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The Walker School
700 Cobb Parkway N
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 427-2689
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private | PK-12
County: Cobb


9/8/2012parentBeware, the lower school is a waste of money! The lower school has "several" teachers, who have been at Walker over 20 years, and are stuck in their ways. Far too many lower school teachers constantly demonstrate arrogance, haughtiness, judgmental attitudes, and, yes, even bully parents! They team together in meetings and run over parents. The communication from teachers is greatly lacking, and they clearly don't want to be bothered with parents contacting them. Don t ask the teachers to do anything, as they will turn the issue around and blame the student and parent. They also overwhelm students with an unrealistic amount of homework "every night", believing that translates into exceptional teaching! There is no gradebook or attendance record for parents to view online. Course assignments rarely involve technology. If you re a non-working parent, who has a lot of time to freely devote to the school, or you work on staff, or you buddy with the administrators and teachers, then your child will be favored in class. What a game! The high priced tuition doesn't mean a quality education! Don t be fooled! Their marketing skills are much stronger than their instructional skills!
8/2/2012otherI LOVE WALKER!!!!!! I've been going since fifth grade, and i LOVE it!!! If your new all of the students, just take you in and be nice and kind to you. In middle school, you learn a lot, not only in academic's but, in being nice, being a leader and many other things. I RECOMMEND WALKER TO EVERYONE!!!! It is good even though it is expensive
4/16/2012parentOkay, so my sons graduated a long time ago, early 2000's, and I know things may have changed, but i just want to add my 2 cents worth. They entered Walker after having attended another private school in the area from kindergarten through 3rd/4th, and homeschooled for 2 years. Walker offered a "study skills" class the summer before school started, and that was the best thing that ever happened to my sons, academically speaking. One son in particular began applying literally EVERYTHING that was taught to him during the study skills class and I was amazed at the grades he begin bringing home. Both sons excelled, but the one who applied all that he learned in the study skills class ending up being Valedictorian! They both went to Duke and were MORE than prepared for the rigors of college. Knowing how to write is extremely important, beginning with the essays for college applications as well as all the way through college. Walker prepared them SO well in this area. They both went to grad school and are successful in their fields now. We are very blessed to have been able to send them to Walker. It was well worth the cost of tuition.
4/15/2012parentNot all teachers are equal and the same applies to teachers at Walker as well. Our child got stuck with a REALLY BAD one this year. Don't be fooled by the high tuition and manicured grounds.
12/19/2011otherI went to Walker for 9 years, and I thought it was pretty good. The kids and staff are fun, and as far as academics go, the math program is excellent, but the English department is lacking; more effort is given to making the students feel good about what they write, rather than focusing on improving them as writers. Additionally, grade inflation is rampant; when I was in 8th grade, around 4/5 of the class was on the "Headmaster's List;" an "honor" given to students with an A GPA.
1/11/2011otherI am going to walker right now and i absolutely love it. It is my first year and the teachers are absolutely fabulous. I shall never forget this great place.
11/28/2010otherI went to this school for 8 years and i was never going to highschool at walker but as soon as i hit middle school suddenly my grades plummeted and then i was on no pass no play. This is a very fine learning and enriching environment, but the school just watched as my grades went from 78 to 56 in a quarter, because of not turning in my homework, and if you are a parent would your child tell you that they are dropping in school or go and play video games or go to the mall. I do realize that not doing the homework was my fault but it took 2-3 weeks for them just to email my parents. Now walker is a wonderful environment to learn and grow but your child must learn to read ahead without being told to and do outside learning to succed at walker.
7/8/2010otherI recently graduated from college and feel that Walker more than prepared me for university level classes. The training in writing and reading beginning in middle school is outstanding. As an English major, I learned to appreciate the background that Walker gave me in classical literature--I was one of a few students who had read 7 Shakespeare plays on entering college (Walker students read 1 play every year beginning in 6th grade). On top of the excellent academics, Walker has a wonderful community feeling and enthusiastic teachers and students. One of the things I miss most about Walker is the safety and peace of mind it gives, evidenced by the fact that students don't lock their lockers.
4/29/2010parentWe have been at Walker for 7 years and, while the tuition payments are hard to make considering free public school, it is worth every penny. My children are excelling academically, athletically, and emotionally. They receive the help and support that they need to overcome any challenge they face. My husband and I couldn't be happier with the choice we have made for our children's education.
