score from Great Schools.
6/2/2011parentMy daughter just finished the 6th grade advanced content classes and she had a wonderful year! The teachers are really involved with the students and making sure they have a good grasp of the materials. Every teacher has an email address and my daughter used them often for any questions that came up during homework time. She is very excited about 7th grade and I am excited for her! Also, there are lots of extracurricular activities available and plenty of opportunities for parents to be involved with the school!
6/2/2011parentMy daughter is also in advanced content classes. She has been at East Cobb for both 6th and 7th grade. She loves it and is happier with this group of students, teachers, administrators, and staff than at any other school she is ever attended and it is middle school!!!
3/4/2011parentThe school is not the same as it was 10 or even 5 years ago needs new administration if you have other options do not send your kid there.
12/29/2010parentThere's plenty to do in this area... You must have your own transportation which is very important in any southern state. There's a boys and girls club in the area, YMCA, & plenty of malls (lol)....Do your research and you will see... :)
11/24/2010parentNot sure if this the place I need to ask this question. I have a daughterer age; 13 that is in the 9th grade. We are relocating from the Washington DC area. We will arrive on Jan 3, 2011 she is very nervous that no one will like her and she will not have friends or nothing to do. Is there things for youth to do in this area, she also cheer and love softball. Any help at all with this will be appreciated. WE are moving the Westminister Square Apartments.
11/21/2010parentI have never seen a happier bunch of middle school kids. They just love it here. The building is not fancy, the kids are all so different from one another -- race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status -- but they get along great. The teachers seem to love it here, too, and are dedicated to helping all kids do their best. They are very good at noticing when a kid needs an extra challenge or extra help.Plus, ECMS has a STEM program that is widely recognized as a leader statewide.
11/18/2010otherI went to ECMS and loved it. I am still very close friends with all of the girls I hung out with at ECMS and Wheeler. Our children play together and will be attending ECMS in the future. I think East Cobb gets a bad rap because of one or two opinionated people who made their experience a negative one. I received a wonderful education at ECMS and I'm proud to live in the district again!
10/9/2010parentGreat kids...great staff...and a growing parent support group!
10/9/2010parentECMS has a diverse student body, excellent and enthusiastic teachers and staff, and a very active non-profit foundation (ECMS Foundation) that sponsors Challenge Day for the entire 7th grade class every year. My child was active in the Robotics program and Odyssey of the Mind competitions. ECMS is also very active in Science Olympiad, and is a local pioneer in the integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum.
5/11/2010parentMy son loves this school and it is so great communication wise. The 'connection' classes are wonderful.
4/7/2010studentI dont like this school teachers are very mean and dont care what we do instead of helping they scream at us......how can we learn if they're so mean...cant wait to move schools!!!!
4/1/2010parentVery recently parents received letters that there was an altercation between two students that had prompted one of the child's parent to confront the administration in person, and that resulted in a physical altercation between the parent and two administrators. I also have observed that there is a serious safety/biohazard issue within this school. The passageways appear very clean, however, there are adjacent buildings that have had roof leaks onto old carpeting which has created mold and a strong mildew odor, particularly in the covered play area where children are exposed on a daily basis. I would like the state inspector to stop in. I miss Principal Chiprony. The Tuesday media message phone updates from the current principal sounds nonchalantly forced and monotone. I cannot imagine what comes across the PA system daily.
2/9/2010studentI am a 6th grader at East Cobb and really like it here. When it was my first day, I was really scared about what was going to happen or if I would even make a friend. The people here are very nice and it was very easy to make friends.The teachers are also very nice and helpful. :)
1/10/2010otheri was there but i moved but school is the best in the district
9/21/2009studentI'm a seventh grade student here and I hate it. I went from Sedalia Park, an amazing school, to this. I'm an ac student and crossing hall ways I feel scared. The teachers are terrible at teaching and we never learn anything that's on the CRCT. Don't send your kid here.
9/15/2009studentI kinda like this school. I just finished 6th grade and it was alright. Although, there was violence and profanity. Otherwise, it is fine.
2/23/2009studentits a good school and i learned in math class about ratios.i learned in social studies about the government. i learned in science about aliens babies that was fun and we had got to touch them to. well that is all i could remember.
9/17/2008parentI had the choice between Dickerson Middle School and East Cobb Middle School. I choose East Cobb because the staff is caring, David Chiprany has turned the school around 180 degrees. It is no longer a place to fear, it is a place for children to grow and thrive. He has truly been a blessing for ECMS!
