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Sope Creek Elementary School
3320 Paper Mill Rd SE
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 916-7085
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public | PK-5
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Martha Whalen2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/26/2012parentThe pricipal does not treat the parents with respect. Her philosphy is based on learning to learn, no focus on basic skills unless you count the CRCT, which is joke. Successful, experienced teachers are required to toe the line, or risk the pricipal's wrath. There are many great teachers if you are either lucky enough or volunteer enough to get one. The one day a week Target program is a poor substitute for challenging gifted children daily in the classroom. Subjects are taught to the slowest students, there is no attemp to teach to ability. My children's biggest complaint is boredom. The school feels like a prison -the bulletin boards are dull, kids marching along, perfectly spaced apart, eyes staring dully forward. Our experience hasn't been entirely negative. The vice principal knows the children and communicates honestly with the parents and we have been fortunate to have great experiences with teachers that were at Sope Creek prior to the current administration.
6/11/2012parentWe moved to the area a year ago from Tennessee due to a job transfer. Before the move, I had done a lot of research on the area and the schools. I can say without a doubt that this past school year was one of the best my children have ever had. The teachers were so kind, and they really helped make the transition to a new school as easy as possible. I felt my children were really challenged, and they learned a lot this year. I felt that the administration of the school was very approachable and caring as well. As for the person that posted the comment on June 8, you birthed the child...it is YOUR responsibility to make sure YOUR child behaves. The teachers are overwhelmed with academic responsibilities, and yes they have HIGH expectations. I am very thankful the teachers at this school have high expectations. When the bar is set high, the children will rise to meet those expectations.
6/8/2012parentWe moved to this area for this School. My Son just finished his kindergarten and moving to First grade next academic year. This school is good for your kids as long as your kids fits in to their school boundary and if you have a Boy really think twice before you move him to this school. Coz' the staffs are lazy to work with active, energetic boys and they just complain a lot about the child every other day instead of working with them. I had a smart boy who is energetic and the school doesnt know how to keep him busy and work with him. They expect parents to work with the child instead of school teaching the kids the social expectations. Developing social and academic skills should be part of the schools curriculum but they put lots of pressure on the kids and parents by not taking responsibility . They expect your kindergartner to behave like a Teenager and its frustrating for the child and parents. Even academically, you are expected to work with the child and they just tell you that they lack in certain areas and expect us to work instead of them doing it. Overall, if you fit in to the school boundary you can thrive if not, it's a bad choice for the kids.
6/2/2011parentSope Creek is an extraordinary school. I have two children there, one of whom needs special services (language arts help). I cannot speak highly enough of the teachers, staff and especially administration and their caring attitude towards everyone's children. There are 1100 students, but you'd think it was a school of 200 with how plugged in the administration is to our children. My older child has an IEP and is served wonderfully by the special ed staff. I also want to mention, you see the admin staff all the time. They are very accessible and responsive. Also, your emails, calls or concerns are answered quickly and candidly. It is a great, great school.
3/30/2011parentMy son goes to Sope Creek, and at the end of the school year we will be moving to another home in order to remove him from this school. The first year he went to this school, he had the most wonderful teacher and thrived. This year, he has a teacher that is just filling in a spot and that is too lazy to actually care. The administration may be wonderful, until you question them, even politely, about their actions regarding your child. The principal has consistantly ignored request after request for a private meeting regarding our issues, and we are now at the point were we are disgusted. I am extremely disapointed, considering we moved here from out of state, and chose this house in order to have our son go to this school because it is supposed to be one of the best. I would have to strongly disagree.
1/31/2011parentExcellent school! Good teachers! great admin and support staff. And principal will personally look into even an individual request/note sent to her attention. I disapprove some of (but not all) their fund raising activitiies. Boosterthon is absolutely criminal and should be banned from not only this school bur all schools.
