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Shreiner Academy
1340 Terrell Mill Road SE
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 953-1340
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private | PK-8
County: Cobb


5/18/2012parentThere's obvious favoritism shown towards certain kids that have been here since their younger years. Upper grade teachers often give unreasonable amounts of homework keeping the kids up until the wee hours trying to finish, only to arrive to school tired the next day. I've learned just that because a school environment is small, doesn't necessarily mean there's individualized attention. Our family is happy to be moving on...
6/1/2011parentWe have been at Shreiner for two years and plan on staying there as long as possible. The quality of the education and nurturing environment far surpasses any other school. The leadership now in place has made a huge difference over the past two years and has made the school top notch. The hours are a working parents dream come true, and the school and its students have an amazing future ahead of them.
12/20/2010parentThis is our first year at the school and we are pleased. We have two children and both adjusted to the school well. They offer a good curriculum and the kids there are so confident because it is such a nurturing enviroment. My older son who is a kindergartener was very withdrawn and cried a lot at his prior preschool and now he is just a little social butterfly.
6/28/2010parentThe person below is misinformed. The before and after school program is still included and the hours, 7:00 AM - 6:30PM are a working parent's dream. In addition, family loyalty discounts still exist. The teachers at Shreiner LOVE my kids and I know they are getting a wonderful education. I have toured other places and cannot "feel" the love and nurturing that is so important to raising healthy, happy, intelligent students from any other school. This is a do not miss... Shreiner has been and always will be amazing!
3/6/2010parentMy daughter has been at Sheiner for the past six years. She loves it because all of her friends are there. However, I have found that the quality of the teachers diminishes after first grade. One of the reasons I went to Shreiner was because of the teaching experience of the teachers. Now, so many of the teachers have been teaching for less than 7 years. Also, the school was recently purchased by a private organization, and that is reflected in the tuition rates. Shreiner loyalists used to get a discount for having been at the school a while. That is no longer the case. After school care used to be provided with tuition. That is no longer the case. Things have just changed too much for us.
3/3/2010parentOur son has been at Shreiner Academy since Kindergarten and is now in the 4th grade. Shreiner is truly a 'remarkable experience'. We love it, our son loves it and we could not be happier here. The quality education including the advanced curriculum, spanish daily and the indivdual attention has surpassed our expectations. The Shreiner teachers and staff are commited and really do seem to care about the welfare and education of our children. We love the quaint campus cottages, the pools and the unique and intimate feeling of 'family' we feel here. The welcomed addition of the American Education Group and Miss Sarah has made a good thing even better. The NWEA testing is an invaluable tool for teachers, students and parents. This unique testing program gives us all a roadmap as to where our children are, their strenghts, weaknesses and where they need to go. Highly recommend!!
1/13/2009parentExcellent school. Love the small class size and advanced education for my children. I just love this place.
11/25/2008otherI can't imagine a kinder, more gentle group of education professionals than those at Shreiner Academy. They are wonderful people who care about the education of kids as much as they do the kids mental and physical health. They just love kids.
11/25/2008parentTruly a family environment where each child is treated as an individual. Love the special programs and field trips-- they really add to what's going on in the classroom.
8/20/2008parentI have been a parent here for over 15 years, with three different children. my older children now go to Walton and are thriving in advanced classes. The school obviously creates intelligent, confident children that can thrive in the real world! I will miss this 'family' when my kids are finally out of school.
4/14/2008parentSeemed like a 'family' type atmosphere where children get a lot of specialized attention...but remember that sometimes small does not equate to lots of individual attention but rather to a lack of resources. The children do go on field trips and have the opportunity to take Spanish classes. But there is very little computer use, practically no library and actually very little individual help. I have heard better things about the pre-school level, but the 2nd grade level did not meet my expectations. I experienced an unattentive and uncaring teacher and administrators that turned a blind eye. This was not at all what I would expect for the money that was paid. I would advise other parents to be cautious at the higher grade levels.
3/26/2008studentHello, I have been going to Shreiner Academy for 10 years now, and even though I have had some rough times at Shreiner Academy, it really isn't all that bad. Yes, there is no extra actives, but my friends and I still have recess at 8th grade, which is a nice 15 minute break. Overall, Shreiner is a very nice, organized, clean environment.
3/25/2008parentUnhappy with the school...Everything seemed great when we took the tour and heard about the accelerated curriculum and extra activities. However, the curriculum was not as accelerated as promised (difficult to call it that when the kids do not use computers regularly). Books were not sent home to allow the students to read and/or study. They do have a foreign language program but that is where the 'extras' end. Strongly agree with the posters below that there is definitely an 'in' crowed as some families are strongly catered to over others. Maybe a good experience for some...not for us.
3/14/2008parentMy son attended from 2K through half of the 2nd grade. Preschool was a good alternative to daycare but once he got older (2nd grade) the teachers were very unresponsive - too much homework and not very much help. I agree with the post below to beware if you are not in the 'in' crowd. Also, beware of claims that they are 1-2 years ahead - after my son transferred I found this not to be true. Many programs have been cut - they still have foreign language but no music & art. Students rarely go to the computer lab or library. There are no after school activities & they even stopped publishing a yearbook. Not a good value for the money...
3/13/2008parentMy daughter has been attending preschool here since Dec 2007. She has made serious progress here. Her handwriting, phonics, and surprisingly spelling of many words is far beyond many of her friends. She loves books and leaning more than ever, it s wonderful and I am thoroughly impressed by the curriculum. She will attend there for Pre-K next year as well. I do wish communication was done over email vs paper handouts and that the administrative staff not assume parents are equipped with knowledge about the schools logistics (e.g where to drop my kid off at different times.) A first day tour plus info about their schedule and lunches would be really, really nice. I floundered for several days in the beginning. But these are my own preferences, which are insignificant really since she is learning at such an advanced level now.
10/10/2007parentBoth of my sons have attended Shreiner since they were two years old. I cannot say enough good about this amazing place. The teachers and administration are outstanding. Everyone is so positive and friendly. I always felt like everyone really knew and cared about my kids. All the kids are well-loved. It's just a wonderful, fun, supportive, loving environment. Perhaps this is because of the small size, but - whatever the reason - it works. The academics are first-rate, but the teachers are not pushy and really work with the individual child and parents. For example, I didn't care if my 3-4 year old ever had or did homework - and his teacher was on board with that. Other parents in my son's class wanted more homework for their young students and the teacher was responsive to that as well. Outstanding school with a wonderfully rich and diverse student population!
8/16/2007parentA good alternative to public schools. The curriculum is advanced, teacher-pupil ratio pretty low, and extracurricular activities get a lot of attention.
7/20/2007parentMy child has learned so much at this institution in the past 4 years. I do not have a problem with how much she has learned, but I do have a problem with the way Administrators and Teachers handle ongoing situations at the school. If you or your child is not in the 'in' crowd beware! Also, the school does not offer any after school sporting activities such as basketball, baseball, soccer, cheerleading, etc.

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