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Lassiter High School
2601 Shallowford Rd
Marietta, GA 30066
(678) 494-7863
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public | 9-12
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Chris Richie2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/17/2012studentLassiter is an extremely good school, and beautiful. It's mostly clean; the administration is absolutely proficient and commendable! The academic aspect of this school is exceptional. I'm not an extremely smart student, but i have a few AP and Honors classes and on the subjects that I struggle in I'm on level. If an on level class is too easy for you then you NEED to take an honors class to challenge yourself abit. The worst problems in this school is the drug use of the students. Practically half of the school, if not more than half, uses some kind of drug or drinks some kind of alcoholic beverage normally. And the social aspect... ufff... I wouldn't say people there are racist, I'd say MANY of the people that go there, of ALL races, look down on the other races. The school is made up of cliques and little/big groupies. The school is really very separated racially, but the teachers do a good job in staying neutral if THEY have racial issues.
5/23/2011parentThe orchestra is fantastic. If you fit into the cookie-cutter mold, the school is great. "No bullying here"? Don't make me laugh. Even the teachers that wanted to help my daughter couldn't. She wound up transferring out instead of dropping out entirely. Instead of kudos for trying to help find her way back, she was questioned and ridiculed by guidance and her teachers. She found the other school, they didn't suggest it. Yet, the way the system is set up, she still has to get a Lassiter diploma. :( Teachers are on either end of the spectrum - not a lot in the middle; the principal that was there when she was concentrated on football. That the rest of it fell into place was luck, I guess. The PTSA is fantastic, and is the strongest point that the school has. So much potential wasted. Sad.
3/21/2011studentAs a former student about to graduate from UGA this year I must say Lassiter was a great experience academically. I would consider myself an above average student and the teachers definitely treated me in this manner, thankfully I was well liked so no teasing from others. My only problem was the rampid drug/drinking problem. Teachers and security seem to never acknowledge the fact that a good chunk of the students were involved in drugs (as most school in Marietta suburbs) I just wish they would use drug dogs more or actually question kids via counselors of team coaches. AP classes were challenging but my on level classes were much to easy to pass and with minimal effort I could get A's (I'm not THAT smart). Average school, great community, subpar student body.
11/11/2010parentCurrently I have 2 children in Lassiter, 2 children graduated from Walton. While most parents preference is Walton, I have been very happy with Lassiter. While I was happy with both, I have been more satisified with my children's experience at Lassiter than Walton
5/29/2010parentSo many opportunies for students! The Orchestra is just fantastic! They play at the Met in NYC, Chicago, D.C. etc. Band has been at Macy's Day Parade, Rose Bowl and more! My son is quiet/average and is thriving with a close group of friends in Amiee Club. Learning French as well. Teachers/Guidance/Staff Really Care!
5/28/2010parentLassiter has the reputation of being a great school and I am sure if you're and exceptionally gifted student, it is. Students with special educational needs are mostly ignored, if not a disturbance in class. A, so called, professional at the school actually advises students to drop out!! What kind of school would advocate dropping out? If your student is academically gifted then this is the school for him/her, not so much if your student has any learning disabilities.
4/13/2010parentLassiter is one of the best schools in the southeast! The teachers and staff are friendly and willing to help students at all times. It has a wonderful learning environment!
3/26/2010parenthonesly Lassiter is a horrible school to attend your child if he/she is not w h i t e .lassiter is filled with racism && though things have changed a bit the teachers are stuckup and bad.I went there for a couple years and I wasn't good enough for their enviornment as they said. Statistics arent always right -
2/21/2010parentLassiter is one of the best schools in the state of Georgia!! They have the total package. Great academics, sports, band, and principal! If you can move into this district you will get the best education!
2/16/2010studentI am former student of Lassiter, it is a great school with very prestigous band, football and academic programs, the problem with that is if your child isn't very active socially then they will suffer in this school and eventually the staff will find a way to push them out. If your child is normal and active then this school will give them everything they need to become very successful. It seems that if your child doesnt have the right personality or 'fit the mold' they will get overlooked and suffer the concequences from it. Other than that most kids do exceptionally well here and it prepares them greatly for college
11/19/2009studentLassiter prepared me very well for college and there are a lot of academic and extra curricular opportunities here. It's important to get involved and find your place, but there are plenty of opportunities for that here.
10/19/2009studentBest school ever, I am astudent, went to simpson, great school, beats out all others.
9/23/2009studentAs a former student at Lassiter High School, I did think very highly of it. After my freshman year, my parents switched me to a private school. At Lassiter, the teachers don't make the effort to form a relashionship with theirs students. The students are out of control. I'd suggest Blessed Trinity.
6/23/2009studentAs a former student at Lassiter I can say it is what you make of it. We moved to Georgia halfway through my sophomore year, and as a band member my old schoolmates in the midwest were jealous -- fantastic, recognized program. There are tons of extracurriculars for anyone motivated enough to join them. I can't speak for those who are less motivated in their learning. In my experience I had great teachers who really did care about their students. From what I understand Lassiter also has a really great special ed department with great teachers there. A note on the previous poster that commented about football spending- yes it does seem ridiculous that a football team like ours should have a Jumbotron and astroturf, but that money comes from the Football Boosters, not public funding, so it must be spent on the football program and administrators can't put it elsewhere.
12/12/2008parentLassiter is a fantastic school and anyone says other wise is simply jealous. They have a great student body and staff. The school leadership is excellent!