12/15/2010parentWe moved to this area specifically for the schools. Sope Creek is an excellent school. I really do not understand some of the comments regarding unattentive teachers. In fact, a couple teachers have spent hours with us working on special plans for our oldest son who tends to get bored easily with the overall level of work. Upsides are excellent academics in regular and advanced classes, attentive teachers (if you treat them well) and great kids. Downsides are overly aggressive parents (this is a famous East Cobb trait), an administrative staff that can be aloof and not attentive to individual needs and a lack of language and arts (typical of all public schools). Overall, we could not expect more out of a public school. If we wanted more academic options on languages or arts and less focus on politically correct social studies, we could choose to send them to a private school. However, with a few exceptions, these may not have a higher level of fundamental academic rigor (math, science and reading).
9/2/2010parentMy two sons went to Sope Creek Elementary School and received an excellent education they are both in advanced classes in their middle and high schools and are well prepared.
8/9/2010parentMy oldest daughter went to attended Sope Creek for 1-5. I have a daughter who is attending now and a child getting ready to join next year. We love Sope Creek. The schoool is inviting the teachers are positive and go above and beyond the call of duty. My oldest has ADHD and was treated wonderfully in the classroom and now excelled to Gifted and advanced placement classes at Dickerson. Yes there are alot of donations for things and request however I have seen a noticable decrease in the request for donation in the past 2 years. I am very happy to send my kids here.
5/21/2010parentI ended up pulling my two boys with ADHD out because they were segregated from their "typical peers" for 95% of the day! The majority of the staff had no understanding of how to teach students with learning disablities, and no care to change. I felt left out and not included by most moms, even though I chaired a committee in PTA. We need to stop segregating students! All students can benefit from working together! Test scores have become too important. We may be producing kids with high IQ scores, but at what expense? Compassion and acceptance for others are not measured on CRCT tests, but they are extremely important to becoming good people.
5/20/2010parentOOPS....I meant to say personnel on my below review, wish there was a better way to correct it?
3/24/2010parentExcellent school with tremendous opportunities for hands on learning and development. The school always tests well but just as important are the intangibles. My daughter graduated from Sope Creek with a love of learning and a strong work ethic and I couldn't have asked for more.
1/11/2010parentA great school for over-achieving, Ivy League bound students. If your child does not already fit this mold, look elsewhere as it's not a good fit for the average student. Also, I've never been in a school system that wants so many mandatory and pressured 'donations' for everything from t-shirts to field trips (even 'in-school' filed trips??). At times it feels like I'm paying tuition to send my child here. This is our first year here and I'm seriously considering making it our last.
12/17/2009parentSope Creek is a superb school - the children are getting a fantastic education. Highly involved parents and excellent teachers.
8/29/2009parentMy child is in 3rd grade, and 3 of his 4 teachers have been just super! We had a very challenging year with a tenured teacher last year - we all learned alot. We worked with the counselor about the teacher's opportunities, but it didn't seem to help. We are blessed this year with a super, wonderful, flexible, understanding, open teacher and are very happy. If you want a warm and cozy school, you should do your homework... 1200 students will never be cozy. True there are some 'elite' parents and those of us who work, and yes, most of the activities are during school hours. However, you make the time to be there for your child. I figure if you don't have to work, you should support the school. The new pricipal and counselors are great, as are the front office staff. The tenured teachers could use some continuing ed.
4/27/2009parentI can say this is a really good school academically but the level of diversity is very poor. Also there are very few options to get assistance for children who may need extra help. The teachers are friendly for the most part, but I truely agree there is some level of elitism, especially in the children.
3/11/2009parentBeen sorely disappointed with this school. I moved here to go to this school, the administration is not friendly and want everyone to fit into their boxes. My children are on IEP's -they are wonderful with one child and A complete nightmare with another. I have been lied to by the principal, my son is with Special Ed teachers that are not certified in Special Education. It is a nightmare-I have heard great things about Cherokee County and other schools. Look there first.
