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Marietta Center for Advanced Academics
311 Aviation Rd SE
Marietta, GA 30060
(770) 420-0822
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public | 3-5
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Jennifer Hernandez2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/7/2012parentMCAA is an amazing school!! We moved from Smyrna to the City of Marietta just to ensure our daughter had a spot!!! She is currently a 3rd grader and absolutely loves it!!! We came from a christian school where science wasn't a priority. My daughter has was in her first spelling bee, has read over 1 million words, has made the principals and A & B honor roll and won her class garden design project! The teachers are top notch and great nurturers too, shout out to Mrs. Finnegan and Mrs Kurtz.
3/2/2012parentWe LOVE this school!! The teachers really help to take your child to the next level of education. There are so many opportunities and whether it is reading or math/science, they will be challenged and we really needed that. Our child's favorite subject is reading/language arts and NOT math and the teacher's have really helped to make it enjoyable and excel in math/science.
3/1/2012parentMCAA is nothing short of amazing. The principal, teachers, and staff are top notch and truly care about the students. The word advanced is not just a mere adjective. It truly describes the level instruction being delivered. If your child is academically advanced, bored with traditional education, or has a love for Math, Science & Technology then this is the place for them to grow, excel and be challenged!
3/1/2012parentWe've been at MCAA for almost two years and are absolutely thrilled with the school. The teachers are fantastic. They challenge the kids but do not overwhelm them with excessive work. They do a lot of work on line and really follow through on the technology aspect of the curriculum. The teachers are also avaialble in the morning to assist the kids because sometimes homework is so different than what we learned as parents. The school is diverse and this is a great way and age to teach our children about acceptance of all people. The best thing I believe is that all the students are there by choice. Their parents have all made the specific decision to send the child there to learn. There is no bullying, no riff raff - it is simply a safe, caring and exceptional place to send your child to school. Also love the uniforms!!!
1/9/2012parentMy oldest is at MCAA and loves it. Some of these posts are funny... the Magnet program DOES continue thru Middle School. The 6th Grade Academy and the Middle School both have the SETM Magnet program.
8/28/2011studentI just ended my last year at mcaa, and i loved it. the teacher are awsome and i learned a lot. I miss MCAA
6/26/2011studentI attended Marietta Center For Advanced Academics(MCAA) a few years ago. I must say that the skills and lessons I have learned, and the friendships and memories I have made are priceless. I was sad when I had to move to a different continent after I had completed my time at MCAA but I was extremely grateful, I still am. I took photography classes before school and was an ambassador after and I loved every thing about it. MCAA is so special because it allows you to learn, while still having fun. The cultural curriculum is really nice and recess allows children to exercise. The school enjoys the book fair's presence every year and every year, the whole school goes on a camping trip to Rock Eagle. MCAA gave me many opportunities and I hope it will for you too.
5/10/2011parentWe are just about to wrap up our first year here and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE MCAA!!!! My son comes home everyday excited about learning and this school has helped my child blossom in so many ways. It is challenging and rewarding. I wish it went on until the 12th grade because I am starting to have panic attacks myself wondering where my gifted child will go after 5th grade.
4/17/2011parentThis is an amazing school. We are just finishing up our first year here and not a day has by that my son has not been excited about going to school. They expect a lot from their students and, in turn, the students are eager to deliver. The level of responsibility has been a struggle for my son but I have enjoyed watching him rise to meet the challenge. This is how school is meant to be! The staff and the teachers are wonderful. I look forward to many years with this school as the rest of my children move through the system.
3/30/2011parentnot happy about admissions process. Spoke with a person Loran who could not give answer effectively. We are moving into the district. Asked if there was space and she says NO 4th Grade is full, the 3rd grade class was large. So even in within district no chance of getting in but she went further to say depending on scores & previous school attendance child could be admitted. So is there "PREFERENTIAL" admissions at the school. That would be a disservice to eligible students!!!!!!!!!
1/3/2011parentOutside of Montessori schools, this is the BEST school my daughter has EVER attended. This is her third and final year at MCAA and I am having panic attacks just wondering where she will go next year. I wish this school went through the 12th grade. All of the kids are smart, so no one has to feel like "the nerd". It's a FREE, MAGNET public school where all of the kids get their own laptop. What?!?!?! You can't beat that with a drumstick!
12/10/2010parentParent for third year. Every city should host a school taking MCAA as their model. Only wish they had this environment for these kids up to high school. Gifted program, science lab for each grade from 3rd, tech fair, math fest, science olympiads, adv math classes, school clubs, school store and the list grows each year... Excellent principal, teachers and staff.
5/1/2010parentMy son attended MCAA 3-5th grade. The teachers were excellent and the programs challenged him. The MILE Program and STEM curriculum added spice to his academic life. Extra-curricular activities such as Reading Bowl and PE Club helped round out his education.
4/28/2010parentOne of the best schools my child has ever attended! This has been our first yr at MCAA and I would say that I cud not have been more happier ! 3RD Grade has been just awesome for my son! Lot of challenging competitions- Spelling Bee, Math Fest, Science Olympiad, Aqua Tech et al. I really wish they had the Middle School at par with this school !
4/27/2010otherThe school would recieve an excellent score from me but school politics and the traditional WASP infrastructure still exist here. Think traditional southern school + laptops.
3/17/2010parentI am still satisfied with the growth of this school, as my daughter is still excelling,The principals, teachers, and parents are great. I only hope the 6 grade will be challenging also.
