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Sedalia Park Elementary School
2230 Lower Roswell Rd
Marietta, GA 30068
(770) 509-5162
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charter | PK-5
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Jennifer Lawson2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/4/2012parentI have two boys at the Park and I love it. The teachers are great and supporting staff. I recommend the Park all the time.
1/28/2012parentSchool is going way downhill under the leadership of the new principal. Two major issues are emerging. First classes are being dumbed down to teach to the lowest denominator. This is evident by the elimination of the grouping math kids by ability and introducing the 'differentiated' teaching. Second there is absolutely NO forum for bring complaints to the principal. The elitist attitude and complete unwillingness to work with parents leave feeling if this administration care at all about my child.
11/24/2009parentThis school cares about kids! My son loves the 'Park' and it has really made him grow both academically and socially. This is a great example of tax dollars well spent.
8/29/2009parentAs the parent of 2 children at Sedalia Park, I can say that I am thrilled with the education and care they are receiving. The Pricipal and staff truly care about ALL children and that flows throughout the school. Both of my children are high achievers, not in the gifted program, and have flourished in this environment. We count ourselved lucky to have Sedalia Park as our neighborhood school!
8/28/2009parentSedalia Park is not interested in individual children's needs. They are focused on mainstreaming the kids, which can cause a child to regress that is ahead. There are good teachers at the school. The staff is only as good as its leadership. As of now the future of Sedalia Park due to current leadership unfortunate. If the administration takes a long hard look at itself maybe a child won't be left behind.
8/28/2009parentSedalia Park is an awful insight into our future, under its current administration. They have satisfactory staff. I would not send my child there, if at all possible.
3/6/2009parentWe have been very pleased with our son's progress over the past 2 years. I think the environment is academically challenging, teachers are caring & responsive and a lot of our frears about entering a large public school system have been put to rest.
12/7/2008parentI have two sons who attends here one in reg. ed and sp. ed this school is top rate!
10/29/2008parentSimply Amazing! I have a beautiful and smart child, who has struggled with reading for several years. We have tried both private and public schools. My daughter has gotten more help at Sedalia Park in the first 9 weeks, than all of the other schools combined. Her homeroom teacher, Mrs. Keel, is outstanding! She is going above and beyond the call of duty to help my daughter catch up. The level of education, attention and understanding my daughter is receiving is better than anything I experienced with private schools in Atlanta. The curriculum is both challenging and fun. My daughter is finally ENJOYING learning. Sedalia Park offers everything I had hoped for .great education; caring teachers, staff, administration; a safe fun atmosphere; involved parents & genuine unpretentious families. Today, I feel so privileged to be a Sedalia Park Family. They do not just say they care about each and every student they do!
9/8/2008otherMy grandson is a kindergardner at this school. He absolutely loves it! His first week of school quote was 'I love school!'. Second week of school quote 'What do you mean next Monday is a holiday? (crying). What am I going to do if I don't go to school ? I want to go to school! His parents and I thought we keep him busy and happy, but school has out done us. Thank you to all the staff, teachers and bus drivers for their efforts to ensure the safety and well being of all. I would also like to commend the school bus driver, Ms Brown, for her very courteous, thoughtful and ever vigilant demeaner. We were concerned about riding on the bus. She has made us and my grandson feel very comfortable and safe.
3/12/2008parentI've lived in GA for 4yrs now and have moved 6 times,from Bartow,Acworth,and now Cobb Co.. I reall like this school and my children are happy as well. We are settle and hopefully won't have to relocate any time soon.
10/10/2007parentThis is our first year at Sedalia Park - our son is in 1st grade as a charter student. He came from a small private school which we loved, so I was a little nervous entering a large public elementary school. But my worries have been quickly put to rest. My son loves The Park and so do we - he is thriving in the friendly, positive, diverse atmosphere. His teacher is kind and communicative. The academics are great. The amount of homework is wonderfully reasonable. So far so good! If this school year continues to be as positive as the first two months have been, we will definitely be applying for a charter spot for our other son - a rising kindergartner - next year.
