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Mount Bethel Christian Academy
4385 Lower Roswell Rd
Marietta, GA 30068
(770) 971-0245
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private | K-8
County: Cobb


10/4/2012parentI have a 5th grader and an 8th grader who have both been at Mt. Bethel since Kindergarten and we couldn't be happier! I read some of the previous posts about bullying and would like to comment that, yes, there may have been a problem with it IN THE PAST under prior leadership, but I can assure you the problem has been taken care of with our new Head of School. Bullying is a thing of the past and will not be tolerated at Mt. Bethel. As far as the curriculum not being challenging enough - I have to disagree with this, too. With our school only going to 8th grade, there are obviously MANY high schools that our 8th graders apply to. Our students have no problem gettng accepted into any of the private or public schools to which they apply. In the majority of cases, they are placed in honors/AP classes. The class sizes at Mt. Bethel are small, so it is easier to get individual attention. The lower school classes actually have a lead teacher and a parapro in each classroom. I whole-heartedly recommend MBCA - I am going to be sad to see my 8th grader leave.
5/11/2012parentAcademically it's not that challenging and the teachers, well, some good, some not so good -- it's inconsistent, especially after second grade. As for the environment, my kid says its "like being in church all day long."
4/20/2012parentMy opinion, just one - this school has difficulty getting the best out of a variety of students -- really bright kids don't get pushed enough and help is limited for kids that struggle. It's a narrow fit. The culture is repressive. More disappointing is the response you get as a parent when issues arise or you want to give feedback. Instead of listening to ideas, they act as if they can do no wrong here.
2/27/2012parentI am a parent with children in both the lower and middle school divisions. Recent posts which question the curriculum and academic program do not reflect my experience at all. Quite the contrary, my oldest, an 8th grader, has been exceptionally well-prepared and, in fact, and has been accepted into Westminster and Holy Innocents for high school next year. The school underwent a (much needed) change in leadership this past year and the new Headmaster has made excellent progress in addressing concerns around bullying and returning the school to the founding principles that attracted us to it in the beginning. We couldn't be happier with Mt. Bethel and recommend it often.
2/17/2012parentWe have had a great experience in the Lower School. However, I have also seen the bullying start in the 4th grade. We have had no direct contact with it, but it is easy to see, and seems to be ignored by the school. The Middle School has not been a good experience at all. A large number of students are competitive, mean-spirited, and unwelcoming. The curriculum is inconsistent. So much attention is given to technology, that curriculum and learning is secondary. Bullying is either ignored, accepted, or given lip-service.
11/11/2011otherI am in 8th grade at MBCA, and i can easily say that it is the best school I have ever attended. Amazing teachers. Killer Athletics. (Back-to-Back NAML Cup Champs!) Great kids. Caring principal. I could go on and on. My teachers could not be more supportive. I am extremely involved in extra-curricular activities at Mt. Bethel, and my teachers still help me stay on top of my grades. MBCA is the best private school in Cobb County, GO EAGLES! :)
7/18/2011parentBest decision I've ever made for my children's education...and we came from a large private school in Buckhead. r
7/5/2011parentMBCA is an incredible school. Over the last 5 years, we have been so impressed with both our amazing teachers and the other parents and families that attend. It has been a huge blessing, and our kids have thrived in it's value oriented, character building environment. It's worth every penny and then some.
6/11/2011parentBullying starts in 4th grade. Look out next year. As for him leaving for a better school - nice spin, but there were LOTS of complaints about that. Problem is that with the closed hierarchy there such things are NEVER discussed or revealed. Basically if you do not know the "founder" of the school you are an outsider. Genuinely hope the new head of school does a great job fixing things!
5/31/2011parentI have to respond to the most recent review of our school. I have not heard of any bullying at this point and my child is a rising 4th grader. I have been so pleased with the school, the staff and the enviornment. My child feels truly treasured by his teachers and is flourishing. He has met many wonderful friends. From my understanding, the old head of school quit to go to another school that has a highschool. I am looking forward to our new head of school and what he has to offer. I was truly upset when the old head of school left, I thought he was doing a great job, but I understand he was leaving for a "promotion" . It is a wonderful place to send your kids. My younger son starts kindergarten next year.
