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Kell High School
4770 Lee Waters Rd
Marietta, GA 30066
(678) 494-7844
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public | 9-12
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Trudie Donovan2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/25/2012parentIt's OK. Nice facility because it's fairly new. Not a ton of discipline/student behavior problems. Athletics are above average. Academically it's mediocre. If your kid is a high achiever consider one of the Cobb County magnet schools. All of them are a step above Kell for academics. I have one kid here and one in a magnet school and there is a big difference... not so much in the quality of the teachers but more in the level of expectations of the students from the administration, teachers, and each other.
1/8/2012parentWe transferred from out of state several months ago. Our son is in 9th grade and has been very happy at Kell. The staff in the guidance office went above and beyond to make this transition a smooth one. This is a great school! The school itself is beautiful and well kept. Highly recommend Kell!
4/3/2010parentKell is a very nice school, however they don't really spend too much time keeping up the facilities - landscaping, track, etc. & extra materials that have been stacked up for years (cinder blocks etc) The county seems to 'pick on' this school more & make them an example for schedule changes a lot - Kell handles it very well although it is very frustrating for the students to have constant changes each year. Like any school there are those teachers that need to retire already, but most of the staff is wonderful - the math department could be better - with the exception of a couple of teachers - several don't know the curriculum & want the kids to teach themselves.
4/2/2010parentIf I could rate Kell with no stars I definitely would. The administration lacks any kind of strength whatsoever and the kids get away with murder. My child comes home and tells me about the antics that go on and how some students are able to roam the halls and basically do nothing in class. Teachers are only rewarded if they 'know' higher up people. My child works hard and she gets upset that children who don't even do any work and back talk the teachers pass as well because of something called AYP??? If I were you, and I had the choice of where my child went to high school, Kell would definitely be on the bottom of the list! They also need a new principal, one who's younger and more in tune with today's youth!
7/19/2009studentI am about to be a junior. The staff is great, the teachers tend to be awesome, though there are slight issues for scheduling. Most importantly, though, also why I took a star off of my review, is the lack of consistency. I have never had the same schedule 2 years in a row. First it was a mixed block and traditional, then a mixed block and traditional with the traditional getting block days twice a week, now it is a block traditional, similar to college, with 8 classes all together every other day blocks. It is UTTERLY confusing. Otherwise, it's a pretty good school.
4/4/2009parentKell is an excellent school that prepares students for college and has a super athletic program. My oldest is a sophomore at Georgia Tech and doing quite well, which is proof of Kell's ability to prepare students for college.
3/31/2009parentThis school is great. The Fine Arts department us absolutely excellent and amplifies the schools and counties knowledge of music education.
1/12/2009parentMy daughter has really enjoyed attending high school at Kell H.S. She is a junior and will be graduating a semester early thanks to the teachers and guidance counselors. I've personally seen teachers go up and beyond to help a student (s) out! This is over all a great school!!
10/1/2008parentWonderful school. Great teachers and staff who are kind. My daughter had an injury , the staff at Kell have done everything to make sure she can attend school, they even made sure she had extra books in every class until she recovers. Go Longhorns
5/28/2008parentExcellent school, beautiful faculty and very helpful and nice teachers.
9/28/2007parentCould not be any more pleased with acad. & ath. dept.
8/11/2007studentIt is a wonderful school to attend and I am lucky to do so.
5/20/2007studentThe school is AWESOME! I am a soon to be Sr. and all the teachers are awesome and want the kids to do better! There is no lack of spirit, any person can't help a student who doesn't want help! So when parents ask why there is no involvement with the whole student body, then ask yourselves as parents what the heck your doing wrong! I love that this school, the teachers are always willing to help with ANY problems, and even if there is a lot of confusion with schedules, our staff is the best...they too would help you with anything and their only objective at the school is to keep us safe! Don't tell me our school is spirited, stop being lazy parents and talk to your kids about their involvement, don't blame the school!
10/12/2006parentThe administration needs to get involved in why the school spirit is so low and lack of involvement by students. I think some of the coaches believe the students are privileged to be on their team, but really the teams is privileged to get the student. Respect is a a two way street!
6/21/2006parentExcellent school. Our neighborhood is so fortunate to have teachers that go the extra mile. The facilities are wonderful. It helps that the East Cobb Baseball complex is across the street.
4/14/2006parentThis school lacks leadership big time! The only kids that have a positive experinece are one's that are from better off families, involved in all the school activities, etc. An average student or one that does not want to participate in extra activities are shunned and are not important to the staff. But don't complain, they won't listen and they do not care. I have had kids in schools in 4 states and this is by far the worst.
2/8/2006former studentI was a junior Here at kell but then I move dthe teachers were really nice and it was so much fun to learn. The Arts/sports and extracurricular activities were so divverse even if You liked one of the smallest things there was probably a club just for that.Like the anime club. Lots of parents helped with the drama and Band programs that i know of. Its a great school, I would suggest this school to anyone.One problem though Its huge and the stairs + bookbags hurt after a while.
1/27/2006studentI'm a freshman at Kell and new to the whole public school system. Kell has been very informative, crazy at times, and confusing at times, but hey isn't everything like that...sometimes? Its a good school. Nice facility as well.
7/26/2005parentOur son had the choice of either staying at Lassiter High School for his four years or attend Kell High School his last three. We attended all the informational meetings prior to making a decision during the summer of 2002 and are pleased to say that our experience at Kell has been very positive. He graduated with Honors and received a very nice academic scholarship at an ACC school. Along the way he participated in Kell's cross country, basketball and golf programs while enjoying all the advantages of a new school with excellent facilities. Our youngest child is now a rising junior at Kell and participates in the volleyball, basketball and golf programs, while maintaining excellent grades. While there are always small exceptions, by and large the teachers at Kell have been excellent. My only negative comment would be that I would like to see more parental involvement.
5/25/2005studentThe fine arts program is on a great track for the future of the school. We could improve in individual students' leadership and school pride/spirit. Motivating students is something we should work on, but good school overall.
4/5/2005studentI am a sophomore at Kell. The school has its ups and downs. Administration and the staff are having a few issues at this time. I am sure Kell will gradually get better as time passes. After all, this is only its 3rd yrar open. The building complex itself is beautiful. Top of the line all the way. Clean and new. Every school has its ups and downs, so give it a chance.
1/13/2005studentI am student at this school and it is horrble. I trasfered to this school from north cobb high school which is a great school. So i advise whomever is thinking about sending there child here don't.Send them to north coob high school.
12/15/2004studentI am a sophomore here, and this is the worst school on the planet. The administration is horrible, everything is confused, and all student information always gets mixed up somehow. The bottom line is if you can send your kid somewhere else....DO SO!
11/19/2004studentI love Kell High School! You can get friends so easily here! People accept you for who you are no matter what race or religion. You can really get a good education here. No one should let their kid go to another school. It's awesome here. I love it! I dont think I can see myself going to another school! Thank you!

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