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Sprayberry High School
2525 Sandy Plains Rd
Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 578-3200
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public | 9-12
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Ed Wagner2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/23/2011studentI am a senior at SHS who will be graduating this Friday, May 27th, 2011. I moved from NY and thought it would be hard to adjust to a new school, state, and friends. However, SHS made everything so easy. The teachers were all so friendly and helpful. They were there whatever I needed weather it be school related or not. I am the first in my family to actually graduate so this is a big deal and I have SHS to thank for that.
4/30/2011parentSprayberry is a prejudice school. The teachers at sprayberry would tell the kids they need to go back where they came. I hope after speaking with the school board, I hope they will not let Sprayberry be involved in the no child left behind. I don't hear nasty comments from students at other schools. My step son went to Hillgrove and he never had problems with the teachers saying nasty comments to students.
5/17/2010 great sports teams and a great principle this is a greayt place to go to high-school
3/31/2010parentI love Sprayberry. I went there and now my daughter is in the 9th grade there. The school really makes it hard to fail. There are so many ways free of charge to get extra help if students need it. I have been extremely impressed with the teachers and staff at Sprayberry. They encourage parents to get informed and involved with the students education. It almost seems like we parents can get so lost especially now in high school. The staff guides the parents and gives them a super support system. I feel so comforted by my daughter being at Sprayberry. I honestly would not send her anywhere else.
11/29/2009studentSprayberry is pretty ok the AP and Honors classes are really good and challenging. But there IS a sort of devision at the school that I've noticed. It's between students who take AP/Honors classes and students who take regular (or 'on-level') classes. I've noticed that there are many (of course not all) people in AP/Honors classes that look down on people in the regular classes. I'm not one for cliques and devisions so of course this really stood out to me and pissed me off (if you excuse my language). Overall it's a pretty good school, better than my last anyway. I'd rate it as just a normal school though, nothing really spectacular that changed my life forever lol.
11/12/2008parentSprayberry is an EXCELLENT school. It may not be the newest school in the area and partly because it is landlocked, but I am from up North and used to older buildings. My children are performing beautifully there and the band and football teams are to die for. Parental involvement is key and there is an abundance of parental faces always present at the school. Now, I did email the principal once and she never responded but I am going to be positive and attribute that to her being busy with supporting her students and all of their many activities. Overall, I like this school over some of the other schools I've come in contact with in Cobb County. Get involved and watch your childs experience here enhance!
10/2/2008parentSprayberry is a fantastic school. The teachers are outstanding and keep parents up to date and involved with their child's progress at the school. Academics, Fine Arts and Sports programs are all above average.
7/8/2008studentSprayberry a really great school. As a graduated student, I'm addressing posts below. Many are accurate, but some appear to be a result of a parent getting mad and flaming about a certain dept. What many people don't understand is that the guidance (counselors) have one of the hardest jobs in the school because it is their job to not only help those who need actual counseling, but to arrange thousands of schedules and help each and every student get what they need to stay on track. It is sheer arrogance to say that they are at all lacking based on one bad experience because each and every counselor does their job to the fullest, so just because you may not get everything you want, it doesn't mean the guidance dept. is 'lacking.' The guidance dept. does an excellent job, and deserves proper representation!
5/21/2008parentWe moved to Georgia in October mainly because of Georgias schools, my daughter spent her first years in Catholic Schools in New York and I was scared to try a public school, but let me tell you, Sprayberry is an outstanding school, I can talk to the teachers during the school day if needed, when they have a free class if I have have to leave a message they get right back to me at there next free minute. The office personnel are great, even with well over 1000 students they still know my daughter.My daughter and I love the i-parent she constantly checks it to watch her grades and work on areas that need help. She is constantly encouraged to reach higher standards.I love the computer generaed calls giving us important information and notifying us if our child is absent from a class.This school is definetly ready for the future.
5/9/2008parentSchool has gotten better and better each year as new houses have gone up around it.
4/7/2008parentMy son has been attending Sprayberry since 2005. I had nightmares about this school mainly due to the bad publicity and reviews that it has gotten in the past. Much to my surprise, it has turned out to be an excellent school. My son has had excellent teachers, except for 2 or 3. His guidance counselor, Mrs. Robinson is excellent. The rest of the guidance department is lacking and could do a better job. The focus in on academics NOT athletics which is where it should be. I love the diversity of the kids. It is an old school, but looks can be deceiving. It is a great school!
10/16/2007studentSprayberry is an alright school. It has it's goods and it's bads. All in all, I like it, I think it is run pretty well, I feel pretty safe, I like a majority of my teachers. The school food is not great. Bullying is another issue, but it isn't as frequent or severe as it used to be in other schools. I guess no school is perfect.
10/11/2007parentSteer clear of this school! Though a few good teachers, the administration and new principle are worthless! Emloyee turn over is huge. Already had one child graduate from there.
