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Marietta Charter School
377 Henry Dr SW
Marietta, GA 30064
(770) 590-4430
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County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Christy Tureta2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/18/2011otherYes the school is operating on a limited budget, but they are making it work! Corners have not been cut, students recieve required services as well as additional services that are sometimes provided by the staff free of charge. Can you say that of most other schools? The school still maintains their accredidation AND scores that meet AYP! As far as children being in danger... I'd like to know where that allegation is coming from. No child have ever gone missing or been injured due to poor safety or child supervision. Honestly, the last comment really shows the ignorance of people in this city. Maybe you should stop repeating rumered allegations and go see the school for yourself. Educate yourself!!!
4/18/2011teacherLike all the other schools in the state of Georgia, Imagine Marietta has suffered due to budget costs but at NO time have we cheated any student out of legally required services. We are still FULLY accredited by SACS/CASI and at no time are our students NOT SAFE. Not sure where some of you get your information from, but you need to check the facts before posting false statements. As you will see from our test scores, Imagine Marietta is the BEST choice in the CIty of Marietta. Instead of believing what OTHERS say, come check us out for yourself.
4/18/2011parentMy children attend this school and when I began hearing rumors that they lost their accredidation I did the research and found out it was not true. As far as the school cutting corners, that is outrageous!! As a matter of fact they go above and beyond to make sure the students receive all the academic services they need. I know for a fact the kids recieve a number of services including free tutoring. The teachers came out on everyday of Winter and Spring break to offer free tutoring to all the kids so that they didn't miss a beat. Safety is never an issue. On any given day we have a number of student teachers in each class to help supervise. It's a sad day in education when you have to resort to lies. The main focus should be on the children but when it comes to Marietta City School Board, it's all about politics and some ignorant vendetta they have against our school. Like the staff members said, we are an open book!! Feel free to come and check us out. We have nothing to hide!!
4/18/2011parentThis school is the best I've known. So I want my grandchildren to attend there.
4/17/2011otherSchool operates on a severely limited budget. Administration cuts corners and cheats students out of legally required services in order to keep the school open. They lost accreditation at the local level. Parents should be aware that children are in danger at this school due to poor safety and child supervision.
9/22/2010parentI have fallen in love with the staff here. My son is enjoying everyday he is here. the staff is wonderful and full of life. I can't see myself or my son go anywhere else.
9/14/2010parentMy son just started there this year and i love it. he seems to learnig a lot and the teachers and staff seem to really care about the students. I feel like its small setting is a great transition from preschool to kindergarden.
4/13/2010parentbecause it is a smaller school than most public schools, run like a family where everyone knows and cares about each other
2/3/2010parentWe love, love, love this school. This is our first year and it is terrific. Even though we transferred from a great school, we find Marietta Charter to be even more challenging. The staff is caring and engaging. We love the Project Child delivery method. Love the fact that our teaching team will follow our child through her elementary years. Marietta Charter is a GREAT school.
1/24/2010parentSince the school opened 4 years ago the teachers, parents, and students continue to amaze me with their dedication and love of education. The school has already been recognized by the State Superintendent in 2008 and Governor Purdue in 2009 for the school's impressive gains in reading. I want to know why they are still the Best kept secret in Marietta City. This is the school of choice and will continue to raise the bar for excellence!
8/26/2009parentIt is in your childs best intrest not to send him/her to this school. My children have been going here since the school first opened. The first yr Dr.Tappler was the principle, he was an awsome principle interacted well with the kids. The principle now could care less about your concerns. They have a lot of great promises, but do not follow through. I have seen so many teachers come and go. The school nickles and dimes you to death. This yr they wanted us to by bookbags, that had notebooks in them for $25.00 and was stated this was mandatory. The straps on these bags are very thin. The playground is public, I have seen teachers talking to each other not paying attention, when children are not even on the playground. I have seen children out and about of the school with out a teacher. Not a very safe school.
8/14/2009parentI chose to send my children to Marietta Charter School because it is one of the most diverse schools in Marietta. I wouldn't want it any other way. The school became SACS accredited in just three years and made AYP in all categories. Of course there have been challenges but that is what makes life fun! When you walk into the school you feel like home. Families are encouraged to volunteer throughout the year and be an active participant in their child's education. This year the school is offering free enrichment classes so the children can learn French, Spanish, Sign Language, Etiquette, Drama, Video Production, and Photography. My children wear their uniforms every day with pride. If more parents visited Marietta Charter School and learned about their unique Project Child delivery method they would see why this school IS Marietta's Best Kept Secret!
