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Eastside Christian School
2450 Lower Roswell Rd
Marietta, GA 30068
(770) 971-2332
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private | K-8
County: Cobb


4/24/2012parentThis is our first year at ESC school and we couldn't be happier! Not only are we pleased with the academics and high standards at the school but how respectful and loving each child and teacher is! We weren't sure about which school to pick moving from out of state, but feel very fortunate that we chose ECS because our children have been thriving and flourishing both academically and spiritually!
3/13/2012parentMy daughter attended Eastside Christian School from Jr. Kindergarten through 8th grade. She had an excellent experience at Eastside, and was well prepared both academically and spiritually. She is currently a freshman in a Math, Science, and Technology Magnet in the Cobb County School system. She continues to do well, and her transition has been very smooth. I am grateful to Eastside Christian School for instilling in my daughter a love of learning, an understanding of who she is in Christ, and a desire to succeed.
10/19/2009parentMy son has been attending since pre-school and he's now in first grade. He's learned so much already. I love the uniforms. The students look so nice and I'm proud to walk around with my son decked out in his uniform. I think it gives him pride too. Older students are always respectful of adults which is nice to see these days. Shaggy hair or baggie/falling down pants is NOT tolerated (thank goodness!). The Christian values that they are teaching our children are priceless. Gives a child a firm, solid ground to build his beliefs on.
10/19/2009parentI like Eastside because they are a caring staff that is passionate about student learning. Teachers really care about student and will go the extra mile to ensure students understand concepts that are being taught.
9/28/2009parentI love Eastside because the primary focus is teaching about God and learning about the world from His perspective. The academics are challenging. And finally, the teachers are passionate about our children, about teaching, and about God!
9/26/2009parentI love everything about Eastside Christian School! From my child's pre-first class that has eight students to Principal Cripps who brings tears to my eyes when she speaks. I love that my 6 year old son is spoken to by name by eighth graders. They teach responsiblity, accountability, respect for others and a love for both education and God. I love the fact that my child loves to go to school.
9/24/2009parentEastside Christian School provides a great environment for both of my children to learn. The education that they receive is second to none.
9/22/2009parentThis is our first year at Eastside for our 7th grade son. We have been so impressed with the professionalism of the adminstration and staff, the concern and dedication of the teachers, and the quality of the physical property. We're thrilled with our decision to try Eastside and feel like it was an answer to prayer.
9/21/2009parentAt least one of our three kids have been attending Eastside Christian School since 1997. ECS is a school that challenges our kids, academically as well as personally and spiritually. They hold the students to high expectations in a loving manner and the kids respond by rising to meet those expectations. It is a great school.
9/21/2009parentEastside Christian School is filled with teachers who love the Lord and love the children like thier own kids. I have such a peace leaving my child in the care of ones that love them so much.
9/21/2009parentEastside Christian School is absolutely awesome!! My twins are in 2nd grade and love going to school everyday. We love the fact that not only are they learning strong academics, but they are learning God's Word and how to apply it in their lives. It is wonderful knowing that your children are prayed over the entire time they are in school. ECS has a wonderful, Godly staff.
9/21/2009parentEastside Christian School requires their students (regardless of age) to be accountable for their behavior and personal development. Each person on the staff loves the children and wants the best for them. I am impressed with their dedication to the Lord and the fact that the children are individuals and seen as such. Eastside is the best choice of schools for my child and, more than likely, yours too!
9/21/2009parentEastside Christian is such a wonderful school. The environment is very loving and nuturing while maintaining high academic standards. I have had children at Eastside Christian for the last 13 years. My oldest went to Marietta High after attending Eastside and graduated with high honors and an International Bac. degree. He now attends GA Tech. My younger children are still at Eastside. I couldn't recommend Eastside enough.
9/20/2009parentI love Eastside Christian School because my children are growing spiritually & academically in an environment that is based on truth & full of grace.
9/19/2009parentI love Eastside because my grandson and his parents are blessed to be a part of a school that incorporates biblical principles into every academic subject.
