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Sawyer Road Elementary School
840 Sawyer Rd
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 429-9923
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charter | PK-5
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Jill Sims2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/12/2012parentThere is no other elementary school like Sawyer Road in the Marietta City School district or the Cobb County school district for that matter! This school has everything you could want for your child. The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program is an amazing and innovative curriculum that encourages exploration and inquisition as a means of learning. In addition, the units of inquiry are taught in all subjects from reading and math to science, art, music, Spanish and even physical education. The principal, teachers and staff are some of the most caring and genuine people we have met. They put 110% into this school and the children that go there. The PTA is very active and works cohesively with the principal and her staff. We could not be more thrilled with this school and our son feels the same way!
10/27/2010parentSawyer Road is an excellent school. The school is committed to providing excellence in education. The teachers are always willing to work with you and the principal is amazing. She is so involved and cares about the students.
1/24/2010parentAs a parent, I could not be more please with the quality of the education my son receives at Sawyer RD. The teachers are caring, devoted and extremely skilled. The leadersip is outstanding and strives to inspire teachers/staff to continue to learn, be creative and use their talents. There is so much opportunity for the children to develop their interests and talents through a challenging yet nurturing approach.
11/17/2009parentAn International Bacceloreate (IB) education for elementary ages children will provide them with the extra advantage needed in the global market we live in. Many families pay $15,000 + a year for an IB education at local private elementary schools. This opportunity is unmatched. Once you realize the value, prestige, and rigorus academics an IB education provides you will love this school as much as our family does.
11/13/2009parentThis is a great school. I am very grateful my kids attend this school. Teachers and staff are wonderful. Sawyer Road is an IBO school, and their learner profile teach students values that will go with them the rest of their lives in addition to teach students to love education.
11/13/2009parentSawyer Road is a wonderful school! As a parent I am grateful my kids attend this school. Teachers are wonderful. I have seen how they do their best to make sure my children reach their full potential. The building is new, lots of windows, computers and SmartBoards on every classroom. My kids love the Starfish Reef and the discipline plan is awsome. THe principal is the most caring principal I have ever met. She loves all the kids. Specially, I love the IBO program. The IB learner profile where they want students to be communicators, risk-takers, knowledgeable, open-minded, reflective, principled, balanced, inquirer, thinker, and caring, is exactly what I want for my kids to have for the rest of their lives. At Sawyer Road, teachers and staff understand that a child-centered education is the best for the student. I am grateful for the
8/13/2009parentMy son is now in first grade and absolutely loved his kindergarden year last year. He read 74 books over the school year and we are so proud of not only him but to be a part of the school and the wonderful teachers. Thanks Sawyer Rd.
7/31/2009parentThis is a fantastic school... great principal.. great teachers.. IB certified.. best teacher in all of country.. both my kids went their and they absolutely loved it.. Whenever I had a problem Principal was right there to talk to me.. she listened and handled it.. Principal is at car rider door every morning greeting each child as they get dropped off.. Just an Awesome school ...very very neat and clean.. well kept..great positive atittudes.. both my kids are in middle school now and I miss Sawyer Rd Elementary....Janet M. (Pris and Jason)
6/30/2009studentAll those people who wrote bad reviews should think wisely before talking. I actually attended this school and personally, I loved it. Both of my parents were actively involved in the school without being in the PTA. Even when my grandmother came to visit from new york the school allowed her to volunteer. About the school's academic abilities, our school's reading bowl, which i was in, won, beating the magnet school. Also, in the district spelling bee, our student, which was me, came in 2nd place. By the way, this was all in the first year Sawyer Road opened. Marietta School District is one of the best districts in the state, so get your facts straight before writing stupidity. I love this school, it has much to give to students from a beta club to safety patrol. I'm a freshman in highschool now.
6/29/2009parentGreat school! I was hesitant because this was an MCS school...but I have to be honest, our experience has been great! My daughter did exceptionally well on her testing, and her wonderful teacher played a huge role in getting her prepared. I am really satisfied, and plan to continue with Sawyer!
2/18/2009parentI LOVE THIS SCHOOL! The pricipal is GREAT! She fights for her school and is constantly writing grants to improve the progress and learning capabilities of our future leaders, doctors, lawyers etc. Sawyer is an International Baccalaureate School. My daughter has rapidly advanced since she has attended the school. I've never known a principal to stand in the hall, greet and hug EVERY SINGLE CHILD that passes through. Its sad to say that a lot of our children don't get that kind of affection and reasurrance prior to being dropped off at school. The teachers take pride in their jobs and want to see each child grow to be mature and successful adults. If you are considering relocating or want your child to have the best education, Marietta City Schools is the way to go. Keep an open mind when reading reviews. The truth is you can't please everyone.
