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Osborne High School
2451 Favor Rd SW
Marietta, GA 30060
(770) 437-5900
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public | 9-12
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Joshua Morreale2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/29/2012studentI loved my school. I served as the Student Government President and was interactive with the majority of the student body. The interaction between cultures was seamless! There weren't large 'click-ish' student groups. I was enrolled in AP courses in which I was held to the highest standard. I was also part of the career tech. program which is designed to prepare you for any type of career field from auto mechanics and military to culinary and construction. The students however could use a bit of a pick-me-up; I would say is due to the bad wrap the school receives.
7/28/2010studentI recently graduated from OHS and i switched schools alot and this was the best of them all!
5/11/2010studentI love the schol the teachers are nice and are willing to help also the classroom sizes are great.
9/16/2009parentI continue to send my child here because of the wonderful teachers that my child has. If it weren't for the teachers, I would send my child to another high school. The principal is another story and he is not wonderful!
9/15/2009studentThis school has taking a dramtic change! We have the principle of the year for GA and he is also in the top 3 in the nation! Osborne is nothing like the outsiders make it seem and parents shouldn't base their decisions on what they hear. At least come see for yourself and that starts with the parent's envovlement because I guarentee many students who have left wish they would of stayed. The diversity keeps OHS as one everyone mostly gets along and fights is not a huge problem here at Osborne. As a senior of Osborne High School I LOVE MY SCHOOL and wouldn't go to another one if I had a choice to!
7/27/2009parentMy experience with Osborne and its graduates has been extremely positive. The school has completely changed over the course of our involvement here- eight years.
5/8/2009parentHello ! I have 1 son that came out in '08 and another 1 coming out '09 and so far osborne has been great for us it what you as a parent and your children/child makes of it. no school is perfect but the school has gotten better regardless of what people say 'Go Cardnials' because I have 1 more attending also c/o 2012 !
2/25/2009studentDespite popular belief, Osborne is a very good school. The teachers here work hard and are committed to helping the students. This is true especially in the AP program. Also, we have a very good principal. He is a great motivator and has drastically improved the school during his tenure here. All of the people at this school are passionate about it; it's not just a job to them. We are an AP demonstration school and have many AP courses available. Where the school really lacks is not in the people who run it. Where it lacks is the students. The students are not very committed and enthusiastic and in many cases plainly lazy. They don't have the required desire to learn. Another issue is the parents, who only ever seem to be concerned when their student's graduation is at risk. That is where improvement is needed.
2/18/2009studentAs a student at Osborne, I am well aware of the social reputation my school has. All I can say is that people should not believe everything they hear. Did I have trouble at Osborne? Yes. Did I struggle? Yes. However, all of this is part of the high school experience. People see low income schools like the bubonic plague. They tend to shy away from it. In truth, Osborne students receive more grants and scholarships than other schools in the county. The AP program here is excellent with a plethora of 19 classes to choose from. I am a top student at the school with a 4.3 gpa. Do not believe what people say. As long as your students are in AP classes, there is nothing to really fear. Success reflects perseverance and tenacity. High school reputation does not determine if one receives a diploma.
1/16/2009parentThe principal talks to parents as if we are not very intelligent just because many of our families come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. We may not be wealthy but we are not stupid!
12/18/2008parentcampus to open, kids have too much controll
9/4/2008studentIt is a great school to attend. It give more diverity than any other school in its area. It is also a school that give studenta chance to learn more than just what is requierd by the state. I am a colleg sudent now ad can see first hand the advantages attending Osborn gave me.
6/30/2008parentA mostly young and inexperienced teaching staff with a principal who does not lead but dictates. My child worries about his safety at this school and so do I.
6/30/2008studentI transferred to this school 2 years ago. I have not received a good education from this school. Despite the lack of classroom management by my teachers, I was able to motivate myself to learn the material so I could pass the courses and graduate on time. This school needs teachers who can meet the needs of students with special needs.
3/28/2008parentOsborne HS has made a turn around from where it use to be thanks to the Administration, Teaching Staff, Students, and the increase in Parental Involvement. I asked my daughter how she felt about the school and she says that she feels it is one of the best because of its diversity and how the students get along with one another. She said that people think the school is bad and that there are fights everyday, etc. But to the contrary, there are not that many fights. She also stated that some of her friends who left the school to attend other schools because of the No Child Left Behind Act have taken to drugs and gangs since they were at the other schools. It all boils down to how involved the parents will be in the education of their children.
3/26/2008parentThere are wonderful teachers teaching my kids.
1/29/2008parentMy daughter transferred from a school that she did not want to leave because it was a good school but we moved and she would have had to pay approx. $200 month tuition to stay there. So a few weeks into the beginning of her Jr. year she transferred to OHS. Because of the School scores at the end of the year we gave her the option to make her own decision if she wanted to transfer to a new school for her senior year. By our surprise she was enjoying her time at OHS and the staff from the office to the classrooms and she is proud to be an OHS graduate coming this May 08. In order for the students to do well they have to want it and most importantly parental support is must. Don't blame the school, but get involved.
12/23/2007studentI am a 2006 graduate of OHS and the education I received from this school did not prepare me for college! All of my best teachers no longer teach there and the student fights are still just as bad!Q
12/11/2007parentThe teachers do not challenge the gifted students and the principal is not approachable and needs to be more open and caring towards parents who have concerns.
11/30/2007parentMy son went here as a freshmen last year. Learning is not a priority. Too many assemblies, pep rallies, programs, field trips allowed!