8/13/2009parentMy child had been with MCS from the beginning. This year we decided not to enroll our child back for the 3rd grade. The reason is when compared to other elementary schools, for the upper grades what the school offers is very limited. If you desire to have your child exposed to clubs that challenge and teach, or programs aimed at the students that excel, then MCS will not meet that need. THe family atmosphere and the staff are great, but in my opinion if your child requires a more challenging, and inspired environment you may want to look else where. In time I believe that they will get there, but my child's education couldn't wait until that happens.
6/23/2009parentWe have been a part of MCS for two years now and will be starting our second child in Kindergarten next year. We have watched the ups and downs that naturally come with any new endeavor. I have seen, through it all, how this school is committed to it's vision. Not only are they interested in meeting standards, they aim to surpass them. Be sure to tune into the 2009 test scores when they are published in July. They have made unbelievable gains for the short time they have had their doors open. If you don't know about Project Child, google it. It is a wonderful instructional delivery method. The staff at MCS is enthusiastic about my child's education and his development as a whole. They are open to ideas for improvement and LISTEN to parents on how to best meet the needs of each individual child and welcome parental participation.
6/10/2009otherI'm a volunteer at this school ... I volunteer there because it is such an amazing school. The principal and staff are so dedicated to the children. I haven't seen this level of commitment to teaching in decades. If people don't know about this school, please tell them. Spread the word. This is the school in Marietta where your child will be heard, cared for and taught about the Georgia standards as well as how to live life with joy.
3/19/2009parentAwesome learning environment.
3/17/2009parentWe have been with the school since it's beginning three years ago. As with any new business, it took a little time to get our feet wet and get business underway. We have a great family type environment and a small school community. Both of my daughters love school and both are doing extremely well. We love that parents have input and changes can be implemented quickly. I would recommend that parents visit our school before they make a decision - you might find a gem of a school.
3/16/2009parentI love this school! MCS is now in it's third year and has made a major turnaround. Enrollment is steady for the first time, Teachers are wildly enthusiastic and totally dedicated to the children. They offer free tuition to any child that wants or needs it. In fact the Intermediate Math teacher even holds a 5th Grade Math school on Saturdays! My daughter, having been a student of MCS since opening its doors in 2006, looks forward to school every day and is a straight A's 3rd grader. Ignore those naysayers who complain about test scores, even the GA DOE allowed that you need three years of data to truly make an informed judgment as to a schools performance. Go and see for yourself. You are always welcomed with a warm smile
8/1/2008parentVery unhappy with the school. Have 2 children that attended and needed to supplement with tutoring for both kids. Both kids are very bright - one is now attending a public magnet school. There is little parent involvement in the school. Communication between what volunteers they have is poor. Their after school program is nothing more than kids running around a room with an adult barely paying attention ( one child refused to ever go back after 2 visits). When you visit ask about the turnover rate from last year. Also check out their test scores - abysmal. In their first year they sort of 'skipped' science for the upper grades and it shows. My sympathies to the staff who, with a few notable exceptions, are hard workers and dedicated to the kids.
3/27/2008parentWe are very pleased with the intimate learning environment of Marietta Charter School. The Project Child curriculum is an excellent delivery method and keeps our children interested and motivated to learn. The small class is size is a huge plus too. We had our children in private schools prior to Marietta Charter School. We could not be more happy with this academic setting and highly recommend it to anyone.
3/18/2008parentThe school has a lot of improvements to make their vision is admirable but they are no were near the mark yet. Was told that the school would be more personally geared to the childs learning style but the structure is the same as most schools, lecture style. There are some really great teachers there but over all they have a long way to go.
2/12/2008parentI am extremely satisfied with the Marietta Charter School. I love the small school environment - everyone knows my son's name. He is learning a lot and loves going to school. I would highly recommend MCS as an alternative to other Marietta City Schools.
12/22/2007parentI love the teacher and how even though they are in there 2nd year and still working out there little problems. This school is still better that the public school. The music teacher Mrs. Davis is great! She work with all the students for there christmas party and it was great! My son loved this school and it was sad that we had to move.!!
9/6/2007parentThe track record so far has flopped for MChS. I wish Marietta Charter School success, but there's a long way to go...and the test scores have git to show that they're above par before anymore parents will seriously consider MChS.
8/10/2007parentI found the academic program to not be as good as it was billed, plus we had alot of trouble with the teacher, who was basically trying to teach as if she were at a Christian school. When I did attempt to address the problem, I met alot of resistance and we finally transferred. He had trouble the rest of the year, academically, due to the charter school being behind the regular elementary school.

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