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Mabry Middle School
2700 Jims Rd NE
Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 928-5546
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public | 6-8
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Merrilee Heflin2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
1/31/2012otherIf your child is above average any public school is ok. Teachers in the special Needs area need help! Going to my granddaughters meeting the one lady (will not give name) said she would be lucky to read 4th grade level in the 12th grade! No positivity there right? Looking for private school. If your looking for a great middle school this one is not it!
12/9/2011parentNOT happy. Guidance counselor is only concerned with the letters after her name, and not about the student, or family. Vice principal is just plain rude. Many of the teachers actually make inappropriate comments like references about "retards" WOW!!! in a school ??? It's disgusting. Ask about extra help for your student, and the GUIDANCE counselor tells you here's a list of private tutors: Please step into the real world.....economy....... and then miraculously after pushing the other staff for help............we received help WITHIN the school. Principal is caring when you can get her....she is the only asset to the school. Blogs are not kept up to date and teachers are unwilling to help a student. they demand respect yet give no respect. a FEW of the teachers are exceptional and pray that you get them or be prepared for a part time job managing your childs education and fighting for there needs
5/29/2010parentExcellent Orchestra Program! My children never picked up an instrument before and both went to Mabry and learned to play the Cello and Violin beautifully! We are so honored to have such an excellent Orchestra Program at the Middle School Level! thanks for making Middle School so fun - because of the positive rewards of making beautiful music and course friends that follow into Lassiter. So WONDERFUL!
9/2/2009parentThis is my child's second year at Mabry, and we have been very impressed. Administration is responsive and reasonable, and the teachers are some of the best around. Not all teacher update blogs or iparent with the same frequency, and that would be my biggest complaint.
4/1/2009parentThis school is less than par. They claim to keep parents informed. Nothing is further from the truth. The supposedly use 'blogs' to keep us updated. They are never up to date and are often months behind. If your child falls behind in class, and you ask for help, you are not going to get it. This is supposedly the #1 school in GA. I hate to see what #2 is. Also, we supposedly have I-Parent, which is a system that allows you to track your child's tardies, attendance, and grades. Just like the blogs, it is rarely up to date. Before you know it, your child is failing and no one will help you.
3/22/2009parentI have three daughters who attended Mabry and they all hated it. If you want your kids to to go to a super shiny white upper middle class school and can afford to buy them all the stuff that society expects of them, then Mabry is for you. If your child is different (super gifted or not christian) then please look for a different school. My kids have written college applications with stories about the hatred directed towards them because they aren't christian.
6/12/2008studentThis is my first year in being in a school not in my area. This is the first time I got an oppurtunity to be somewhere that I'm not used to seeing. I have been at this school for the whole grading period. While I have been here, at Mabry, I feel it was a great school! The education is great! The teachers always are making sure their students know what to do! The lunch is awesome! You would love to go to Mabry if u could. It is a great school to be at! The are always having something up their sleeve to do! Like games,or partys,or rewards! Mabry is always involved with the student! I am in the choice school program, or the no child left behind, organization! I love Mabry and I wil continue to go there for the rest of my Middle school years!
12/12/2007studentmabry is a school that is always involved with its sudents. technology innavations and technology in the classroom is one of the best in the country. Not to mention one of the best band program in the southeast!
11/26/2007parentNot only a progressive school, but continues to be involved in leading edge technologies, full parent communications and community participation. The school prides itself on helping students excel to their capabilities and provides tools/support for them to reach out and take the challenge. The school inspires students to excel.
4/25/2007parentA very progressive school. The Principal is a visionary who sets the pace for excellence and innovation.
1/25/2007parentDon't bother with the band. The teachers are generally caring and very qualified. Average to good students are not valued.
4/26/2006parentWe are using public schools for the first time after homeschooling and Christian schools. We have been tickled pink with Mabry. Upon moving here we researched school on this website and thought that a few schools were comprable to Mabry based on the test scores. The test score don't reveal all that the principle has done to make this school a cut above technologically even to the high schools. Dr. Tyson personally developed a website in addition to the websites that are furnished for all schools in Cobb County. Mabry also just won a $250,000 technology grant from Intel Corporation after competing with over 3,000 schools across the country! Dr. Tyson has addressed the need for more parent-teacher communication by instituting teacher blogs. He'll even show you how to utilize this in a seminar. Go Mabry!
8/31/2005parentMabry Middle School, like all schools, has its pros and cons. It is a somewhat closed environment but things seem to be improving. As a parent, it is your job to find out what is going on in your child's school and to get involved. There are many, many opportunitites to get involved and parents should stop whining and get active. Many teachers and the PTA pratically beg parents to help out but they only want to volunteer when the activity is 'fun' or directly involves their child. It's a shame that more people cannot work for the good of a community and teach their children to be giving by being a good example.
7/25/2005parentThis school is great for children with stay-at-home Moms. If you're a family with two working parents stay away from this school. Everything is scheduled to conflict with a 2 parent working household. Students who are not driven to and from school are openly discriminated against in that they are not allowed to 'check out' certain equipment as its not allowed to be transported on the bus. A parent must aggressively seek information from this school and its events as communication FROM the school is nearly non-existent or often arrives in the mailbox AFTER the event has occurred. Getting an appointment with the administration is more difficult than scheduling an international conference. Very disappointing experience at Mabry; especially considering I did the research and intentionally chose my house in this school district. I expected excellence and instead receive elitism.
3/20/2005studentMabry is a great school for anyone. The activities are great, especially i-movie projects. Each teacher is great. Yes, the work is challenging, but that will only make your kid better when they face the challenges of the real world. Mabry is trying to make good leaders for tomorrow. It has small classes for its area, and that is what can make it a very rewarding public school. If you are looking for music this is also a great place with great programs. It is undergoing some expansions that only shed a new light on the school. Its classrooms are going to become larger, so as to make the learning environment easier. It is an overall overachiever in the public school system and a great place to send your kid to learn.
2/10/2005parentExcellent school. The opportunities are there - they are what you make of them. There are before school intramurals for the kids to participate in team sports. There is a very strong music program and the teachers, for the most part, are excellent. Parent involvement is a bit more difficult than in Elementary School, but you can get involved by helping out on activities and volunteering at the school. Mabry is an excellent school!
1/5/2005parentmabry is a very hard enviroment for middle schoolers. They do not pay attetion to the students and their personal needs. Because of my daughters horrible experince, my son will now attend private for middle school. They have strict polocies and are very picky about students being individuals, besides that the programs and academic oppertunity there is hard and not good at all. Unless you test like a genius you will never have a chance to be in advanced classes, my advice is do not send your child to mabry.

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