9/27/2007parentI can not say enough good things about Sedalia Park! The staff is phenomenal as well as the Administration. They do all they can to help every child succeed, and I do mean every child. They challenge those who excel to be better and those who need help they provide tutoring to get them up to speed. No child is ever left behind at Sedalia. My second child is having even a better experience than my first and he has only two more years left at 'The Park'! The teachers keep improving each year and the school as a whole is on the cutting edge of what needs to be done at the State Level with Elementary Schools. Thank goodness for the Charter, so changes can be made as to the needs of our students, and not wait on the State to make changes! We love it!!!
9/27/2007parentKindergarten was not so good - however, 1st grade seems to be looking up. We were very disappointed to learn that our child wasn't where she needed to be as far as reading and writing were concerned as her kindergarten teacher led us to believe that she was on top of things at the end of the year. This year we have better communication with the teacher who seems to be a lot more approachable, helpful and sincere. Our child hated kindergarten - but this year loves to go to school and loves her teacher. As far as parent involvement is concerned - well, if you're not on the PTA - well - you're left on the sidelines! Very much a clique. And the principal does not have very good people skills - no smiles, no 'Hey, how are you?' - very cold, I wonder if she even likes children.
8/8/2007parentUnfortunately we did not have a great experience in kindergarten. As a stay at home mom I begged to go on field trips or help in the classroom. Every time I was met with a 'you need to cut the apron strings' speech. However, my financial donations of school supplies or time in making phone calls for donations to the fall festival or Christmas party/teachers gift were snapped up by a more than appreciative teacher - which I found very insulting! We are going to give Sedalia Park one more year and hope for the best. I can say that the Asst. Principal, cafeteria staff, custodial staff and a few of the teachers are very kind and seem to really love their jobs! We're keeping our fingers crossed for what we hope will be a much improved year. They say second times the charm!
7/31/2007parentWe are heading into our fourth year at Sedalia Park and I couldn't happier with our experience there. The principal has an unbelievable level of professionalism and a true commitment to the school. The best proof of our leadership is the wonderful teaching staff at Sedalia Park. But the real test comes from my children...and my children love going to school there. I am an involved parent and have had lots of exposure to the teachers and staff and have been nothing but pleased with my experience. If you too want to be an involved parent, there are plenty of opportunities. We considered private school, but chose to give Sedalia Park a chance. We are so glad we did! In addition to the academic education my children are receiving; they are learning that the world is more than one color and people speak more than one language. Bravo!
7/29/2007parentI was not at all pleased with my childs kindergarten experience. Parents not allowed to volunteer in classroom, emphasis on negative behavior as opposed to what is positive about child. Conversations with principal went nowhere and we received only politically correct words. parents twice weekly volunteers and active PTA members.Our child was allowed to be verbally bullied and intimidated by classmate thruout academic year. Teachers lack interest in individual achievement and only teach to test scores. We found this school very negative and not willing to go outside of the box to try anything new or helpful. This starts with the principal whom I never saw smile once or in the hallways-always in office. We will not be attending this school again.
5/1/2007parentWe rated Sedalia Park after our 2nd grade year; now it's time to return for the 3rd grade update...what an improvement! We have always loved 'the Park', but now Principal Thomas has replaced the lowest performing teachers with excellent ones and the difference is night and day. Thanks for your leadership, Dr. Thomas. We are happy parents of a Sedalia Park student!
5/28/2006parentMy child loves sedalia park and so do i. This is a school that has such a diverse group of kids and staff that my child doesnt even understand what discrimination means. She sees kids of every color and hears various different languages spoken everyday. My favorite thing about the school is how the teachers and staff expect respect from the students while showing the kids respect themselves. They do an excellent job at trying to get to the root of a problem rather than pretending its not there. I am a very involved parent and like every other school this school has its issues, but i couldnt be happier with how the administration takes the parents, teachers but most importantly the students seriously. You can tell that the principal and her staff love these kids and want the best for them. That is probably why my daughter loves school!
2/3/2006parentMy daughter has excelled in her first 2 years at Sedalia Park. There is a commitment to learning and to the kids, that is evident from the principal, Dr Thomas, and the teachers, to the library and lunchroom staff. The emphasis on learning and character really seems to motivate the children to be the best they can be. I have been both a PTA and classroom volunteer and have really enjoyed getting to know the students and staff. It's a welcoming community- and parental involvement is both encouraged and appreciated.