1/31/2009parentMy daughter was in a wonderful Cobb County School but transferred (divorce) after her 3rd grade year to Sawyer. I went in kicking and screaming--not knowing much about this relatively new school. My daughter loves this school. She is involved in extracurricular activities and is in the Junior Beta Club. The principal and teachers are all wonderful; the kids love this school. I am extremely pleased with the love, commitment that is brought to the schol every day. I travel frequently for work, but I never worry about my child while I am away; Sawyer is a community with a home town feel--something our children so desperately need in the world we live in today. I
10/13/2008parentWe are very happy with Sawyer Road. My son transferred from out of state a couple of years ago in the middle of the school year and he was made to feel very welcome. His teachers have pushed him to explore all of his abilities and to not settle for just finishing the work. The principal and staff work very hard to fulfill the IB mission and it shows with two of the teachers receiving prestigious teaching awards in the past 2 years.
10/9/2008parentSAwyer Road is by far the best Elementary school in the district and County. We moved from a County school and di extensive research. Sawyer was and still is our choice. Principal, Teacher and support staff is always friendly and involved. Sawyer Road has an ecellent amount of computer available to all students, all grade levels.The lunch room has a friendly feel. The Starfish Reef is a 'blast' like my son says.Mrs. Board is always smiling and friendly. Mrs. Sims is an excellent principal she is always interacting with parents and students. A school to be recommended.
10/8/2008parentI was very nervous when my daughter first came to Sawyer Road. We were redistricted and when she began 1st grade, we came to Sawyer Road. We loved our old school. However from day one I have been impressed. First you walk in to a beautiful extremely clean building, brightly painted with lots of sunlight and beautiful decoration. The library is wonderful! The children can earn passes to the Sawyer Road Starfish Reef for some (educational) R&R as a reward for great behavior, good study habits, helping a friend in need, etc. The Principal is a beacon of light. Always smiling and always accessible to parent, student and teacher alike. My daughter could not wait for school to start! My son can't wait to go. She loved Mrs. Leonard,me too! We love Mrs. Powell! We love the volunteer parents and PTA (also parent volunteers, Parent,Teacher Association). We love Sawyer!
10/7/2008parentI have two children attending Sawyer Road Elementary, 1st & 2nd grade. My kids love the school and so do we. The school recently received IB accreditation as well as Charter status. The school is equipped with state of the art computers, interactive 'Smart' boards, etc. What I appreciate most about Sawyer Road is the feeling of community and the teacher s commitment to teaching my children excellence. I believe the test scores of any school speak volumes and Sawyer Road test scores have been steadily increasing each year. My 2nd grader scored really well on the ITBS (which is a nationally test that measures children s academic standings in comparison with other same age/grade level children). I am a very active parent at the school. I personally believe my role is aiding in the success of the school to benefit most importantly my children. I strongly recommend Sawyer Road.
5/20/2008parentMy daughter has been at the school since it opened and we love the school, administration, but most of all the teachers. The few times small issues I encounter, the administration and teachers responded immediately to work with me to resolve the issue. They are compassionate and go beyond the call of duty to teach our children to be well-balanced leaders. Those few parents who wrote negative about the school, the principal, the children and teachers are obvious not teachers and do not have compassion for children or community as a whole but only look out for themselves and their spoiled kids.
4/22/2008parentI am a little lost about the past comments. These people must work for the school. A lot of the teachers do have children at the school. These teachers are unmovtivated. It is hard to get anytime in the classroom. They really get an attitude when you want to visit in the room. Activities for the children afterschool (dances, parties) are mad houses! Not organized at all. This was our first year and our last. The only light at the school is Mrs. Geoff. I hope she becomes principal. They need real leadership. The current one is very gossipy (if that's a word!). The PTA pres. is an employee of the school! If they get a new principal and more motivated teachers and better behaved children, it would be great! Although the children would be better if they were more motivated.
3/26/2008parentMy son is in Kindergarten at Sawyer Road. He loves the school and the teacher. He went to Private school for Pre-K. The curriculum is not as challenging but his teacher works around his academic level. The principal is great! She is always there in the morning, evening, special events. I have even seen her roaming around the library during the times I volunteer there. Over all it is a great school with the IB program. I was very happy that they became an IB school because I graduated from an IB highschool in Canada.