2/8/2010parentMy daughter entered Walker for 6th grade in 2009, and she absolutely loves it. She has adjusted well academically and socially. She wishes to remain there through middle school. While it is expensive, the rigor of the course, small class sizes, which allow for individual attention, and the patient staff make it all worth it. When I visited the open house, I left wishing I could have attended a school like Walker.
12/10/2009studentI am currently a college student and all I can say is that none of my peers were as prepared upon entry as I was. In fact, in many cases, I find that some classes at Walker were more difficult than the classes I take at Tech. The main difference between this school and other area schools outside of acedemics is the caliber of students and quality of faculty.
10/4/2009parentThe focus is on all about the individual! Love to see these teachers raising well-rounded and productive individuals that will contribute to the community on many different levels.
1/9/2009parentWalker is truely a wonderful school. I have a daughter who has been attending for the past three years. Everyone we have come in contact with has been so caring and warm. We knew that this was the place for our daughter when we first walked in the door to the pre-school, then after speaking with the Principal, Mrs. Doss, well that just sealed the deal. Our daughter loves going to Walker. I can not say enough good things about the school and the teachers and staff. The tuition is a hard payment to make, but it is the best money ever spent.
12/15/2008parentI had 2 kids through the middle school at Walker between 2004-2008 school year. The school is relatively small in terms of number of students, teacher and facility. Thus, kids can do nearly any extra cirriculum activities desired - as nearly all of those are a no-cut. However, if those activities are outside of what the school offers (like football, baseball) there are very little supports from school. Being small, teachers are quite 'stretched' to cover everything else outside of teaching - quality and experience of the child vs tuition fee (increase every yr) is often a question in my mind. Music and computer activities are slowly improving, it is behind standard public middle schools. if your child do have problem getting organized (which most 9-13 yrs would), this is a tough place since assignments/ Projects are beyond their grade. From my view, barely and average private school.
9/16/2008studentI have been going there since Pre-k and it's the most wonderful experience I could ever wish for. The teachers are also there to help you and you make so many friends. I totally think this is an awesome school!!!
7/13/2007parentMy kids started at walker in PreK. I really belive that this is the best kept secret in atlanta. It is a warm, caring environment, but academically challenging. It has a small school feel without being isolated. Better SAT scores then lovett and Pace, and more AP classes! Do your research, but my gut feeling when you walk into this school was why couldn't I go! Worth every penny! Service driven kids, lots of sports, wonderful teachers and challenging curriculum! Wonderful place!
6/29/2005parentWalker is wonderful, unique The middle School rules They try to offer extracurricular activities for everyone...They provide no-cut football as well as opportunities from chess,band,theater...no matter what the student is interested in they can find a nitch! The Headmaster cannot be matched-he is warm, caring, dedicated,fair,flexible,fun,and fantastic... The students are encouraged to obtain self-esteem vs. entitlement! They truly learn to learn The middle school has an outstanding academic as well as social components to allow the growth of students. I could name at least fifty teachers in the school that I would love my children to have the opportunity to be influenced by... The majority of the staff care about the individual's personal and community growth. I looked at multiple private schools and even after 6 years have not found a better place in the Atlanta area.
6/29/2005parentMy daughter has been at Walker for 4 years, 6th-9th. I have never seen a more dedicated group of individuals, in any organization. These mentors of our youth are not limited in their concerns for our children. They are concerned about creating an environment where character counts and people strive to do their best. Sports are there and the participation rate is incredible, but they are kept in proper perspective. The schools boasts a band director who is passionately building a band, Drama that goes beneath the surface, and Art projects that would put many to shame. It is a very well rounded environment for the child who has the academic ability and desire to excel. I wrote my tuition check last night and it hurt. I will also say that it is the best money I will ever spend.
3/6/2005parentI have a daughter who has been at Walker since Kindergarten, and is now in the 7th grade. It is a wonderful school that knows how to nurture the student body and allows the student to grow. The arts program is great, as it really gets the students involved in making great art pieces and the school is proud to display them everywhere. Sports at the school is very prevelent, and allows the students to choose from a wide range of sports. If you are looking for a school that is like having an extended family watching over your child, and helping them to learn, then Walker is the school to attend. We have been extremely happy to have our daughter go there, and are looking forward to sending our 3 year old to Walker as well.
5/26/2004parentThis school is perfect for students who need love and nurturing in an accelerated environment. Walker also stresses the arts and every child has the same opportunities in sports. A wonderful school for the child who needs to be challenged, and it is well worth the money.

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