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East Side Elementary School
3850 Roswell Rd
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 578-7200
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County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Elizabeth Mavity2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/18/2012parentI have 3 children at East Side. The new facilities are just beautiful and state of the art, with Smartboards in every classroom. The feeling when I walk into ES is very warm and welcoming. Because of having 3 children at this school, I have had a lot of interaction with various teachers and find them to have an overall positive attitude towards teaching and the children in general. The curriculum is fast paced but my kids enjoy the challenge and their interests seem to be held. The administration has been very approachable and open to talking to parents. We have met so many nice families through this school. My kids love their "home away from home" and are proud to be part of the East Side family!
2/17/2012parentWe have had so many positive experiences at this school. The teachers are great (I have two sons, one in KG and one in 1st grade). They are learning at a phenomenal pace. The standards are very high and they are challenged to always to more & better. I really like the way the teachers speak to the kids - the little ways they have of telling them to be quiet, to sit down etc - no yelling, no impatience - very gentle and playful. There are a lot of parent volunteer work to be done. If you're like me and you like to know what is going on in the classroom - well that is just great! My kids are English second language learners, and they both get FREE extra classes and attention - one hour a day with the English teacher during school time, and two hours after school extra reading. If I had to pay for this out of my pocket the cost would have been astronomical! Also, I don't find it snobbish. The parents who wait with me in the cold by the bus stop every morning are all very down-to-earth, friendly and welcoming. I guess there are some over-active room moms out there - but you find that everywhere, don't you? Personally, I've never had problems with that. We are very happy here!
5/16/2011parentMy child had very unhappy experiences at this school. The need for realistic responses to incidents that happen when other children interact in a negative way to others needs to be addressed better. This is a truly snobbish place and a lot of fundraising. We pulled our child and we now homeschool.
3/4/2011parentI moved to East Cobb mainly for the school system. I have not been overly impressed. My daughter attended Pre-K in Jackson County, GA and I received a great deal of feedback from her teachers/school director. Kindergarten was a NIGHTMARE. We had a dull teacher who had no ability to communicate tangible information. It was frustrating for the whole family. Now that my daughter is in 1st grade things are looking up. I get a weekly folder home with real feedback. The parents at this school certainly volunteer, but it is overall a snobby place to be. They are all so catty and materialistic. I am praying the housing market turns around so we can get back to reality. I don't want my child to think that this "East Cobb Snobbiness" is the real world. I agree with other reviews that this school could focus more on education and less on all the $ to send in and who donates the most etc. The major redeeming quality of this school is that I feel like my daughter is in a safe place. The neighborhood is pretty calm and very family friendly. Yep...I think that is the only thing I would RAVE about. Looking forward to getting out of here before my son starts.
2/25/2011otherEast Side is a great school. Competition, leadership, and great education. The teachers are very excellent and challenging. If you have any questions there is always someone to ask. It also has challenging academic programs. If you are looking for and elementary school to go to East Side is the one!
11/18/2010parentOur daughter transfered to East Side from another Cobb County elementary school, and the difference in curriculum is evident, even within the same school system. Rather than being given busy work or reinforcing skills she'd mastered two years ago, she is now being challenged. Independent thought, creativity, and interaction are encouraged. The environment at East Side Elementary is that of a community. The fundraising may seem a bit over the top to some, but it is exactly why we moved to this school district. The money raised directly impacts the students' educational experience, providing far more opportunities than one would be afforded at many other public schools. The staff and parents are friendly and involved.
10/15/2009parentA school is partly what you as a parent put into it as well. Conferences are available any time by just asking. Fall Festival was $10 per child, not $60! Agree that there is a lot of fundraising, but that is how they can offer more than what the school district offers - science lab w/ specialized teacher, special white boards in classrooms, computers, upgraded softwares for learning, new playground, arts programs, reading programs, math programs and after school enrichment programs in art, sports, academics, chess, robotics, and more make this an exceptional place. Not all classes are a breeze - there are challenges that the kids need to rise up to and learn to acheive. This school feeds into two great middle schools that are both challenging, and then into the best high school in the state, and amongst the top in the country.
10/8/2009parentThe office staff is indeed nice, tons of parents all over the place, and the teachers are nice enough. However, I see a huge lack of effort on the teachers parts to communicate with parents other than weekly folders, which are sent home on mondays. We moved here 2 years ago with honor roll students to go to a better school. I have now watched 2 kids struggle with school work with little feedback from teachers and only 1 conference that is held at the end of the year. There is a huge amount of effort in raising money. It is a country club community however, $60 plus dollars to attend a fall festival is to much. Every week there is another flyer in the backpacks for another fundraiser. More effort needs to be put on academics. Less on fund raising and socializing!
