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Murdock Elementary School
2320 Murdock Rd
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 509-5071
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public | PK-5
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Cynthia Hanauer2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/7/2011parentWe moved from a neighboring county in the middle of the school year 2 years ago, the staff and principal went out of their way to show us around the school (on a busy day before winter holidays no less!), to get paperwork from the other school, to note our daughters medical condition, to make sure she got placed with a teacher that would challenge her in class (this was a problem at her previous school). I just can't say enough good things about this school, we hated moving mid school year but the staff (and parents) made it such a smooth transition that I'm very glad we did. The parents are super involved with the school and do a wonderful job showing the teachers how much they are appreciated. And unlike other schools they do not shove fund raising or kids having to sell things down your throat, not matter how you are able to help the school/kids it is very appreciated, weather it's in a small way or a big way. I just love this school!
11/8/2010parentI have 2 kids in Murdock for the last 4 years and their and mine experience have been nothing but outstanding. Teachers, Principal, Administrative Staff and Volunteers, all of them always willing to help. I have volunteered my time in different occasions and under different circumstances and it has always been a pleasure to do it.
10/6/2009parentExcellent school, with awesome staff, and great opportunities for parental involvement. My son is in third grade and he is truly proud of his school.
12/19/2008parentWe could not be any happier with this school! Everyone knows our children by name, and the attention that they receive is better than what I recall getting in private school as I was raised. My son is in the special needs class and Murdock's team of professional therapists has helped him progress a LOT over the last few months! We were looking for a bigger house, and we only searched in the Murdock boundaries until we finally found one that suit our needs.
9/13/2008parentIt's only the start of the school year but so far we are thrilled with Murdock and the instruction our kindergartner is receiving. His teacher is energetic, organized, even-handed and positive. He is already learning a lot and coming home happy! The sense of school spirit is strong and infectious--the staff generates a real sense of community. Hope to be writing a similar review at the end of fifth grade!
2/6/2008parentI have two children at Murdock and have been disappointed in the school recently. The quality of teachers has gone down in the past few years, as has involvement in the PTA. This year I have felt as if I have been teaching my child his lessons during homework for 4th grade. It doesn't seem as if the lessons are taught in the classroom. This is the same experience with other parents as well. It may be the mandates that have come down from the county but it doesn't feel as if my 4th grader will be prepared for middle school.
5/24/2007parentOur daughter is finishing Kindergarten at Murdock tomorrow, and we could not be any happier!! Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Calahan were wonderful with the kids, and our little girl has come a long way, since last October, when we moved here from California. We are very pleased and will be back next year.
5/12/2007parentI have been at Murdock for a year & the teachers & quality of programs are excellent. Even the kindergartners are taught Spanish & computer skills. The faculty & staff welcome parent participation & their doors are open to listen to concern as well as praise. Parents are encouraged to be active in their child's education & programs to bring Murdock families together are frequent. Murdock has helped my kids love learning!
1/26/2006parentI have two studnets at Murdock and I am so pleased.I feel you get a private school education at Murdock.The new foundation is wonderful bringing in Spanish and High Tech equipment to the school. The PTA is wonderful.Parents are very involved and teachers care and teach children on their own individual levels.The test scores are very high. The sky is the limit and the children are soaring. Murdock is one of the best schools in the state and is always trying to think of ways to become better and better.
11/20/2005parentI have two children at Murdock for 4 years now. I have really lucked out with fantastic teachers Bourne, Blalock, Peck to name a few. The school has outstanding teachers and parent involvement is welcomed. I would encourage any parent to get involved to really see our well the school is run and what your child is learning. The foundation that was started in 04/05 has allowed many purchases and programs that meet the students' needs. I would recommend this school very highly.
8/10/2005parentOur son is in second grade at Murdock and so far, our experience has been great! The PTA and school Foundation are very active and the new principal is wonderful. Would highly reccomend!
5/20/2005parentOur child attended k-5 at Murdoch. The school is wonderful with great teachers, an outstanding principal and a very active PTA. Extra ciricular actives are abundant. Families are moving to East Cobb County in droves and one of the reasons is the outstanding school system from k-12. If you want an environment for your child like that touted of a private school system, this is the place.
2/28/2005parentOur experience hasn't been as good as most of the other parents I've talked with at Murdock. So far, we've had two disappointing teacher experiences, which has caused us to consider moving our child to another school. Overall, I've heard that Murdock is an excellent school, which is underscored by the high test scores. Unfortunately, our child has been a bit behind in reading and maturity, and her teachers thus far have not been helpful in drawing out her potential.

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