3/18/2008parentThis is our first time in the US. The very first day we visited Sawyer Road Elementary, I knew that my daughter would have a great time in her new school. Every day, she tells me great things about her school. She wished there would be no Christmas vacations and there would be Saturday classes. She never wants to miss classes. She loves her school, adores her teachers and admires Mrs. Sims. How I wish all parents will experience what I experience as a parent: confident and satisfied that my child is having the best time of her life exploring the world at an early age. Sawyer Road Elementary is molding students in a very holistic way, gearing them up with the International Baccalaureate principles. What else could parents ask for?
1/6/2008parentI have no idea what school these kids attend. I guess because their children are young. This is our first year. We will not be back. These teachers don't even act like they like children. I have a first grader. I have a forth grader and a fifth grader. The first day of school my first grader was put on the wrong bus. My two oldest tried to tell them they were told to be quiet they knew what they were doing. Her teacher never apologized. The principal didn't talk to me for 2 days. They have no parent involvement. Please stay away!
12/25/2007parentI moved to the Marietta school district from another state and so far I have had no problems with Sawyer Elementary. Both my kids like the school and if the kids like it then I'm ok. I find that they are learning more at Sawyer and I will admit I thought it would discourage my boys from wanting to go to school, but with their teachers help they are enjoying school very much. They come home from school and start their homework right away, which is unlike them. They have great teachers (one is in K and the other 1st grade).
11/1/2007parentOur second year at Sawyer is absolutely wonderful! Once again, my little girl has an outstanding teacher who is caring, involved, and concerned with encouraging advanced learning and setting higher goals for my little girl. She is enjoying all the great activities offered by Sawyer. I am grateful that we have found a school which has such a truely dedicated staff.
6/14/2007parentThis place is horrible. We were there when it opened. My spouse convinced me to give it one more year. It got worse! This was our last year. The principal was never available. However, she does have her favorites. If you're not one of the special few, forget it. The PTA is a joke. One of the school's staff members is the president! You feel like an outcast if you try to volunteer. Again, it's about the special few. I've never gotten a call back about volunteering. I have more education than anyone in the school. Please do not move into the Marietta City School district. It is sad from the superintendent on down.
5/23/2007parentI have a 2nd grader at Sawyer Road elementary. This is a new school and they work hard to see that our child can and will reach their full potential. However it's a partnership every parent must participate in. Statistically, the best schools have large/active PTA's, parents that regularly interact with teachers so that the education process is a team effort. There has never been a time that I haven't requested and received a meeting with a teacher, the school's principal, or school district administration. In every instance, my consultations resulted in a better situation for my child. This school cares for and challenges your child, provides many tools for parent s involvement and competes with the best private and public schools in the area. Its diversity helps mold a world citizen and one that will not only compete globally but thrive and grow anywhere they find themselves in life.
3/7/2007parentWe adore Sawyer Road and its challenging academics. The staff has been wonderful to see that my children get exactly the level of instruction they need to push a little higher, and are always eager to hear our perspective and suggestions. The renown IBO program is outstanding and often only found in private schools. It encourages our children to become broad, inquisitive thinkers not just tape recordings of facts. The arts programs are excellent and include readers' theatre, music performances, student museum exhibits, and dance with GA Ballet instructors. We also love the diversity and the fact that our children are comfortable interacting with others from any place or walk of life. They are learning to evaluate on the basis of character, not color or wealth. We would not want to be anywhere else.
2/27/2007parentThe staff at this school is fantastic, from Jill Simms to Anna at the front desk! I have had students in 3 grades (1s, 2nd and 5th) all of the teachers have been extrordiary. They are definately making the best out of a bad situation. The overall academic and social climate of the school is very disapointing. Extremely rough! Resources seem to be exhausted on those that need the very basics and it leaves little for those at the other end. Now they are planning on trailers because of the over crowding due to the out of district students. Yikes! I really do love the staff but 2 years in and a 2nd grader with 3 years to go and we are planning to move just to get into a decent school district.
1/11/2007parentI am extremely pleased with the principal, Jill Sims, and the exceptional staff at Sawyer. The principal is energetic, a visionary, and has a positive outlook. She is a wonderful motivator and her staff all sing her praises. That speaks volumes! I look forward to the IBO Primary Years Programme that the school is currently working towards. I feel it will give the teachers and students more accountability for reaching a higher standard of academic goals. My son is enjoying school and is successfully succeeding in reading and math. His K and first grade experiences have met and exceeded my expectations.
7/19/2006parentI would like to have seen this school with a higher academic level overall. I felt that the lessons taught didn't challenge my child.

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