5/20/2011parentMy opinions, your mileage may vary. The school looks great, good neighborhood, beautiful buildings, and clean, well-dressed kids. The Art program is absolutely fantastic! There are some truly great teachers in the lower school, but there are also some who.....well, should have retired a while ago. The biggest problem is that the leadership acts as if they and their staff can NEVER do anything wrong. There is a problem with bullying in the 4th-5th and up grades. The School Board is a closed group whose meeting schedule isn't even posted anywhere. They just fired one head of school and did a hurried hire at the end of the year for a new one. Good luck to him and to the school.
3/9/2011parentWe can not say enough positive things about MBCA!! We have a child in Kindergarten and one in Second Grade and have been there for 3 years now. We live in Sope Creek school district, so to pay for private school is a big thing. The teachers are VERY academic and at the same time teach values and importance of the fruits of the spirit. Every teacher we have had has had complete control of the class without ever raising her voice by use of positive reinforcement and reward systems instead of punishment. Child/ teacher ratios are incredible with 2 teachers full time in each class up until middle school. The children have incredible confidence from the interactions they have. The specials are so much more than basic...the music teachers teach about a different composer every two weeks, while the children learn that style music. The art program is not just cut, paste, and paint. The children study artists and all do the same type of art that that artist while they learn about them. The computer program is incredible - each child has a flat screen monitor and itouch. The PE coach is a fun loving Christian man who knows each child my name is wonderful! Can't say enough!
10/19/2010parentWe were surprised to find such an excellent alternative in private education that emphasizes both the academic excellence and Christian world-view. MBCA is doing a great job partnering with us to raise our kids.
6/10/2010parentI am very impressed with the way Mt. Bethel's administration supports the teachers and parents and keeps us as parents involved and in touch with our child's progress.
1/29/2010parentMy son spent five years at Mount Bethel and we had to pull him during the first semester due to bullying that took place in the 5th grade. My husband and I met with his teachers, grade level principle and head master a total of six times between the months of August and November and no one would help my son. The school has no rules in place about bullying and the administration is totally useless about taking any action. My husband and I pulled our son last november after getting no were with the teachers and faculty. I felt my son was in danger and pulling him was the best choice for us. We needed help with a very scary situation and the teachers and faculty turned their backs and let us down.
1/14/2010parentThe new administration has brought a breath of fresh air to our school. We love the lower school staff and are having a wonderful experience with our 6th grader in the middle school.
1/14/2010parentWe love the middle school at MBCA! Our oldest graduated from the Academy and was very prepared for the public high school environment and curriculum.
10/3/2009parentThe staff and students are amazing! It is a fantastic place to have a child learn!
2/21/2009parentI have one child in Kindergarten and absolutely love Mt. Bethel Christian Academy. Highly academic, while teaching the children how to be kind and loving. No discipline problems leaves all class time for teaching. Christian atmosphere with great examples of loving Christian teachers is an added bonus. I can see just this year the Huge change in my child from going to such a great school.
2/12/2008parentOur child has attended Mt. Bethel for 4 years. We have been consistently impressed with the staff, curriculum and level of personal attention. I like the smaller class sizes with two teachers in every Lower School classroom.
2/27/2007parentI have 2 students at MBCA and we have been there for 7 years.The Lower School has done a very good job of hiring loving teachers and providing a quality, Christian education. However, the Middle School has a lot to be desired. There has been too much teacher turn-over, inconsistent / below average curriculum and they just don't have it figured out yet. It may improve, but it appears it's going to take a while. The value of the Middle School (not just monitarily, but the value) is disproportionate to the education received. For now I would suggest looking elsewhere for Middle school, but the Lower School offers a great foundation.
1/28/2006parentExcellent program and dedication from teachers. Good non-denominational Christian foundation.
9/29/2005parentMy child has been with the school for 6+ years now and I am generally pleased with the program. The school environment is a very loving and caring environment with the potential for high academic success due to the interest of the administration, the teachers and the parents. However I believe the program could improve with more communication between the teachers for continuity between the grades, more focus on interactive / interrogative teaching techniques which could increase the child's learning and lessen the amount of required homework, and more forward teacher planning. This requires leadership and should develop as the school matures and teachers are retained for a few years.
9/12/2005parentI looked at 8-10 private schools in the area from Norcross, Alpharettta, Buckhead and Marietta and was most impressed with MBCA. My daughter is in her third year at the school and it is has lived up to our high expectation offering a wonderful, loving yet challenging enviroment. My only complaint is that schools teaches Latin but fails to offer Spanish, which I believe all schools in the US need to offer given current demographic trends. That said, I believe the quality of education is on par or above that offered at the 'elite' private schools in Metropolitan Atlanta.

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