12/3/2008parentNo hype - just positive results. I am at the school often and don't see kids in pj's. There certainly are some disciplinary issues with a few kids - out of 1,000 children there will always be a few that are still learning to fit in. In my experience - I have never seen any of the teachers working with the bottom of the bell curve. My kids are very bright, at the head of their classes and are not bored - would like a little more homework though. School is first in line for upgrading from school board, so trailers will be gone soon. One 'bad area on grounds is fenced off and off limits for the kids. A little stronger guidance at ASP is only thing I can see that is needed in this very diverse student body who are state chess champions. Kids are happy, healthy, and learning
10/16/2008parentDespite all the hype, this is not a good or a safe school. Many of the kids come dressed in their pajamas and flip -flops (even in january), the grounds are poorly kept and even dangerous in some areas. Bullying is commoneplace and generally ignored and some of the kids, even the young kids, are serious discipline problems. Several of the teachers seem to be 'mailing it in' rather than putting forth any effort. If your kid is smart and a good student, they will get bored while the teacher works with the 'trailing end of the bell curve' kids. In summary, if you care about your children, vote with your feet. Keep them away from here at all costs!
10/9/2008parentThere is a lot of enthusiasm and excitement at East Side! Teachers, staff and parents are working together to make it a great experience for the children. There is a lot of positive energy and my child loves going to school there!
6/25/2008parentMy daughter attends East Side and just finished Kindergarten. We have been very pleased there with little to no exception. Since I was in her class often, I noticed all the children excelled in Mrs. Oakley's class ! .
11/27/2007parentWe love East Side! The principal is top-notch, and the Asst Principal is second to none. The teachers are all very interested in the kids. The staff is even involved. Parental involvement is fantastic and the kids are both focused and eager to learn. The school needs updated, but many are in the same boat. Tons of extra-curricular activities to meet every students needs.
7/30/2007parentTop notch! We have thoroughly enjoyed our educational experience!
5/22/2007parentI am very unhappy about the trailers that the 4th grade students are force into. The teachers are good, some great - most are going above and beyond spending a great deal of hours planning and recording everything. The parent participation is wonderful, the kids like to see their parents there, parents like to see what is taking place in the classroom. I think the parent participation is needed in every school with the budget cut backs. It is hard on a working parent, but everyone can take an hour. I think the school board has missed what Eastside is needing most - more room and classrooms. The school is old >50 years, and overcrowded.
5/11/2007parentThe teaching method is not very organized. ASP is not very responsible.
1/5/2007parentI agree that Eastside is a good school, however, improvement is needed. It seems that Eastside is more focused on how many parent volunteers they can have in school each day rather than how much time can be spent in the classroom teaching. I think it is very important for parents to participate, but does any school really need that many parents disrupting class and school all day, everyday. It seems to be the social thing to do to have a place for non-working moms to hang-out, rather focusing on the education of the students. Too much time is spent on other things and on discipline rather than on classroom teaching time. I have noticed that about of the school day is spent on discipline and interruptions of parent volunteers, then there s lunch, and recess, and not much time on really educating our children.
11/12/2006parentEast Side has a new principal. Maybe she can bring positive changes to the school. We find the music program although strict to be instructional. We find the PE program to be headed by a dedicated young man. We do not like that parents are in 'centers' for grades K-2 almost every day of the week. That means that for up to one hour a day, your child could be in a noisy, 'center-time' hallway with a parent volunteer. I would rather K-2 teachers use timers and rotate reading groups within the classroom. Too many 'volunteers' in the classroom daily. Needs more phonics and math basics.
1/27/2005parentParent involvement seems to make East Side an excellent place for learning. The PTA is very active in providing additional learning experiences such as 'Junior Great Books' and Sunshine Math. In addition, my husband and I have been very pleased with all of the five teachers that our two children have had there so far. Each one has had her own methods, but has provided a challenging yet positive environment.
1/11/2005parentThe office staff is very friendly and helpful. The PTA is strong and active. The teachers I have met are all nice. The facilities leave A LOT to be desired. The focus on reading is so strong that many other things lag behind. Science and math and technology most noticeably. Arts, music and physical education are pathetic. There are some great people at this school. Perhaps is it lack of money that leaves the kids wanting in so many important areas. The level of distraction makes it impossible for some students to get their work done. I am seriously considering taking my child out of this school very soon if improvements are not made.

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