8/9/2007otherI am a recent graduate of Sprayberry. i have been to other schools in different school systems and in Cobb County. I can say only say extremely bad things about guidance staff and couselors, but Sprayberry has by far been my best experience. of coarse, i only had 1 year there, i have to say that it was a really good place and i wish that i had more time there. Academically rounded, great teacher quality, not a sports person, but it was great! It was extremely cool to see parents, teachers, and administrators (the good ones!), on the same team! i felt safe at all times and i didn't mind being there...so what it was school and I had senioritis! Thanks Sprayberry!
8/7/2007studentSprayberry was the worst school I have ever been too. The school is obsessed with sports, instead of focusing on Academics, like it should be. The staff members seem to hate the school as well, since most of them are unpleasant to deal with. If your a parent and you are thinking about moving to North Georgia, try to avoid the Sprayberry district as much as possible.
2/26/2007parentOn his first day of high school this year, my son came home and said 'mom, at Sprayberry everybody is different, so nobody gets picked on.' This is the beauty of attending an ethnically, racially and socio-economically diverse school. So far, his teachers have been excellent. His Spanish teacher last semester was awesome and his algebra and geography teachers were very dedicated and willing to go the extra mile. My son made it on to the j.v. soccer team. They may not be the best soccer team in Cobb County but they accepted just about everybody who tried out. This would never occur at the other East Cobb schools were winning is everything and players who are not shining stars do not make it on the team. The other thing that I like about this school is that the parents are 'down to earth' and the principle is approachable and caring.
2/21/2007parentThe quality of the program varies greatly with the teacher. We have had some excellent teachers and some not so great. Sprayberry offes plenty of sports but facilities are limited. Thay have an excellent fine arts program. Parents seem to be very involved with most extracurricular programs.
1/26/2007studentDr. Galante came along with myself and fellow classmates from J.J. Daniell to Sprayberry four years ago. Now I and my peers will graduate this May '07. Sprayberry is well maintained, and is a great place to learn! There are so many opportunities for students that everyone and anyone is welcome to visit our School of Excellence.
11/17/2006parentOur son graduated a few years ago and SHS was a great school for him. An average student, he played football and in the orchestra all four years. Teachers were great with encouraging him all along the way. There are so many things a student can be invloved with - clubs, music, sports. The physical plant could use some rehab - it's an old school - but there were great teachers and lots of activities.
10/13/2006studentI'm a Freshman at SHS and so far the school is great! I love coming here everyday, even though it is so big. I have dedicated teachers and our Pep Rally's are always funny. Sprayberry is a great school to come to.
9/13/2006former studentI graduated back in May of 2006! I came in my freshmen year with a principal who did not care or do anything to support are school what so ever. Then came along my sophmore year Dr. Galante who turned around the whole school and made everything look better, and classes as well. The drama, band, and chorus programs are all very well set up and I loved being involved in all of them. I was not in chorus, but I had the love for singing and loved watching the chorus. I was in the other 2 and I would have to say being in marching band taught me alot of leadership skills, and having dr. galante come support the band over the years really made me feel good inside.
4/22/2006studentVery strict on discipline and school appropriate clothing. Great AP classes.
3/6/2006parentThis school is below standard for other schools in the East Cobb area, and we regret the decision for our child to attend, and our younger child will not attend. Although the principle is excellent, most of the teaching staff is unresponsive. Our child is in advanced placement and the counselors have been inadequate. I can't imagine what the parents of a struggling child contend with. The physical condition of the school is poor. The athletic department is terrible. Sprayberry has an impressive stadium, but they have let it run down to the point where bathrooms and water within are inoperable, and portable toilets have been necessary. Events I have attended at this school have been nothing short of embarassing. If relocating, I would highly recommend first visiting this school.
3/5/2006parentSprayberry is a great school. Over the past few year Sprayberry has crack down on attendence problem, and raise standard so the students have the best performance. It has also been rank one of America best school, and only one of 3 schools, to get a school of exellence twice.
2/4/2006studentI am Senior at sprayberry right now. In the last four years , I have seen shs change from a school with a principal who didn't care about anything, students who don't support sports teams, and half of the students who just don't care... to a school where the prinicipal cares for us more than anyone else, students attending every sporting event, and a larger number of students paying attention and doing well in class. It's an absolute turn-around. The school is amazing compared to what it was just a few short years ago. I am proud to say that I am part of a legacy to this school, Father('78), Mother('78), Sister('03), 3 uncles('72,'79,'81), 2 aunts ('70,'75), and 3 cousins ('99,'00,'04). Sprayberry has been in my family for years and I'm proud to be a student there.
8/5/2005studentI am currently attending Sprayberry High. It is a truly outstanding school with lots of involvment from parents, teachers, and students. Most of the teachers are wonderfull and really know what they are talking about. They care for their students and try to help them succeed in as many ways as possible. This school is exactly like the real world: it has rich and poor kids, students of various races and ethnics, and people that come from many different backgrounds. The band and drama program is highly respected. This is an extraordinary school for anyone to attend.