3/6/2009parentSope Creek no doubt is an excellent school. Both my kids are in this school. I like the teachers. No bad experience with the office staff yet. One of the reviews said there is economic rift in this school. But hey,,,who cares if someone is a millionaire's child as long as our child gets straight A's. I think as long as we do not bring this economic thing in our child's head everything will be fine. Yes, definitely I found some Parents snobbish....But who cares. It is indeed sad for a teacher to write a review saying she wouldn't send her child to this school where she works. As for volunteering ....I think Parents should back off and let the teachers do their job. Too much Parent volunteering in this school. Moms! go find some where else to volunteer if you have all the time in the world.
3/5/2009parentWe've got a 4th grader & a 1st grader @ Sope Creek, both started there in Kindergarten. I have nothing but great respect for the faculty, especially since both of my boys are dyslexic & have had the privilage of being in the IEP program. I was expecting a fight to get my kids the help they would need. However, I am happy to say that we've had nothing but great experiences with the school's counselors, teachers and the IEP teachers. They are truly amazing! Since 1st gr. CRCT testing, my 4th grader has progressed from barely meets or not met (lang. arts) to meeting or exceeding the standards on a National level. I am so proud of Sope Creek as a school. I've found that, even though a large school, there is true commitment to our children in every aspect. We are honored to have our kids attending the Creek!!
6/30/2008parentSope Creek has excellent academics but the culture there is one that is snobby towards parents that work. All activities and performances are during the day expecting that parents can come. This is the first year in 10 years as a parent of a school age child that I did not get to see my child perform. Also, for volunteering...only parents who do not work get the opportunities. It is very controlled by the certain elite of the school population. Excellent teachers and the principal seems good but it was her first year.
3/29/2008teacherAs a teacher here for some time, I know that this school is an excellent school. Most teachers work hard to put forth the best lessons to meet all of their students needs. Unfortunately, some teachers do not. What I am most dissapointed with is the stabbing in the back and gossiping that goes on throughout the school. Even if you just go to work, mind your own business, and do your job you will still, somehow, be brought into turmoil. I wish the teams were more connected so that they could collaboratively work together to teach their grade level as a whole. Politics are big at this school and all I know is that my kids will definately not go here.
2/22/2008parentSorry to hear some parents were not as pleased as I am. I can only write positive things about this school, because it has been just that. To me its like home. I love this place, my kids love this school. You cannot ask for better counselors than we have in this school. My son now in middle school can vouch for that
2/14/2008parentSope Creek has proven over the past four years to be exceptional in every way. The teachers are caring and well education and the administration is wonderful. We feel very lucky to have our 3rd grader in such a great school.
2/10/2008parentI, too, moved from out of town and into this school district specifically for Sope Creek. I am sorely disappointed. 1) Too large: It creates a disconnect between the parents, students, teachers, and administrators 2) Not flexible when dealing with children. My child is very bright and very creative. She takes longer than others to finish a project. The teachers answer to that? Make her skip recess and finish the project. 3) Frankly, too snobby. The school cares greatly about its academic ratings/test scores, as it should. But it cares more about that than it does about my child.
10/25/2007parentWe moved to this area specifically for this school. I have been very impressed and happy with the education my son is receiving. The Sope Creek Foundation is a wonderful organization that really helps this school to be top notch. The teachers are caring and the staff is wonderful. This is such a family orientated place- we could not be happier!
3/27/2007parentWe moved to Georgia 2 years ago when my child was 9. I chose Sope Creek because of it's high rating. The students are tight-knit and don't welcome new pupils, my child has had a hard time being accepted. The children are not taught to accept others at all. At a recent school function the principal asked for quiet. The children took awhile to quiet, and they did, but the parents did not. The principal then again said 'Quiet--I mean the parents too...' This is Sope Creek in a nutshell. Not a family oriented, cozy school.
2/27/2007parentWe recently moved from Colorado and was shocked to find out how far behind my second grader was compared to the children at Sope Creek. The school's standards are far above many other schools nationwide. I think this is a positive push to get really get our children to their full potential. With some extra work, she is catching up. The teachers are very caring and interested in the academic well being of the children. I have found though that there seems to be a socially competitive nature to many of the children at Sope Creek. This may be an area in which Sope Creek does not excel. Overall, I feel that we are lucky to have such a strong academic school in our public school system.