2/3/2006parentMy daughter has excelled in her 2nd year at 'The Park!' I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of commitment that I have seen throughout the school - from the Principal Dr. Thomas and the teachers, to the library and the lunchroom staff. The children are the reason they are there, and it shows. Academics and character are stressed and the children have a desire to excel. I have been involved in the PTA and as a classroom volunteer and really enjoy the interactions with the students and the staff.
9/25/2005parentI have not been at all pleased with the academics at Sedalia Park. Students in this school are taught according to their age, not to their ability. The teachers and administrators are so focused on reaching the test score goals for the school as a whole that they completely ignore the individual needs of the children. If there are any extracurricular activities at this school, they are a well kept secret. Last year, they had Spanish in the ASP every once in a while. Other than that, there appears to be nothing offered for the children. The level of parental involvement at this school is dismal. There are more teachers and staff (over 100) in the PTA than there are parents (about 60 parents out of over 700 students enrolled). There is a small group of mothers in a clique who do everything and then complain that they are doing everything. After two years of continually offering to help with anything (offering to chaperone field trips, to help the room parent, to help in the school, etc.) and my offers being turned down and/or ignored, I have quit offering.
5/19/2004parentSedalia Park is an excellent school. However they should have more minority teachers in their school. At this time, they don't have more than 7 if that. That is not a good ratio mix with the demographic population that attends the school.
1/8/2004parentI love this school. The teachers as well as the principal and staff are absolutely great. We absolutely can only say great things about the school.
11/17/2003parentWe are the Kids of Sedalia Park and we are learning how to be the best that we can be. Kindergarten children coming into Sedalia Park Elementary school learn this song. It is a wonderful school song with an awesome message and a tune that young children enjoy learning; however more then that it epitomizes the very core values that this school upholds. It continues we are a school of excellence. The message of school pride is not lost on these children. Sedalia Park has a wonderfully dedicated staff lead by Principal Patty Thomas, a dynamic school Principal who has a passion for school excellence. This school recognizes and advocates a covenant for learning that involves Parents, Teachers and Students committed to meeting and keeping learning best practices. Opportunities for parental involvement are ever present. If you enjoy volunteering they will put you to work. Statistics indicate that children that do well academically have parents that are involved in their school's activities. From PTA, to Room Parent, to Events Helper, to Science Fridays or reading to your child's class, there are always opportunities to contribute in your own special way. Dedicated teachers, dynamic Principal, involved Parents a true formula for your child's academic success.
9/21/2003parentI absolutely love this school and my sons have improved tremendously over the time they have been here. The teachers are great and PTA is wonderful. Everyone makes you feel like you need to be involved and I like that. I have become a better parent to my twins based on our committment covenant that we must sign as parents, teachers, and students. It's a wonderful school.
6/15/2003 Sedalia Park has shown throughout the year that dedication to a positive learning environment with committed parents, staff and community can make a difference. My husband was elected to the Governing Board at Sedalia Park for the next two year term and we are excited for the new year to start! We feel that the Sedalia Park Charter has made a vast difference to our lives through consistent quality education, through constant attention to the students needs and through maintaining contact with the parents. We were never left in the dark about what our child needed or was accomplishing, we were encouraged to be as active in the school as we could be and the dedication of the staff is amazing. The teachers are the best I've ever had the pleasure to meet, the staff are friendly, pleasant and the principal is rarely in her office, she's out in the school checking classes, speaking to students and fostering a warm learning environment. Our time at Sedalia Park Charter Elementary School has been a positive life changing experience. Our family has become much more socially active through voluntering at the school, through the PTA activies and by becoming Room Parents. Now with his election to the Governing Board we feel we can contribute even more to furthuring the growth of all children within our school. Sedalia Park has everything a child and parent could ask for, excellence!
4/25/2003 My son has attended this school for his first two years of elementary education and have nothing but praise for this school. According to the grade tracker he has acomplished all the requirements in first grade and has in many case started to and in some cases acomplished the tasks required in second grade. My only regret is that he and my second son will not be continuing their education at this superior school, as we are moving out of the area. My prayer is that we will find comparable care and attention to educating each student at our new school.

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