9/16/2008parentI love the respect and attention the faculty give the parents at ECMS. My daughter successfully completed sixth grade and is now in the 7th grade and definitely wants to graduate from this middle school. Because of an excellent SS teacher named Ms. Braziel my daughter loves Social Studies and made it into advanced SS. This school has a yearly objective to make AYP and close the gap on illiteracy. David Chiprany is a great leader and community person, very accessible, approachable. The environment is peaceful, and the facility is clean. I posted this review because I never wanted my daughter to attend this school because I was new to Georgia from Florida in 2006 and had heard many terrible things. I was unable to move therefore my child had to remain in district. This school is an example of what new leadership and a strategy can do for a school.
6/12/2008studentThis school is very friendly. I just finished 7th grade and it was awesome. My teachers were very nice
6/12/2008studentI just finished my 7th grade in East Cobb Middle School and it was a very freindly school. The teachers were very nice. Everybody in the school was friendly.
11/21/2007studentI am currently in 7th grade at ECMS. During elementary school i was worried that I was not going to have any friends in middle school because most of my friends were going to Dickerson. I found that that was not true in 6th grade. I meet people that I went to elementary school with and I also meet people from other elementary schools feeding into ECMS. I love how this school is so diverse, it lets you experience how the real world is like. The music program at this school is outstaning. All of the teachers at this school go the extra mile to make sure everyone understands what they are teaching. I love East Cobb and would never go to any other middle school!
6/22/2007parentDuring his first year at ECMS, my son was challenged academically more than ever before. And he made friends with a lot of kids who are very different than him. An energetic new principal and growing parent support give ECMS real momentum to build on its magnet strengths in STEM and ESOL and its relationship and alignment with Wheeler HS across the street. If you really want to know, ask the kids who go there, their parents, and the teachers. They'll tell you East Cobb is a *real* education.
6/5/2007parentBoth of my children attended ECMS, and while it's not a perfect school, it is a great school in many ways. The staff is hard-working and dedicated to seeing the children succeed. The new principal is energetic and positive. There is a very solid Advanced Content program in Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies as well as an Accelerated Math program. Although it's an older school, it is currently being renovated, and technology is being updated. It has a strong, solid, involved PTSA. ECMS is a much more diverse school than other schools in the area, both culturally as well as economically. My children had friends from Germany, France, Korea, China, Brazil, and Mexico. The cultural exposure is one of the best things about ECMS.
6/5/2007teacherAs a teacher at ECMS, I would like to clarify two common issues. The first is the lack of extra-curricular sports. ECMS is a middle school, and part of the traditional middle school format is to not have extra-curricular sports, only intramurals (which ECMS does have). It is district-wide, and close to a state-wide policy. The second has to do with there not being enough textbooks. The state of Georgia changed Earth Science from an 8th grade class to a 6th grade class, and flipped Physical Science from 6th to 8th. For two years, 6th and 8th grade both taught Earth Sceince, neccesitating the sharing of books among grade levels. This was a county-wide decision, and the textbook was available online. Unless a teacher made an individual decision not to issue books, the school had plenty of books in all other subjects. Eighth will be Physical Science now, so no more sharing.
6/4/2007teacherWhen my daughter, now a Junior at Wheeler, attended ECMS she had a terrific experience in both on level and accelerated content classes. I think the school was in need of some new leadership. My son, now a 7th grader at ECMS, has seen the new leadership in action. Mr. Chiprany and his staff are excellent and very involved with the students. The teaching staff seem so happy and this seems to permeate through their teaching. Yes, it's a diverse population, better to get used to it when you're young. Yes, their are fights, not nearly as many as people think. I think it's so unfair when parents pull their kids from ECMS without doing their homework and truly look into the school.
5/4/2007parentAndrew trowers (7th language arts) is wonderful! He is an asset to the school. He is, however, the exception and not the rule.
4/25/2007parentThe kids have to share many textbooks and the school doesn't provide enough study material for kids to learn and study at home.
3/29/2006parentGreat place. Great PTA. Very involved teachers.
5/6/2005studentIt is a really great school. I was in East Cobb middle for two years. I love the school, programs, and the teachers. There are a lot of parents involved and I just love the school!
5/5/2005studentWe love ecms, we like the diversity and our educational but fun classes. We have really nice teachers who can really explain things well, and make you feel like you are really learning something. Although, our school doesn't have perfect attendance for every kid and not all kids behave well it teaches you how the real world might be. When we attended elementary school there was no diversity at all. In fact, our classes were 95% white. We really enjoy this school and We cant wait until 7th and 8th grade. -
3/19/2005studentI go to East Cobb and i think that it is a great school! Even though there are fights and thing s like that it is still a great school! the teachers are great like mrs. caroll and mrs carter both are awesome! Also I think that going to a school like Dickerson where it is mostly whit is bad because they doent expirence diversity like i did and also middle school is middle school.
