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Rocky Mount Elementary School
2400 Rocky Mountain Rd NE
Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 591-5050
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public | PK-5
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Gail May2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/17/2012parentGone are the days are "warm and fuzzy"! When the former principal left, unfortunately, that left too. It feels like my child is a student i.d. capable only of being drilled for standardized testing. When will the administration remember that in order to have successful children turn into successful adults, you have to remember social/emotional aspects of the child and not just academia? It doesn't feel like "public" school anymore. More like "government" school. Big difference.
9/16/2012parentRocky Mount is a wonderful school with fabulous teachers. I've felt very fortunate to send my children there. I'm very sad to say that my satisfaction has been shaken this school year by the institution of a new "silent lunch" policy. It goes completely against what I've always known the school to be: a place where children are encouraged to be responsible, respectful, well-mannered human beings. This year, instead of looking happy and social in the cafeteria, as they have in years past, the students appear scared and belittled. It has been stunning and quite horrifying. I never thought this would happen in our school. I hope for a quick end to this new policy, so that I can once again feel good about, and speak highly of Rocky Mount.
5/3/2012parentI am shocked to read the criticism of Gail May. My experience as a parent has been very good with the entire administration, including Ms. May. One of my kids had a minor learning problem -- it was quickly addressed in a caring manner by no less than six administration members. My son is now making high grades and doing great. My daughter was hit once by a child. One call to Ms. May took care of that problem instantly. The bully has been moved to another class away from my daughter, and Ms. May was very kind in addressing my concerns. It is good to see zero tolerance for bullying at Rocky Mt. after what we've read about other schools in the news. It's good to see the attention given to the well behaved kids who are working hard, vs. the coddling given to the troublemakers at other schools. We love Rocky Mount!
12/16/2011parentWe have two children attending Rocky Mount and we couldn't be more pleased! Our children are challenged academically and valued as members of the school community. Our kids have had innovative, inspiring, and motivated teachers who seem to love their jobs. We chose to move into the Rocky Mount district because we liked the small school size and we haven't been disappointed.
12/7/2011parentI am not valued as a parent. This school wants to do what they want to do and wish the parents would keep their mouths closed. I am hoping Gail May the pincipal will retire soon or get transferred soon! Some of the teachers are good and my son has learned a lot BUT again on their terms with little communication.
4/17/2011parentThis is a fine school for all the kids that land on the bell curve. You will do fine and be pushed through the system. However, this school does not adapt well to children with specific needs. They are all categorized under one umbrella and never again looked at as capable of anything. However, there is a huge push to make sure they pass the CRCT's. This test seems to be the one thing this school focuses around and when that is over, so is the school year. Not much more learning goes on after the test, but my kids due tend to get a lot of movie watching time in.
1/18/2011parentTerrible communications to and with parents! The website is outdated and rarely updated, the PTA page has been 'under construction' since October 2010, and the Adminstrator's blog hasn't been updated at all since October. If you e-mail or call the administration, you will not get a response for days -if at all. The teachers are fantastic but with the poor adminstration and management of the school, I have to wonder how many good teachers will look to be reassigned to other schools. Compared to other schools in the area, Rocky Mount is about 20 years behind the times with regard to use of the web and communications with parents.
9/19/2009otherFrom the headmistress on down the staff focuses on the whole child.
6/19/2009parentRocky Mount is a happy place to be whether you are a student, parent or teacher. I have been very impressed with the instructional program offered by the teachers as well as the parental and student support provided by the administration. I have nothing but postitive things to say about the principal, Mrs. May. She is a warm and friendly leader who seems genuinely invested in the success of each and every student at Rocky Mount.
5/27/2009parentAcademically, Rocky Mount is outstanding. The teachers are wonderful and we've had great experience in the years we've been at this school. The extracurricular clubs offered are exceptional and make for well rounded students. Assistant Principal, Kyle Geisler is an amazing leader and very responsive to parents and the kids. Principal, Gail May, was new this school year but I did not see that same level of involvement and response out of her as I see with Mr. Geisler or the former principal, Beth Perry. Mrs. May came from a different role within the school district so hopefully she will adapt and be more responsive in coming years.
