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St. Joseph Catholic School
81 Lacy St NW
Marietta, GA 30060
(770) 428-3328
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private | K-8
County: Cobb


3/12/2012parentWe couldn't be happier with our choice to send our children to St. Joe's. A fabulous community with high parental involvement. The overall educational experience that our children are recieving is impressive. We feel blessed to be able to provide them with this experience.
6/7/2011parentWe couldn't love this school more then we already do. At St Joes we found a 2nd family for our children. The teachers are extremely dedicated and in constant contact with the parents. The parents are highly motivated and involved with the school. But the best part is: NO CELL PHONES OR ANY OTHER ELECTRONICS ALLOWED. Do you have any idea how much easier it is?! With out detraction children can focus much better on studying! It's great!!
7/21/2010parentIn regards to Fr. Berny from an earlier review: "Fr. Berny won't help because he couldn't care less about the school and the archdiocese office won't listen to valid concerns" Fr. Berny is no longer the pastor at St. Joseph. Fr. Walsh is a phenomenal pastor and is extremely involved in the school and I have seen a marked improvement since his appointment. He is fully engaged with the children and visits the classrooms and attends special events. We really love St. Joesph and feel like it is the best place for our children. We really like that we can talk to the teachers at any time and that we get to know the fellow parents and gain support and help from them when needed. Excellent school!!!
1/17/2010parentWe have two children at St Joe's. We do love the school and commute 21 miles each way to get the kids there everyday.
10/6/2009parentWe have multiple children at St Joe's. It is a fantastic shool and an excellent educational bargain. The parents are heavily involved, the teachers are bright and well motivated, and most importantly, the school is a safe/disciplined environment for the kids. No video games, moral relativism or bad language here -- it just doesn't happen, period. Sure, the principal is a strong personality. I fail to see that as a shortcoming -- I want someone in that job that gets things done and doesn't tolerate slack behavior. Which teachers do you remember best when you are an adult? It's not the ones who were soft -- it is always the ones that pushed you to do more and work harder. PS: We took our kids out of the allegedly 'top rated' neighborhood public school because the teachers & administration did not give a flip about the kids.
4/24/2009parentI absolutely love this school!! For the first time since I moved to Georgia have I felt that my child is getting a quality education. I feel honored and priveleged to have my child attend this school. I have nothing but great things to say about the staff and Mrs. Allen. Peace of mind......knowing he is in a safe and loving environment, rich in education, fellow students are loving and accepting of others.
12/26/2008studentThis school is so welcoming and friendly! I love it!
8/22/2008parentWe have been at St. Joseph's for a few years now and have been extremely happy with the education, emphasis on Catholic values and the family environment.
5/16/2008parentSt. Joe's has a major principal and administration problem. Pat Allen is more concerned about protecting and exercising her authority as principal than doing the right - or honest - thing for the kids. Fr. Berny won't help because he couldn't care less about the school and the archdiocese office won't listen to valid concerns. Therefore, Ms. Allen is not held accountable for her actions and does not exemplify the proper attitude or character to be in charge of a Catholic school. This is disgraceful because the teachers and families of St. Joe's are excellent and deserve better. But until the church and archdiocese administration decide to stop ignoring this, I would advise people to keep their children far away.
3/10/2007parentWe are very happy at St. Joseph's. The school provides religious and quality education to our kids. The school follows thier mission and vision statement which is focus on student learning within a Catholic environment. The school leaders know how to run a good school. Thier classes are organized to challenge students to learn and perform. There are services at the school for health, tutoring, mentoring to help students develop and learn. At St. Jo's, people are respected for their differences. There are many opportunities for our kids to learn about people from different countries and backgrounds. There is an excellent communication between the school and parents. All parents are welcome and encourage to get involve with the school and many do so. We feel blessed that we belong to this community. It is such a wonderful opportunity for our kids! MTS
2/22/2007parentSt. Joseph School provides a wonderful sense of community. My children are receiving a quality education from caring educators. As with any school, there is always room for improvement. What impresses me is St. Joes willingness to hear parents and involve them in the overall school vision.
8/21/2006parentSt. Joseph is among the top schools in the Metro Atlanta school system. It's also among the most expensive in the system. My child has been there since Kindergarten, she is now in the grade. While we have had our share of problems. The support that we have received from the staff has been excellent. Every school has its shortcomings, however the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. My child is well rounded, disciplined,and smart enough to gain entrance to 'any' college she wants to attend. I give 50% of the credit to St. Joseph and 50% to my wife and I. St. Joseph has been a wonderful experience.
7/19/2006parentOur kids attended St. Joseph for a year. Unfortunately my kids won't be going back to this school this year. The school's lack of additional help for kids who have special needs have prompted us to seek help somewhere else. Every child is expected to fit in the school's norm and mould hence at times ostracizing kids who can not fit in. They lack diversity in this school, I believe that they should encourage the acceptance of kids with diverse ethnic backgrounds to help other kids to be more well rounded in dealing with their peers and hopefully become more tolerant to the changing face of America.. Class size is substandard ( 27-29/class). Our commendation for the teachers for their tireless efforts despite such workload. We wish St. Joseph School all the best and may they continue to improve their way up to a better learning institution.
3/13/2006parentWhat a disappointment. The academics are poor, especially in the middle school. the Catholic system in Atlanta continues to shoot low when it comes to academics.
3/4/2006parentWe were extremely disappointed in St. Joseph's Catholic school. The principal Mr. Kraft is now gone, but what school would have hired him in the first place is concerning. We had a problem, and had never needed to see the principal before, but b/c the teacher was unprofessional we had to. The principal greeted us with his hands crossed, and said, 'I don't see the problem.' WOW!! It got worse from there. I am a 2nd grade teacher, and thought, never would my principal greet a parent in that manner. The teacher was terribly rude in the office as well. We have had many problems, HUGE problems, which led us to leave the school, St. Joseph Catholic Church, and the Catholic religion. My advice, explore other options!

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