8/5/2005former studentI am a former student of Sprayberry High. I would like to say what a wonderfull school it is. The teachers really care about each individual student and try to help them in all ways possible. They really know what they are talking about. The sports teams are of average quality, but the band and drama program is of very high standards. Sprayberry is exactly like the real world: it has rich and poor students, students of different ethnics and races, and teens that come from many different backgrounds. It is a great school to attend, and I would highly recommend every student attend. It prepares you very well for the rigor and high demands of college.
3/15/2005parentOur kids have only been attending Sprayberry for approx. 6 months; but we're fairly impressed with the school. It has many opportunities for academics and extra-curricular activities. I do have my concerns about some of the curriculum, such as the 'sock baby' project, that I feel might contribute to de-sensitizing the children about parenting as a teen, rather than just warning them of the burden of becoming a teen parent. Also, the school is large enough that it can be difficult for shy students to make friends. However, these concerns apply to most American high schools in general. There seems to be a good amount of parental involvement and discipline at the school. We're pretty satisfied overall.
2/19/2005parentSprayberry High School is a parent's dream come true; it offers a high school experience that encompasses the best in academics, extracurriculars and social/ethnic integration. The principal is outstanding, and the teachers are intensely dedicated. A student who is lucky enough to go to Sprayberry High School is a student who will do well in college, in a career, and in life. SHS is excellence engendering further excellence.
12/26/2004parentThe extra-curriculars at Sprayberry are awesome. The sports teams are a good way to get involved and get to know people really fast. Most of the teachers are high quality.
10/15/2004parentI would echo those who note that the new principal, Mrs. Galante, has made a significant difference and reversed what was a downward trend. The College Prep program is spectacular, and well-respected by admissions officers across the Southeast. The major challenge the school faces are mostly physical. Mrs. Gallante will continue to attract oustanding teachers, but the physical facilities are direly in need of work. The Cobb School Board needs to rennovate 80% of the facility. Extracurricular activities often get a short shrift, especially the sports and clubs. The band is well-respected.
7/31/2004former studentAs a former student ('98) as well as my father ('72), younger sister ('02), and baby sister ('08), this school has been in our household for a long time. I have always felt that this school not only prepares you for college, but also life in general. Because of the diversity of this school, it's unlike many other high schools in Cobb (a predominantly white county). I was able to understand different cultures and socioeconomic differences. To be quite honest, because of my lifelong tie with Sprayberry, I can't agree with others about this 'negative reputation.' Sprayberry has won the National School of Excellence and the Georgia State School of Excellence (both when I was in school) on more than one occasion. I would recommend this school to anyone. It is the most well-rounded educational experience and one of the oldest schools in Cobb.
6/20/2004former studentWhile a parent's opinion about a school is important, I believe that in order to truly understand Sprayberry you need the views of a student. I graduated from Sprayberry this May and would not have changed my high school experience for anything. Because of my high school preparation, I am now enrolled at the University of Georgia and doing very well. Sprayberry prepared me, not only for college, but also for life. I was able to participate in the things that I love (music and performing arts) and still get one of the best educations offered in the area. I also learned not to judge a book by its cover (pardon the cliche) and make friends with people who are different from me. I know that SHS doesn't have the best reputation, but I don't know anyone who doesn't love it there. You should definitely give it a chance.
4/21/2004parentMy kid is having a problem - going from Honor Roll to F's. Teachers are not doing their job of motivating students. Minority students are losing hope, are stressed and have few role models who count. Counseling dept. overworked and ineffective.
2/26/2004parentThis school is under new leadership now and is in the process of changing the way classes are scheduled for the 2004-05 school year. There have been many improvements so far & a lot of positive changes. A school is only as good as the principal and the parental involvement. In both cases this school will be outstanding.
2/23/2004parentI have two Sprayberry Graduates and two students currently enrolled here. We have participated in Music (band), Drama, Sports (wrestling) foreign language clubs and the gifted programs. The teachers have been excellent in most cases, and have demonstrated dedication to their vocation in all of the club sponsorships. The guidance counselor for the gifted program (Larry Lynch) was essential in guiding us to appropriate college choices for the two older students who have continued to do well in College and stay focused on their goals. My kids enjoyed friends from a wide variety of backgrounds, and had wonderful experiances in the Marching band and in the other extra curricular activities they were drawn to. Many parents are very active in the Parent groups that support the arts, or the sports teams as well as the PTA. Parent groups regularly make improvements to the school and/or grounds with clean up days or with the planting of flowers on the grounds. We have been recognised as a National School of Excellence twice in recent years and the new principal (Mrs. Galante) seems knowledgeable, focused and dedicated to our continued excellence. I am pleased to have my children educated in this school.
8/24/2003parentThis school is turning around, thanks to new principal Leadership. Focus on education, extracurricular, dress codes, safety and no tolerance for drugs, should return this high school favorable standings in the community.

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