2/22/2007parentWe moved here from Michigan two years ago. I picked Sope Creek because of it's high test scores. Unfortunately the high test scores and the great After School Program is all it has going for it for us. The teachers are good but not caring and responsive. My disabled son has been getting teased for months and his teacher is disconnected to the whole situation. In addition, because the staff is disconnected, the children are not being taught social skills and sensitivity . Not a school for the faint of heart.
2/21/2007parentWe love this school. My son was previously in an unnamed private school and they have nothing close to this kind of treatment. My son has learned more and has a higher self esteem going here than the other place. The teachers we have had so far are wonderful!
3/13/2006parentWe recently moved here from another state and have had nothing but a positive experience with Sope Creek. My 5th grader has recieved a lot of support and encouragement from the staff. Her teachers are always accessible and respond quickly to inquiries. We have experienced both the general ed class and also special ed for reading issues and have been impressed with my childs progress and at the way she has been welcomed to the community. She uses a wheelchair for mobility and this environment has been both responsive and adaptive to her needs. We have found a niche with other parents and students for socializing. There is always a lot going on in the Sope Creek community and there are plenty of opportunities to be involved. Being involved and taking time to get to know teachers and other parents does affect your child's experience at school.
12/31/2005parentThe school is fine (considering we are in ga.) But it is not the end all be all. It is way too big. I'd like for my son to learn what he needs to know to become a well rounded child....Not what he needs to know to get the faculty kudos on some standard test. Frankly, I'd like to sell my house and put him in a private school with different goals.
10/12/2005parentThe staff does seem unattentive at times, it is getting better as the school year progresses. I agree that finding student's phone numbers is hard. There is a huge economic rift too, the school is surrounded by million dollar homes but there are tons of kids from the lower income apartments too. I live in those apartments and have gotten snubbed a few times by the more influential parents. I love the academics of the school and my child's teacher is great but the snobbish attitude is difficult.
10/4/2005parentThis school has attained a very high level of parental support. The standards set for the students are high and the teachers design their curriculums based on getting high CRCT test scores.
8/10/2005parentIn response to the other comments...Where in Cobb County aren't there trailers? Sope Creek only has Gifted, ESOL, 2 Resource classes in trailers. And there has been a directory available for purchase since 1989! Contact the PTA! The office staff may 'appear' inattentive, but remember they have 125 staff and 1,100 students to deal with! I think they do a great job and are always very helpful and friendly to myself and my husband!! As for the 24 yr. old teacher with no children. Most have their Master's, and they are energetic, and appreciative of their job at such a fine school!
8/2/2005parentA good scchool only benifits you if the teacher can accomodate your childs needs. If the child is behind a bit or ahead (90% of the class), a 24yo teacher with no children of her own is useless. (The principal is new as of last year so I can not comment.) I do know that I pay alot to live here in 'East Cobb' and my child is being schooled in a trailer...hmmm.
1/6/2005parentMy daughter attended Sope Creek 1st - 5th grades. She really enjoyed the school and really loved all her teachers. I think that there is too much parent involvement, the teachers and staff are there to do there job not get harassed by some of the parents.
12/13/2004parentMy son started at Sope Creek this fall. Academically, I am impressed. Constructive criticism would be TOO BIG. It is virtually impossible to interact with the teachers unless you volunteer frequently. If you have questions about small things: homework assignments,etc. You are out of luck unless you send a note to school and are lucky to get a response. There is no directory, so if your child wants to have a friend over to play...pull out your private eye skills and figure out who they are and how to find the parents. On the other hand, my child has always been shy and reluctant to go to school and now can't wait until monday morning.
10/14/2004parentThis is an excellent school. I volunteer there a lot and am well impressed with the discipline and expectations of the teachers and students. My daughter started K this past fall and learning at an incredible rate. The teachers mean business and the students respond. A++++
8/10/2004parentI think as far as ratings/scores Sope Creek is an excellent school. Needs improvement socially as far as socializing with parents. The staff in the office is very unattentive.

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