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Kincaid Elementary School
1410 Kincaid Rd
Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 578-7238
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public | PK-5
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Cheryl Mauldin2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/6/2012parentWe love this school! My son just finished kindergarten and I can't say enough about the teachers, staff, PTA, etc. The Foundation does an excellent job with fundraising and providing the teachers with extra teaching materials. My son loved going to school every morning.
3/6/2012parentFront office: Check + Staff: Check + Facilities: Check + We have two children @ Kincaid; one in Kindergarten and one in third grade. We have been extremely pleased with our experience @ Kincaid. We have one young-in that has been diagnosed with PPD-NOS thus creating I.E.P on an annual basis. The teachers are some of the finest. The front office is super and the overall attitude of the school's personnel is excellent. Very positive environment for our kids to grow up. The special help that our 3rd grader receives has made a a huge difference and helps him learn, grow and receive the essentials that he needs to stay on track with his fellow classmates. The PTA here, has been modeled for other schools in Georgia. The parents are involved and this is a fine choice for any parent to consider raising their kids!
4/28/2011parentI have to say that I am surprised at the post below. We also have a child with ADHD who has been at Kincaid since kindergarten. I have found the majority of the staff, especially the teachers, to be very understanding and willing to work with the child and parents. I also have a non-ADHD child at Kincaid as well and we have had a wonderful experience. One of my chidren is in 5th grade and I am sad that part of our journey at Kincaid is ending. The PTA and Foundatin are excellent. The school is really like a family - everyone knows everyone and it has a very positive feel. The Principal and Asst. Principal are very involved.
4/28/2011parentMediocre to a fault; faculty leans strongly toward indifference (and egalitarian wishful thinking). Was so utterly uninspired we now home-school our son rather than have him attend Kincaid.
4/27/2011parentI have a child who was diagnosed with ADHD 6 years ago. Unfortunately my child had to attend Kincaid. I highly recommend you not moving into this district if you have a child with ADHD. I have had nothing but heartache since day one. They talk to you as though you are incompetent, and push the medication issue. If your child acts like a "child" they blame it on the "ADHD" In their one track mind ADHD is the source of everything your child does. The principal does not care about you nor your child, only that she is not bothered with any issues. The front office staff is extremely unprofessional, gossiping about other staff and parents while parents/guests are sitting in the reception area. I wish we would have never moved to this schools zone!!!!!!!!!
3/16/2011parentWe love Kincaid! Both my children went to Kincaid and both had wonderful experiences. The teachers are so dedicated and loving, the staff know all the students in the school and work with parents to solve any problem that might come up, the PTA is awesome and the new school Foundation is working hard to help fund classroom technology, writing and science labs. Parental involvement is high. It's a great community of teachers, staff and parents working together for our children. Best kept secret in East Cobb!
3/16/2011parentBoth my children attended Kincaid. It is a wonderful, nurturing envrionment. Teachers and staff truly care about the children and preparing them for middle school. The faculty is experienced and creative. The programs allow the students to express themselves in a variety of ways and discover their strengths.
3/16/2011parentKincaid has a fabulous PTA and foundation which shows how much parents and the community support education and value students. In addition, the teachers are constantly undergoing new training and adding new information to the curriculum to keep the kids competitive and excited about learning. There has been a renewed focus on math, writing, and reading which raised test scores and student learning. The administration is capable and responsive. The school has a "small school" feel with lots of individual attention and great specials (music and PE especially). Great school!
12/6/2010parentMy child has attended Kincaid for the past two years. I think that it is truly one of the best schools in Cobb County. The teachers, support staff and administration have really taken the time to get to know her and her needs. As far as the last comment about the front office staff, they are extremly friendly. They did ask me for identification when picking up my child from school, but that is only for our protection. The lunchroom is very inviting, my child loves the salads. The cafeteria ladies run contests and decorate seasonally for the children. The curriculum is delivered by some amazing and very caring teachers. I love this school and so does my child!
11/10/2010parentAt first I was very hesitant to send my child to a public school...however I feel that Kincaid is an okay school. Pros-Very involved parents and PTA seems very well run. Cons- The front office staff is who you see when you walk in...they should be pleasant and helpful, even friendly. Only one lady in the front will even say hello when you walk in..some others...totally rude! . Just some bad attitudes, not what you'd like to see in an elementary school. The lunches-Well, I guess it's only 1.60 so not a bad deal, but the food is just poor quality. Some of the teachers seem very nice and positive, but many seem stressed, tired and overly critical. And the silent lunches...give me break! They told us its because the kids wont eat their food if they are allowed to talk....please! Look around...we have an obesity problem...kids are not suffering from lack of calories around here! Overall, I am somewhat in the middle. Several of our teachers have been very patient and supportive. This is our first yeat at Kincaid....still on the fence about returning next year.
9/13/2010otherMy grandson attended Kincaid before moving away to a new city and hated leaving his school. He loved his school and the teachers. The administrators were very helpful when needed and there was a great sense of comfort to know the children would be safe while at Kincaid.