9/19/2009parentI love ECS for many reasons. When we began our search for a Kindergarten 10 years ago for my oldest daughter we looked everywhere. We live in metro Atlanta, so our possibilites were endless. We searched high and low, but when we walked out of Eastside Christian School we knew we had found our home! It was actually the only school we applied to! Yes, that was very risky but it just felt right, and boy were we right! From the academics to the teachers to the administration .. ECS is the best school around! My oldest has now graduated from ECS (we go through the 8th grade) and I have a daughter in 7th grade and one in the 1st grade. We are on our 10th year at ECS and when all is said and done I will have been at ECS for 17 years! You gotta love a school when you are willing to stay that long and did I mention I live about 30/45 minutes (depending upon traffic) away from the school? I love ECS and am always more than happy to tell everyone about it!
9/19/2009parentI love ECS because of the amazing staff of teachers and administrators who serve there every day. Each and every one of them works as a team to give my son a loving, strong, and unique environment in which to learn and explore. They expect excellence from him which I so appreciate, because we do live in a world of mediocrecey. He has been at Eastside Christian School since first grade and thinks it's cool to do your best and be smart, which is often not the case in other schools. I am so thankful that ECS is an extension of the values that we have in our home and I appreciate the safe haven that our son has to learn in every day.
9/19/2009parentEastside Christian is a school that supports what we are teaching at home to our children. We are blessed to be a part of a school that incorporates biblical principles in to every academic subject. The relationships we have with the teachers, staff and other families is such a blessing. We have been at ECS for 7 years and are thankful that we still have 5 years to go!
9/19/2009parentECS is a wonderful school. The staff is amazing. They provide wonderful academic guidance while promoting the values we instill at home. My daughters kindergarten class is small - it provides a safe, nurturing enviroment where she is getting a wonderful academic foundation. We feel we were led to ECS for her. It feels like a neighborhood school with the benefits of a Christian foundation added.
9/19/2009parentECS prepares their students exceptionally well for academic succes when they enter high school
9/19/2009parentECS has smaller classrooms where the teachers can focus on each student's needs. The teachers are very nurturing. Regarding academics, they are the best in the area, the students will be well prepared for high school.
9/19/2009parentNot only is my daughter receiving an excellent education, more importantly, she is receiving a christian education to shine the light of Jesus in this world.
9/18/2009parentEastside faculty and staff don't just teach - they nurture and lovingly equip the students spiritually and academically to recognize and prayerfully pursue God's plans and path for their lives. Priceless!
9/18/2009parentI love Eastside because of the caring teachers.
9/18/2009parentWe love ECS and the fact that our students are given a solid foundation, both educational and spiritual, that will last a lifetime!
9/18/2009parentECS is such an important part of our family and the growth of our children. We know that they are getting a wonderful education because we can hear it reflected in how they speak and convey knowledge on so many topics. The added bonus is that the school provides a Christ-centered environment with small classrooms and wonderful teachers that are great educators and have a heart for children.
9/18/2009parentIt is God-driven, from the janitors to the principal. Prayer is a big part of East-side. We love it!
9/18/2009parentWe have been at Eastside for 4 years and we love the family and loving environment the school provides while educating God's children. The staff goes beyond the call of duty and are very helpful. Each child gets the attention it needs to learn and parents and teacher partner to educate the children. We have great parents that volunteer and step up when help is needed.
9/18/2009parentAt Eastside you are treated like a family. The teachers genuinely care about the well being of the children (I have two in attendance) as well as the family unit. The entire family will grow - spiritually and as a unit - when you become part of the Eastside family. The academics are tops and each child is gently challenged to work hard and do thier best.
9/18/2009parentThe teachers at ECS are great! The faculty/staff are great! The education is fabulous! My kids love going to school!!!
9/18/2009parentECS provides great education along with a sound Christian foundation that prepares the students very well for the world.
9/18/2009parentAwesome teachers and faculty. Great curriculum and a nurturing learning environment.
9/18/2009parentI Love the Christian environment. The teacher and kids are so polite
9/18/2009parentEastside is a great school where children learn about the Lord as well as recieve an excellent academic education. We are blessed to be apart of such a great school.
9/18/2009parentEastside is a great school because it not only prepares children for High School and College education, it also prepares them for life as they develop character and instill God's principles in their lives.
9/18/2009parentEastside provides an excellent academic and Biblical environment. The expectations are high. The teachers work hard to encourage the students. The faculty and head master continually keep the school's goals in front of the students and families.
9/18/2009parentI think the school mission statment says it all- Equipping students to be pure in character and strong in spirit as they use their God-given talents and challenges to impact our world for the cause of Christ Jesus.
9/18/2009parentEastside Christian is a loving Christian environment where every day of education is covered with prayer.
