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Marietta High School
1171 Whitlock Ave SW
Marietta, GA 30064
(770) 428-2631
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public | 9-12
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Leigh Colburn2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/8/2011otherCould not agree more with the previous post. MHS COULD be a great school IF the mentality of "O.M" aka Old Marietta was abolished. It's disgustingly obvious that teachers and students who are O.M. receive better treatment than others; quite ridiculous when you consider what a melting pot our urban school system is. Also,most of the members of the IB program have an inflated ego - they want the highest grade for the most minimal of work (this applies to both parents and students). The leadership in the school should focus less on image and more on building a strong educational foundation for ALL students.
1/29/2011studentMany things wrong with MHS, if you can maneuver toward the "right" things you may do well. Many teacher's DON'T CARE. They will tell you and make things difficult if you try to escape. MHS is centered around image. Put students out rather than help. Favoritism to sports team players, IB and Lineage. Parents don't have much voice unless they're part of the obviously preferred Marietta Alumni lineage. Many teachers went to Marietta under teachers who still teach there. People connected through family or money. It's rough on transfer students. If the credits won't transfer they disappear, and NO the counselor won't work with you. Your schedule is to boost statistics, for image. It would be a good school, if it wasn't so elitist and if the obvious racism went away. White rich kids wondering the halls get greeted jovially, sometimes invited to a classroom to chat and order food if the teacher is on break, black and spanish and poor kids are ALWAYS up to no good. Arts are underfunded. Football get's everything. I would compare this school to a false family portrait. Where the family looks okay, but off camera it's lies, scandals and lots of make-up. Too much I can't say, check the news.
5/6/2010parentMy child has had the greatest experience at MHS! We have been so pleased with the quality of MHS and Marietta City Schools.
5/3/2010parentThis school has failed my stepson in more ways than I can properly explain in text. The new Math curriculum violates all principles of pedagogy and pays teachers to do nothing. When my wife and I complained of the problems in the classroom, our child was intimidated by an administrator - and we have never been contacted in response. Most recently, it appears that administrators are given carte blanche to mete out arbitrary punishments (push-ups IN THE CAFETERIA) in cases where fault is not ascertained before punishment is assigned. I will be homeschooling my child next year, and the school board will be notified of exactly why. If you have school-age children inside the Marietta city limits, MOVE.
3/16/2010studentThis school is the best school that I ever whent to. I am receving a privet school education at a public school and on top of that Marietta High School is rank number three in the whole United States of America. I love this school. GO BIG BLUE!
1/28/2010studentI have attended MHS for four years and I am greatly disappointed. They accuse the students of things that are nowhere near the truth. One program that has been the best thing that ever happended to me is the PLC program. This Program has helped me mature as a person and they made a connection with me that MHS could never achieve..... ever!!!!
1/27/2010studentThis is a fantastic school as long as you are in the IB program if not it's not that great. You recurve a better education and more respect from the staff if you are in the program. However the staff still does not give very much trust in students it's either the teachers way or no way. There is no compromising talking nothing and it is very unfare to the students. One of the only teachers that I am aware of that is none of these things but is still a marvolous teacher is Ms. Melinda Garrett. She trusts works with us and teachs a hard class but she does it wonderfully.
10/5/2009parentMarietta should be proud of their High school. My son graduated from MHS with an IB Diploma and is now attending GA Tech on the Hope Scholarship. He has written thank you emails to some of his MHS teachers for preparing him so well for college. In addition the teachers are very caring. His MHS math teacher even helped him out with his GA Tech math class when he was having trouble understanding his teacher at GA Tech. Their caring for their students goes beyond the expected. You get out of MHS what you put into it like any other thing in life.
9/26/2009parentExcellent school! We came in from The Walker School two years ago and could not be more pleased. My daughter has a great group of friends and is receiving a top notch education with the same rigor as Walker. I've been up to MHS numerous times and been met with very polite and friendly students. Teachers and staff are superb!
9/20/2009parentWow!!! the staff must have written the reviews for mhs because they couldn't be far from the truth! this is my childs first year at mhs and i am very disappointed with the education my child has received thus far. The teachers allow the students to misbehave and talk in class and the profantity spoken throughout the lunch room and hallways is ridiculous! the school is way over crowded. There is no way a child could get a good education at mhs. This will be the last year my child will attend mhs. Do not send your child to mhs...You will regret it!
9/17/2009parentMarietta is a diverse school allowing the student to be themselves. It feels like small town families caring for each other.
1/6/2009parentI agree with the teacher quality and parent involvement ratings. MHS offers great academic tracks. Front office personnel are customer service oriented and professional.
12/18/2008otherThis is a great school. I am very impressed by the committment of several of the staff. The librian (Mrs. Saxon) is refreshing (unlike the rude man who 'works' there). My nephews talk about her alot and say she cares about the students. I am glad there are staff members who look out well being of the students.
8/10/2008studentI am a freshman at MHS this year and I have to say that it is the best school ever! The teachers are great and supportive. When my children go to high school in the future I will make sure that it is Marietta High School.
8/7/2007studentI went to Marietta High last year, and I have to say, it's the best school I have ever been too. The teachers were great. They were so nice and caring, and always seemed to want to help. The students were great as well, they were cool, funny, and very helpful. I came in to MHS a few months late, and the seniors were ready and willing to help me out, which shocked me, considering I was a freshman. Its truly an awesome school.
3/10/2005parentMy son graduated from MHS with an excellent education. Teachers were demanding and administraion superb. He has maintained his HOPE scholarship at GaTech for three years and will enter his senior year in 2006. This is a great school.
2/12/2005studentMarietta High School has something for everyone with strong showings in all areas be it academic, athletic, extracurricular, arts or leadership. Our biggest commodity that sets us above neighboring schools is our diversity. Drugs are not as prevalent as they are at other schools contrary to popular belief. The socialization of the different cultures and races is the best I've ever been around. Unfortunately we're losing the best principle in the state. The International Baccalaureate Program and three separate work-study programs are reason alone to look into Marietta.
8/10/2004former studentMarietta is the most diverse school around. With students from around the world, one will wonder how they keep the school running, but boy does it. The school, has terrific teachers, and the best principal in the state. He is always dropping in on classrooms, and has good standings with the students. Also the largest public high school in Georgia, the school cost around 61 million dollars to build. Its one of the finest in Georgia all around.
11/5/2003otherI think that MHS is one of the best HS in the State. I went to MHS for trhee years, and let me tell you taht I haven't seen a Principal like Mr. Pritz, doing his best every day to maintain MHS in a high level. The teachers do what they have to do, I'm from Mexico, and when a came to the USA I couldn't say a word in english, but thanks to all my teachers I learned, and not only english. Concerning about extracurricular activities, I played soccer for MHS. I got involved in clubs, and that was a nice experience. My parents got involved on issues about school. The security is high, we had at least 5 or 6 security cameras on each hall, and a police officer every day. MHS has students of great academic level.

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