7/27/2010parentWe moved into this area because of the amazing reviews we heard from people about Kincaid. We were so sorely disappointed. The teacher was disrespectful and unwilling to work with us; the principal allowed the teacher to interrupt and belittle my husband and I in a meeting. It was such a shock to us.
3/2/2010parentSo true, we experienced the same when we moved last year.
3/1/2010parentWe moved to Marietta when my son was 3, and we chose our neighborhood based on the ratings of the elementary schools in the area. He is now in 1st grade and I cannot say enough about how wonderful Kincaid is to its students. The staff and the principal are extremely dedicated and have treated my son like he is only one of 10 students. I have been amazed at how well this school functions, the organization, the attitudes, the quality of teaching, etc. I highly recommend Kincaid Elementary!
10/3/2009parentThis is a great school for kids of all types to feel success, acceptance, and love.
7/27/2009parentMy daughter is now going into the first grade... Her last year was so wonderful for the both of us, Im very pleased with her school....
10/24/2008parentKincaid is a wonderful school. My three kids all attend, the teacher's are all exceptional. The new principal is exceptional as well as the assistant principal. We could not be happier. The office staff is helpful and nice. If your a parent that needs help with something, the principal is right on it, immediately. As busy as she must be she helped us right away with a stressful school bus-stop problem. The principal, the staff, and the many teachers that my kids have had have all gone above and beyond what you'd expect the average person to do when it comes to helping my kids learn. The math teacher is brilliant. Even the music teacher is really awesome. We have been involved with Kincaid for over 5 years, involved with many teachers and they are all exceptional, fair, wonderful people who love children.
10/5/2008parentOur son attended Kincaid for two years (Kindergarten & 1st) and we were consistently dismayed throughout. The teachers were over-stretched (18:1 ratio) and sorely under-motivated. The PTA is fabulous, but sadly they don't teach the children. Facilities are fair; the building is a rabbit-warren but once familiar becomes less intimidating. The new Principal is approachable and hands-on, so hopefully she'll remedy the indifferent and uninspired approach of the teaching majority. But until that time, I could never in good conscience recommend Kincaid.
3/10/2008parentI have been pleasantly surprised at how much we have enjoyed Kincaid. I think it is a wonderful school. I have had issues here and there but a perfect school doesn't exist.
5/14/2007parentMy son is currently in the 1st grade at Kincaid. His teacher, Mrs. Glass, has been engaging and inspiring. His class size (16 kids) is small and it's something the school tries hard to maintain. When he was in K the principal recruited a new teacher to reduce class size and it was very beneficial to all K classes. My son, who is one of the youngest in his class, struggled a bit in the middle of the year. His teacher, guidance counselor, asst. principal and principal were so supportive and offered thoughtful suggestions. The PE, Music and Art programs are very good and my son looks forward to participating in each. The PTA is second to none. The parental involvement in this school is great and adds so much to the school. This is one of the smallest schools in E. Cobb & one of the best kept secrets.
5/2/2007parentI have two children at Kincaid and have been pleased with their experiences. The teachers are accessible, responsive and motivated. The use of weblogs to keep us appraised of assignments, tests and upcoming events was very beneficial since our children sometimes forget to tell us. The PTA is very active which helps us by providing additional resources and activities as well as promoting our school. This year they chose the theme 'Get on Board with Kincaid' and had many successful events for the children. The music teacher deserves a special mention as he has inspired both children and parents with his development of a chorus program and scheduled public performances around the community. The Aladdin performance this May is expected to sell out all seats. In short Kincaid is a great school and we, as parents, fully recommend without reservation.
4/29/2007parentWe love Kincaid and am sorry to read the first response because no one I know has had the same experience. I have a 5th grader and 1st grader both of whom have had excellent teachers each year. PTA and parents are very involved, which the school encourages. It's the best kept secret in East Cobb!
4/2/2007parentMy daughter has done nothing but struggle since she arrived at Kincaid. Her teachers are rude. The principal donesn't seem to care about the down fall of this school. I have personally tried to contact the principal but I have never received a response back. My review seems to differ quite a bit from the others, but unfortunately my daughters experience has been horrible. We are moving this summer just so my children do not have to go to this school. My other daugher will be starting school next year and I would not be able to sleep at night if I started her at Kincaid. Think twice before entering your children into this school!
3/15/2007parentPTA is excellent and getting better and better, we love our school! The Music/chorus department is also- awesome, with the relatively recent addition of Mr Bush, who is an engaging and very creative sort- all the kids adore and love him! My Kindergartener also adores her teacher, Mrs Molley. We are sure glad we moved from Atlanta to Kincaid's district!
4/25/2006studentim in 5th grade at kincaid and it is a wonderful school the music,art,amd pe teachers are amazing and so is there chorus!The teachers are very good to!I will be sad when im going to 6th grade because i have to leave this school!
12/13/2005parentThe 2 previous reviews are congruent with my own expirience. The target-classes are remarkably good and open the childrens minds far beyond normal schoolwork.
4/23/2005parentThis school is wonderful! I enjoy the staff concern for the students and the love they show for their job.

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