9/18/2009parentEastside is a very nurturing and loving group of teachers that use their God given abilities to provide a quality education.
9/18/2009parentEastside is a Christ centered school with outstanding teachers who love the students. Our teachers focus on biblical principles, while raising the bar academically as well.
9/17/2009parentEastside Christian School gives my child the loving, Christ-centered, quality education we want for him.
9/17/2009parentThey are teaching my kids responsibility, integrity, and educating them, and loving them all at the same time, amazing
3/31/2008parentI have a student who entered Eastside Christian School in their pre-first program and continued there until he graduated from eighth grade. He is now a sophomore in high school. I cannot say enough about how equipped he was spiritually, emotionally, and academically for high school. To this day, when challenging and difficult situations arise, he will often draw on his Eastside training to see him through! Each and every year that he had at Eastside was special in some way; each classroom and special teacher brought a unique gift or talent to the table. And what a bargain for the very reasonable tuition! I'm convinced that Eastside Christian is one of metro Atlanta's best kept secrets in private and Christian education! Is it perfect? No, but it truly has a staff and new administration that have the desire to move this school forward--watch out for exciting strides!
3/11/2008parentI have my daughter studying at this school. This school has great reputation being a good academic , however i found that it lacks more unprofessionalism towards parents. The staff are not friendly either to the childerens nor to the parents. I will not recommend this school to anyone.
3/6/2008parentWe have two children at Eastside and they have been there since Pre-kindergarden. I know there must be a so-so teacher at Eastside but we've never had one. They have all been excellent and all different. The biggest thing to us is that our children are surrounded by children whose parents have raised them in the same structured and christian fashion that we have.
3/6/2008parentWe have been at Eastside from Preschool through the 8th grade and having nothing but praise to say. Eastside has been the perfect place for us because of the high academic standards and loving enviroment. The middle school years have been great and the work load has been managable. The High School preparation has been second to none. I know that many Private High Schools, including Magnet schools, in the area look favorably to our school and acceptance of our students. Our new principal has a high level of experience and I feel the school continues to move in the right direction. The facilities may not be up to par with other Private schools, but I have always believed that it is the best kept secret due to great academics and very affordable. The Chirstian environment is fantastic and they practice what they preach.
3/6/2008parentWe have attended ECS for 9 years with 2 children. It is a place where my kids have thrived, their character has been formed well, and they have been challenged academically. ECS has become my family with great people here on the faculty and who are my kid's friends who would do anything for any one of us. It's great to get a superb education. It's another to get that AND be part of this awesome community of people....
3/6/2008parentWe have two children at ECS and we have been very pleased with the school. The teachers are warm and loving and try to encourage each child to excel in their own special way. I also appreciate the way the teachers challenge the children and equip them to meet those challenges.
3/6/2008parentWe currently have a 3rd grader at Eastside Christian School (ECS) and have another entering Kindergarten at ECS. Like most schools in Atlanta, ECS has been through transition. We have found a safe haven for optimal learning at ECS. There is new leadership in place and we strongly believe that this leadership has a handle on dealing with transitional times and difficult or challenging days. If you want your child to be safe, encouraged and pushed to be the best person they can become then ECS is a great place to start. Every child is different. We have many choices in the greater Atlanta area to challenge our children in a safe environments. In my family's humble opinion, ECS is a great place to get a firm and lasting character foundation.
5/19/2006parentWe currently attend ECS. The elementary grades and teachers are GREAT, but your child must like structure and to sit and work almost all the time. The middle school is not nearly as warm and nurturing. Older grades have a heavy work load and little or no study skills assistance. The middle school environment is not nearly as nutruting as it should be for a small school. Admin/principal not very helpful or open minded to 'out of the box' kids that are out of the schools rigid mold. My opinion is that if your child likes paperwork and rigid structure this is your school. The school really should work on building kids up that are in need of help.
7/10/2004parentThe learning atmosphere is second to none: not too small, not too big, clean, safe, and full of friendly people. We appreciate the rigorous yet reasonable workload teachers give our students. We also know that our children are receiving a top-of-the line education: when they graduate they will be prepared well for any advanced high school curriculum. Last, but not least, the Christian philosophy and education has been a key component to the wonderful experience at ECS. Our children are blessed by teachers who study the Word, and pray for their school and children. Our children continue to benefit from the high behavioral standards that ECS expects of all students and teachers.

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