10/28/2007studentI attended Osborne High School in 2002-2005. I just want to send a warning to all parents who are considering allwoing their children to attend this school. I had about 2 teachers at this school who really wanted to make a difference in a child's life. The rest just wanted a paycheck. I graduated with a 3.8 GPA because I worked hard. No thanks to the teachers or staff. I spent the entire class periods trying to teach myself while the teachers were dealing with problem children. As a new parent, I felt the need to warn other parents about this school, the staff, and the most especially the fellow students.
8/10/2007parentLet me say that my daughter graduated in May, 07 with a GPA over 4.0. She was in AP/Honors classes and received the Career Tech and College Prep diplomas because I was an involved parent. Osborne has a great number of caring and dedicated teachers and staff that 'go beyond' the call of 'duty' to help those students that are 'serious' about their education. It is not the school's job to raise our children. It is our job to be 'good parents'and 'role models' to our children. I do agree with the comments on this site that 'unfavorable' things have occurred in the neighborhood and the school has been held responsible. More parents need to be involved and the students need to take advantage of all of the great opportunities at this school. It does take a 'village' to get the youth to their 'destiny' today and everyone's help is needed.
7/9/2007studentLet me just start by saying that Osborne is a great school. The only thing that is wrong at Osborne is the surrounding community and the lack of parent discipline and control of their children. The only reason that Osoborne has a bad athletics program is because of parents that take there children out of the school because of the false things that they hear about the school. Yes, there are gangs and drug but every school has drugs and gangs, you just here about Ohs' more than any other one's in the area.
7/3/2007parentI love this school it's definately the best in the area by far. Anyone who is in this area I strongly reccomend you send your kids here. Take this advantage before theres no more room here. All the good kids go here.
9/7/2006parentMy son just started this school year. I must say that so far I am very impressed. The teachers are very helpful, the staff was helpful, the principal even too the time on the day we were enrolling our son to sit down to talk to us about all that the school had to offer. We just got his progress report and he has 'A's' and 'B's'. Parents must get involved with their kids education, it really help.
12/18/2005parentMy child will be withdrawn from this place at the end of the semester. There have been way too many fights at this school on a daily basis and the administration that I have encountered is rude and unfriendly to parents. Why would the parents want to get involved when they are not welcomed nor treated as parents concerned about their children? Much work needs to be done with Public Relations.
10/15/2005teacherAlthough there are problems with discipline at Osborne, this is often rooted in the homes of the families and the lack of parental involvement in their child's life. That's where it all starts. There are some great teachers here who really do care about the students (sometimes more than parents) and who deliver an excellent education.
8/29/2005parentThank you Osborne staff and teachers for all your hard work. My son have been at Osborne for 3 years now and he has never in trouble, Every year he has made the Honor Roll, he enjoys being in the Extracurricular activity he chose. Teachers are strict, which is good. There are tones of extracurricular activities for your child, staff is wonderful, they go the extra mile. They are doing their job. But you know what, I am also doing mine. The school is not there to teach our children how to live, that is the parents job. The school is there for academics. Many parents, sorry to say, want to throw their parenting responsibilities to the school. Those are the ones you always hear complaining. Stop the complaining and get involved. Go to the meetings, volunteer 1 or 2 hours a month. Your child needs to see you are interested.
8/24/2005parentWe love the school.We have found the teachers care about their students and are willing to help whenever possible. There is tutoring available if needed. I think the staff is most helpful when needed and very concerned about each student.The after school activities are great.They have an active FCA program which helps students identify with the positives of life. My daughter loves her school and is proud to be a student there.We give Osborne a very big thankyou,keep up the good work!
8/24/2005parentOsborne is not a terrible school. It has the same problems as any other high school except its problems are reported in the news and via mouth. A lot of the problems at osborne stem from non-parental involvement! stop contributing to the problem and helping with the solution!
7/28/2005parentWe have had two sons attend Osborne. Definately a below average learning environment. However, the teachers are making progress with improvements in academics and facilities.
6/22/2005parent Parental involvement is not welcome. Regardless of new buildings on campus, the safety of this building and the inability of the teachers to teach due to constantly having to deal with discipline makes this a horrible high school. Take advantage of No Child Left Behind or move out of this district if you want a quality education and athletic program for your child!
3/11/2005parentThe Quality of this school is great! I think all the after school activities have improved. The construction of new buildings and of new class rooms is great. All the teachers have a great vision, and your kid will be very proud to attend this school! There are rumors that it's a bad school, but it really isn't. To all the parents who say the school is bad, it's only because they do not realize that is their kids behavior that does not let them improve. They should become more involved with their kids and try to understand them, young people are not the same nowdays. The school is great.
2/26/2005parentOsborne should be avoided if you care about the education of your child. The organization is substandard and unorganized. The school does not have concrete direction. If your child must attend Osborne, my suggestion is to contact your all of your child s teacher, stay very involved.
1/28/2005parentThis is not a good school at all. The principal seems to not have any passion and it just keeps going down hill from here.
1/19/2005former studentThis school does not prepare you for the real world or college at all. The only redeeming quality is a handful of teachers who truly care and great afterschool activities.
11/19/2004parentMy Daughter is in the 9th grade at this school. Her band and basketball keeps her after school everyday. I met the new Principal last spring, he seems to have a great vision for Osborne and to be strong leader. My child has been 'A' student all her life and most of her classes are challenging enough.
10/18/2004former studentThis is not a very good school. There is no discipline and no parental involvement

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