11/12/2008studentBecause Mabry and Simpson Middle School do feed in to Lassiter, we expected much more from it. There are very few outstanding teachers, and quite a few that do not seem to understand how to teach their subject. If your child doesn't mind being the average student and plans to attend a Georgia university (or somewhere else near in the south), then Lassiter will suit them fine. However, there is not as much emphasis placed on academics compared to extracurricular activites such as the band and sports teams. The benefits outway the negatives in the school, but carefully consider enrolling your child if he or she is not the typical, social student.
8/14/2008parentI've been very pleased with Lassiter. My daughter has really enjoyed her teachers and the time they spend with her for extra help. She is also in the orchestra program, which is outstanding! This is actually why we selected the school. The only drawback is, there is too much focus on football. Lots of money spent here.
5/27/2008studentI just graduated magna cum laude from Lassiter. The problems at LHS is the freedom of teachers to run their class and have no one to answer to. The administrators back up the teachers no matter what, to the dismay of the students. If you are an independant learner, you will do well here, although their are quite a few teachers who should seriously consider retiring since they are only their to pick up a pay check. Their are some exceptional teachers who do not get the recognition they deserve. I have two syblings who do not do well at all at Lassiter. One has been pushed out to homeschool because of one teacher (who is luckily retiring) and the administrators lack of caring. It seems to be more important to look like a good school than to BE a good school.
2/13/2008parentI am beyond pleased with the curriculum and the majority of the teachers that my son encountered are great! Of course their are exceptions, however the administration was quite responsive to minor situations. They can work on creating an environment that encourages diversity amongst students. All in all though regarding my sons educational experience the curriculum is above par. We had the opportunity to transfer from Campbell and what a difference! I wouldn't trade the experience my son has had at Lassiter one bit!
2/10/2008studentThis is a great school. The teachers here are great (with a few exceptions) and the learning atmosphere is good. Our extracurricular programs are outstanding! Our football team may not be the best- but our band, baseball, softball, basketball, crosscountry, lacrosse and many other teams are superb!
2/3/2008parentI can't believe that in this day and age that a student with any type of learning difference will be pushed out of this school rather than doing a few simple different measures that would not take any more time or effort. The administrators and counselors should rethink their reason why they choses their professions. They are so involved and important in a child's life and future and when they are only their for a paycheck or prestige, all suffer.
1/11/2008parentMy family moved here from the northeast where the schools are truly top notch and I think that Lassiter is par with those schools. I have had a few issues with the school, but I think such issues are probably prevalent with most high schools. Most of the teachers we have encountered are fabulous and really love what they do (there have been a couple exceptions). I think my child has received excellent college prep thus far. My child doesn't participate in extracurricular activites so I can't speak to that but I think this school provides a very solid academic education. Bravo, Lassiter!
1/6/2008parentI've had 4 children attend Lassiter. It has a lot of positive things going for it, however if your child does not fit the mold, they will slip through the cracks. There is no safety net for otherwise bright students who don't shine or perhaps lose their way in the system & it seems that the admin has turned a blind eye to these kids.
1/5/2008studentOur schedules make it hard to take the extra classes we want to take. I wish that we could be on a block schedule. And although most of the teachers are great, some lack the overall skills to help us as students. And we don't have the nicest campus, compared to Kell or Pope, the inside of the school is just horrible. It seems that our principle enjoys putting a foucus on the athletic program and lanscaping instead of education. Other than the negatives. its a great school
10/30/2007otherLess than average sensitivity regarding the support students need. The guidance dept. could use some training to help the less productive students. Too much emphasis on sports in general. The monetary resources used there could be better used helping average and below average students.
9/22/2007parentA excelent School with outstanding staff and leadership. The JROTC program has two of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Students and parents work well in this community to maintain and support staff and teachers at this facility.
9/19/2007parentExcellent academics; but a lot of focus on high achieving students, not as much on those who need a little extra help. Fantastic music program, particularly marching band and orchestra, with very involved parents... some would say 'helicopter parents' for some of them. Lassiter is a top-notch school.
11/1/2006parentThe band, music and athletics programs are excellent. There are so many extracurricular activities available that every student can find a multitude of options. The academic progam has been challenging and rewarding for my daughter, with a variety of advanced placement courses available. New principal this year is a huge improvement! Highly recommend this high school to all.
4/11/2006parentHas excellent Music Program. Marching Band with Top honors and nationally ranked.
4/9/2006parentThis school is extremely overcrowded. There are so many mishaps that go on here between the children that are overlooked by faculty and staff. There also seems to be a lot of biased attitudes. However, there are some wonderful teachers here. The key is finding the right ones.
8/12/2004parentI have 2 children attending Lassiter, one is an underachiever the other is an overachiever. Lassiter provides little or no assitance if your child does not fit the mode, this school is either too large or too apathetic to assist you. Granted, I am not blaming them but I find it hard to believe that I have the only underachieving child in the school's history. Also, there are alot of politics in this school with athletics (in my case, basketball) and it does not appear to based upon merit but on seniority.
2/23/2004parentIf your child has no significant learning disabilities, and can function in the environment of a large student body, then Lassiter will work for you. I have had two children attend Lassiter, and my son 'breezed' through the program, while my daughter was less successful due to a mild learning disability. The very bright and very challenged have their needs met at Lassiter, but students like my daughter can 'fall through the crack' unless their parents are strong advocates for them with the administration.
8/26/2003former studentLassiter will give your child great prep. for college as was the case with myself. However, the school is so large that it is hard for everyone to particapate in sports. The size of the school also causes some students to feel lost and not welcome.

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