1/29/2005teacherI teach at East Cobb Middle School, and have for the past 6 years. The richness of the diversity of the population here means that students here will experience an international perspective unlike that at other area schools, with their more homogeneous populations. The faculty at ECMS is exemplary: caring, hard-working, dedicated and professional. The administration (comprised of 5 individuals) is responsive to the needs of the community, the faculty, and the parents. I love what I teach, and I love where I teach. I believe this is true school of excellence. K. Friedman
1/24/2005former studentI have been at ECMS since the middle of the 6th grade and I think that the school is amazing...I learned alot and I love the teachers and the students that also attended the school... I give great admissions to Mrs.Carroll(6th) and Ms. Hall and Ms. C. (7th 7c) they where some of the best teachers I have ever had. they helped me when I needed it most... Every school you go to is going to have problems no matter were you are... and students are going to have a problem with the teacher ... the music program is amazing and we have some of the most talented students in the district...Im proud of the school and i would gladly send my child to ECMS!
1/12/2005teacherAs a teacher at East Cobb with experience teaching at other schools in the area, I can honestly say that the faculty at ECMS is truly top in their field. I witness examples of superior teaching there on a daily basis, and believe anyone would be hard-pressed to find a group of middle school educators that works as hard at meeting students' individual needs. As for the quality of the student body, our students go head-to-head with other Cobb students with respect to admission into prestigious magnet schools and eventually, colleges and universities. I'm actually so satisfied with the school, that I'm taking my own children there, despite the fact that my home is zoned for 'prestigious' Dickerson Middle. I would encourage parents to come visit and see some of the wonderful things that are happening at ECMS. Remember--affluence doesn't necessarilly mean excellence.
12/2/2004former studentI went to ECMS last year and and did not learn a lot. Now I go to Dickerson and it is a much better school no fight i learn more and the teathers care, and i fell safer.I never want to go back to ECMS!
8/21/2004parentExtremely disappointed with this school. My child was at East Cobb Middle 3 years his overall grade average declined. I do admit there are some good teachers trying to hang on, and Mr. York seemed to be the only administrator who you can find and speak with, and he tried to stay true to his word. Violence is a major problem at this school! Fights happen on a regular bases with very little consequences. The principal made several promises but he never followed through. Hopefully the county will make some changes, I have a child at Sedalia Park and it has the same diversity but the principal is very visible and there are consequences for bad behavior. I would recommend any parent with a middle school age child to consider private school or home schooling your child their middle school years. Unless they make some major changes, starting with the Principal!
7/31/2004parentOverall disapointment for the administration of this school, especially the principal. There have been many changes in the administration and in turn have turned valuable and very good teachers away who would have loved to stay. The community in this school district has also changed severely over the past 10 years for the worse. Crime and behavior has caused too much of a rift between the administration and the teachers that there is no cohesive bond like there should be to give the greater good for the students. East Cobb used to be one of the best middle schools in the district, now it's one of the worst. If you are moving into Cobb County, I would suggest choosing a better school (possibly a middle school feeder into Pope, Walton, Lassiter, Sprayberry, Kell, or Harrison). Consistently better test scores and better behavior of the students.
2/24/2004parentMy youngest child is in his 2nd semester of the 8th grade at East Cobb (ECMS), giving our family over 10 consecutive years at ECMS. Most of the staff has turned over since I have been there, but I have seen some excellant teachers through the years. A few of the good ones have managed to 'stay the course'. The target classes (accelerated learning) and the leveled learning classes (class levels assigned according to ability - based largely on past performance in classes and on standardized tests) available in math, science and language arts help provide a maximum education for each child. Students from 5 elementary schools, with diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds come together to form ECMS, and the students stay together all the way thru 12th grade. My biggest criticism of ECMS, would be in the area of discipline, but I'm not sure how to improve it. Good kids are turned off by the strict rules, but I have been over at the school enough to know that the rules are totally necessary for some students, in some cases you wish for even stricter application. Even 3 years doesn't seem enough to get the points across; they're still acting up when they hit the high school. I guess the best thing about the school is that the opportunity is there for each shild to excel. Sports are not provided by the school, but are easily accessable thru the community, and supported by the school.
8/19/2003parentMy daughter is in 8th grade now and its her last year at East Cobb. She had wonderful teachers in 6th grade. 7th grade had some tough ones but made it through. It is the beginning of the 8th grade year so i cant comment yet. Overall I have been happy with the school. Most are very helpful. Attendance office and guidance have been helpful!

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