5/10/2009parentI have three kids in this school and they all love it. I would have a hard time finding another school, due to how much they love it here. The teachers are very involved with the kids and the parents and encourage parents to communicate, ask questions, and set up appointments if needed/wanted. The principal is a bit out of site, but I chalk that up to being new and the fact that we were spoiled with our last principal. Mrs. Peery was so outstanding, no one can compare. Mr. Geisler the assistant principal is very involved with the kids. He knows most all of them by name and they love the fact that he is always ready and willing to make a fool of himself if the right situation calls for it! The PTA is very involved and so are parents, that can. Overall it is a great school.
4/30/2009parentI enrolled my child here in this school because of its ratings. I must say this school has a friendly atmostphere and my daughter has a fantastic teacher. But I have to say I am absolutely disappointed with the new principal Mrs.Gail May. She makes no effort to get to know the parents. She walks around with an air of superiority and like the previous parent reported she is totally inaccessible to parents. Compared to her, Mr.Kyle, the assistant principal is much more humane than the existing principal. It is a shame that school rating has gone down all because of this principal. When I enrolled my daughter in this school , the rating was 10 in all fields. Poor choice in the principal... i second that fully !!!
4/3/2009parentRocky Mount's teachers are outstanding and the after school program is top notch. However, the new principal is not nearly as involved or accessible to parents and students as the former principal was. The school and it's PTA make little to no room for a working parent to be fully involved in the school. Overall, we are pleased with the progress our children are making at Rocky Mount and for that, I credit the teachers 100%.
1/21/2009parentMy 4 yr. old is in the special needs preschool program and has made such incredible progress in a very short period of time. We could not be happier elsewhere!
10/18/2008parentMy 3 year old just started in Rocky Mt's Deaf/Hard of Hearing preschool program and I am amazed at the progress she is already making. Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Judge are wonderful. I also have a 1st grader in Ms. August's class and he comes home brimming with happy stories about what he learned every day.
1/11/2008parentWow! We moved here from a fabulous school system in the northeast that was hard to leave. However, we couldn't be happier! There is a wonderful sense of community in this school with a lot of parent and community support and involvement. The administration and teachers are top notch! I couldn't be more pleased.
9/19/2007parentRocky Mount is a wonderful school. The principal is actively involved with the children, and does an absolutely wonderful job. I couldn't be more pleased with the teachers, after school programs, art and music programs, etc. Parental and community involvement is very high also. As a parent w/ a gifted and a special needs child I have seen a wide spectrum at this school and know it's wonderful.
7/10/2007parentRocky Mount is a wonderful school with great teachers. They have a true 'community' with parent involvement in the classrooms.
5/27/2007parentI completely loved this school. If i didn't have to leave the state i would keep my daughter in it. Ms Podawiltz a kindergarten teacher has to be the best teacher in the state. My daughter has learned so much and been excited about it. The staff are helpful and wonderful also. I love it.
1/31/2007parentWe are originally from the northeast, were used to top notch schools and came here with high expectations for Rocky Mount - and they were met! The administration is approachable and responsive. My daughter transitioned without any problems, whatsoever. The school has great parent and community involvement. Rocky Mount exudes a strong sense of community. I am impressed with the different arts programs and other extracurricular activities. We are very pleased and couldn't be happier.
11/22/2005parentRocky Mount is good for Georgia. We relocated here from New York. In NYC, my son was tested at 2nd grade level at 4 years of age in reading/math. Although I admire some of the dixie traditions, I don't want my son to be in a class with no diversity. That will not allow him to grow and develop as a person. The school should try to recruit more minorities into the school...just a thought. We are transferring to Lovett.
9/22/2005parentRocky Mount has an incredibly welcoming environment. We moved here in the middle of the school year and it was an EASY transition for my 3 children. The teachers and principal are top-notch. There is a large amount of community support for our school.
8/26/2005parentThis is a great school. You have a high level of parent incolcement. Which will always make for a better school. You also have community involvement. The after school programs are top notch.

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