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Simpson Middle School
3340 Trickum Rd NE
Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 971-4711
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public | 6-8
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Andy Bristow2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/20/2012otherthis schools teachers do not respect the students. the princibles are horrible and the dress cod is outrages. the rule is no bottoms higher than 3 inches above theknee, a student was sent home by the princeible himself even though her shorts were only 1 INCH ABOVE THE KNEE!! my youngest child will not be attending simpson. "gag"
1/19/2012otherSimpson is a great school! You should be so proud to go to Simpson!!!Have fun at Simpson!!
1/9/2012parentSome teachers are great, but some are very partial and the Principal does not care about what happens in the classrooms and has openly told one of our friends that he has no control over what happens in the classrooms. Girls are treated better than boys and i came to know about a particular 7th grade science teacher that does lot of favors ( even in grades) to one of her students who was in her 6th grade class also.
1/8/2012parentThis school hardly meets my expectations. My straight A student has consistent D's and F's in 8TH grade AC Science as well as all her peers. When I confronted Mr. Bristow, he explained that he was not concerned because middle school grades don't count. I say get rid of teachers who don't care because my child's self esteem does count.
9/4/2011parentSeventh grade teachers are par excellence.Teaching is a passion for each of the AC as well as 7/8 classes,apart from the 20-30 years of subject expertise they bring to our students. They not only focus on high grade achievement, but also on overall learning,study skills,self discipline and more.
12/19/2009studentMr. Bristow, the new principal is great and has really brought the best out of me. I am a seventh grader taking seventh and eighth grade advanced classes. After homeroom I begin my day in the advanced orchestra. Next period I go to a different connection. We go to business, P.E., art, band, orchestra, and facs. Throughout the day I learn much for later test using my teachers vast knowledge of the subject that they teach. Even-though my parents arn't as involved others are. Mine and many other parents have joined the see foundation and the ptsa/pta. We are able to also join the running club, chess club, news team, builders club, yearbookteam, and much more. With all of the fun we are equally disciplened. The fun is set to a limit. The school is in great balance.
10/18/2009studentSimpson is great. It has a great learning enviroment and all the teachers are really nice. I am in 8th grade now and I love it.
5/29/2009parentMy daughter had a fairly good experience at Simpson. The one area that needs improvement is the Science program. Her sixth grade teacher took up half the period talking about her personal life and her eighth grade teacher could not discipline the class. Orchestra was wonderful as was her Spanish class. Atmosphere was not as down to earth as her elementary school.
4/1/2009parentI have three kids at Simpson. Two daughters in 7th grade and a son in 8th grade. My son is in the Target program and is preparing to go to Lassiter H.S. in the Fall. He is in all advanced classes and he is in Orchestra. He is sailing through, and he does not really feel like he is being challenged. My two girls are on IEPs. They both have ADHD and I have had a very positive experience with the meetings, staff, and teachers. I feel their needs are being met. They are both on A/B Honor Roll. My son goes back and forth between Straight A and A/B Honor Roll.
2/3/2009studentI'm a student at simpson and i love it. I learn alot and i have fun during the lessons ( most times ). Everyone is nice, and most of the teachers are good.
6/4/2007parentThis was my daughter's first and last year as an 8th grader at Simpson. Clearly, we were apprehensive to make such a change at this critical time. She is an all A honor student, and we were concerned that the faculty wouldn't know enough about her background to make the most of it. Boy, were we wrong! Simpson is an amazing school. The faculty sets very high standards and are there to offer support to those who seek it. I was impressed with the communication to parents (through e-mail) that came from faculty. This was a very academically challenging year--and it should have been as we prepare for HS. One thing that intrigued me was the way instructors 'blended' academic areas in certain assignments. I was also impressed with the number of team oriented projects--so important to learn how to learn together. Simpson Middle also has wonderful, fun school spirit.
5/30/2006parentThe enviorment is amazing. It's such a great place to learn. My daughter moved here just about a year ago and the instructors and faculty were just so nice. So were the kids! They're all really bright children and Simpson is a great place to grow and mature from.
9/28/2005parent The teachers are great, the principal is amazing, and my kids feel like they can really succeed! Thanks Simpson
4/5/2005parentI have one child with a learning disability that is currently attending Simpson. I am an educator and I have found their SST process confrontational and not parent/student friendly. I actually felt the SST process quickly became unnecessarily adversarial. That being said, after support services were in place, my child has done very well. I have found the teaching and support staff to be excellent. I am particularly pleased with the inclusion model they are using. They have offered clearly well planned and creative assignments that integrate skills among subjects. They consistently use excellent teaching strategies that support all students. I have found the staff to be very invested in the students.

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