3/11/2010parentOur daughter is now in 4th grade. 3rd grade at MCAA was wonderful, this year is even better. Lots of additional events where she participated. Spelling Bee, Talent Show, Math Fest, Year book club, Young Author s fair, Digital Science Fair, Science Olympiad just to mention a few. And every student gets to learn and grow. There is a variety of after-school clubs form chess to culinary. The principal is very involved, teachers are excellent, parents are involved. A public school with kids from diverse backgrounds but the common factor is the involvement of parents in the education of their children and teachers instill a love for learning. Our friends agree that --It is going to be extremely challenging to find a school that meets these high standards after 5th grade.
11/6/2009parentThe ability to excel at an advanced pace and knowing that the teachers and staff truly believe in 'Learning Without Limits.'
11/6/2009parentMCAA is an awesome school for students who will love to be challenged in all areas of academics especially science. It's also gives students opportunuty to know places with field trip and exploratory experiences. I have no regret sending my kids there.
11/6/2009parentMCAA is an amazing school with talented and gifted teachers and students. I am so very proud to be the parent of an MCAA student.
11/6/2009parentWonderful school for my granddaughter....just wished every child in America could have this opportunity.
11/6/2009parentGreat school, advanced curriculum, I wished I had this kinda opportunity when growing up.
11/6/2009parentThe teachers and staff at MCAA provide a warm, encouraging atmosphere for the children to learn and grow. It is a refreshing change to see the attention that the children receive and the push to be the best they can.
11/6/2009parentthis is a school for the advanced children and it is really great! there is a team effort and they have some really neat projects.
11/6/2009parentMy son is a 3rd grader at The Marietta Center for Advanced Academics and we absolutely love it. The program is both challenging and rewarding for the students. The Administrators and Faculty are Excellent!
11/6/2009parentThe school uses innovative techniques to provide one-of-a-kind learning opportunities for students. The administration and staff are constantly looking out for the best interests of the students. Differentiated learning is addressed in every subject area.
11/6/2009otherThey have awesome students!
11/6/2009parentEveryday they are learning something new. Its a very good school. I am glad that my child study here.
11/6/2009parentThis is my son's first year at MCAA and we the parents are very pleased with what our son is being challenged to do in this school and he is really enjoying it himself, he's a third grader there.
11/6/2009parentThe teachers really care about their students and their academic success. The programs and clubs offered at MCAA are phenomenal as well. Also, MCAA has the best communication with parents that I have ever seen at a public school!
9/18/2009parentThis is truly the best Advanced Academics elementary schoool in marietta city, the school ratings are outstanding.
9/17/2009parentMy daughter is in her 2nd year at MCAA; and she has enjoyed every minute of her education. I am so impressed with the innovative approach to education that MCAA offers. In fact, today, the entire school is taking off to a 4H camp to learn about nature and meteorology, they have done projects with the GA Aquarium, and even NASA. They have a group that participates in the Robotics competition every year and they place every year. This is a great school for students 3rd through 5th grade, the kids really enjoy the learning process here
8/8/2009parentWe moved to another school half way through the school year and my daughter missed MCAA so much. MCAA Teachers made each day exciting and challenging. Her new school did not offer a Science Lab and she was so bored having to learn from a book. We feel so fortunate to have been a part of this awesome school for 2 1/2 years. The kids are friendly and very accepting of each others likes and differences. I think the magnet program is great and highly recommend it.
9/29/2008parentThis school is great but as the children head into middle grades parents get scared. When my son entered the middle school this year, many of the parents were worried that the children get hurt. this school is a safe good enviorment, but it doesnt teach kids that life isnt always that good.
8/1/2008parentAwesome! Great set of parents, students, and teachers focused on education. We're coming back for another year. The education my child has received outperforms the private school she previously attended.
3/3/2008parentThis is my daughters first year (Third Grade) and I couldn't be a happier parent. I was a little afraid for her due to all the technology but she proved to be MCAA material and has held her 4.0 GPA. Her teacher is the best 'Go Mr. D' teacher and extremely dedicated to his 'kids' (Students). Your child will receive a supperb education and will also be treated with respect and care. We love this school! Proud parent
1/10/2008parentThis is our third year at MCAA and we love it! The school is not just a place of education - but a community. The instruction that my child receives is directly in line with the best way that 'high-achieving' children learn - collaborative, exploratory and fast-paced. Our son has found a home at MCAA and we are trhilled to be a part of it.
11/23/2007parentMy daughter wasn't challenged at MCAA. Even when they moved her into their more advanced class she was bored with the program. We have since transferred her to another local private school and now she is happy and working hard again at a higher level. Everyone at the school was very nice, but it was not as strong academically as my husband and I had hoped it would be.
7/9/2006parentMy son attended 2005-2006 4th grade at MCAA and we could not have been more pleased. He did extremely well on his CRCT tests and the ITBS. He received 4 years of Private school instruction previously and I can honestly say we were more impressed with his experience at MCAA. MCAA teachers encourage the children and make learning fun and exciting. I am amazed at what he has learned. His last two weeks at school he spent researching a topic and independently developing and presenting a power point presentation! The Math, Science, Technology instruction is in my opinion exceptional. If you have a well-behaved, achievement oriented child and are committed to being involved in your child's education - you would be hard pressed to find a better school in Marietta.

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