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The Wood Acres School
1772 Johnson Ferry Road
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 971-1880
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private | PK-8
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Judith Thigpen2013
9/23/2012parentWood Acres is unlike any school I have ever known. The curriculum is miles ahead of all Cobb County public schools. Not only are the students challenged on a day to day basis, they are given opportunities to thrive in an environment that is extremely nurturing. There is rarely any teacher turnover. I was amazed when I found out some of the parents are now at Wood Acres with their own children and they attended when they were little and had some of the same teachers that their children have! I think that story alone speaks volumes!
7/15/2012otherElementary school is outstanding. But once a child goes to middle school, there a certainly a difference in the overall environment. The upper school teachers seem to forget that the students in upper school are not little children any longer. The teachers undeniable favor the students that excel academically, regardless of behavior. The teachers frequently express their personal views to students, which can be offensive to students and parents. Gossip is popular among the teachers, GROWN WOMEN, but they discourage students from such behavior. If ones student breaks the rules, the whole group is unreasonably punished. But there are certain students who are scarcely punished no matter the offense. It is unfortunate, because the school has so much potential academically, but sadly, their learning environment is affected by poor leadership and a principle who does not want to listen to any negative feedback.
4/27/2012parentMy children have been students at Wood Acres for the past 6 years. The curriculum is rigorous and definitely challenging, but at the same time my children have been nurtured and appreciated as individuals. I am thrilled at the education they are receiving. I have found that working with the staff and teachers has been a wonderful experience. The teachers care about my children LEARNING as opposed to just testing. The homework is review (admittedly sometimes they really need to review quite a bit). I find that the discipline/character development of my children has been fair. When there is an issue, I make sure I speak to the teacher to understand the issue fully and then address it. I find Wood Acres to be a school filled with teachers and parents with high expectations for their children.
4/15/2012otherThis school is absolutely great for children in grades 5 and younger, but after that, the administration lacks and the long-loved simple ways of Wood Acres disappear. Having plenty of experience with the staff, I know that the principle has very low tolerance for the upper school children acting out in any way and will write them off as bad and hopeless students at the first sign of "trouble." Also, the staff at this school takes no care whatsoever of your opinions of the other staff members if you feel your children and others aren't getting treated fairly by them. This school lacks proper discipline and formality and is pro to picking favorites. The amount of money you pay is not worth the higher quality education you get by putting up with the dysfunctional and rude staff. I do not recommend this school to any parents wanting a brighter education for their child's future.
1/22/2012parentOur child has been going to WA since kindergarten. The school was great but big staff changes into 2nd grade/3rd grade and it went downhill. 2nd grade teacher unorganized & in charge of the entire curriculum for the school. The classes are small but a lot of the teaching and work is done outside of the classroom by us at home. If you are hands-on parents who don't mind hours of teaching and homework each night and weekends, then this school is for you. The depth of the subject matter is not age or grade appropriate. The lack of leadership around getting the curriculum under control is one of the biggest things I would fault at WA. 3rd grade learning all the bones, 2+months on Canada, 3+ months of work on the history of Rome remembering all the dates, gods, emperors, etc. It all sounds really good & impressive from the outside, but it is not. IMO 3rd graders do not need this, they need a rounded education with this subject depth better saved for older grades. Complaints to the administration seem to have no action taken, and check out their teacher turnover and # of students who don't come back - better to get ex-WA families impressions than the references they give out.
9/6/2011parentMy child was enrolled in the pre-school program last year. The teacher seem hurried all the time and was not organized. The school lacks diversity. I was not impressed with their lunch/snack menu. They are full of sugary juices, cookies and chips. If you are looking for a healthy lunch menu, good luck!!!. One of my vegetarian friends look her kids off from the school since there was no vegetarian option.
7/31/2011parentReady to start another exciting year at WA! As we enter the middle school, every family shopped around to make sure WA is still the right choice for their student. I was thrilled to see 90% of our class return to WA for 2011-2012 and those who did leave, had planned to leave since the start of the year. The middle school has really taken off! The new spanish teacher has taken the ISA program to a whole new level and kids have been touring, applying and have been accepted to the Walton HS ISA program. Taking spanish 5 days per week, for years, in a private school setting, is certainly going to get you into a AP HS spanish program! Each year some teachers retire and new teachers are bought in, but I personally appreciate the new blood and fresh ideas they have. Isn't turn-over true of every school??? WA doesn't deal with CRCT drama, teacher lay-offs or budget cuts. We personally have never encountered bullies, dealt with petty crimes, over-sized classes, lack of supplies, lack of funds, and our field trips and special classes and programs haven't been cut out. This school is how school is supposed to be, it's what we all dream of for our kids and for our families.
5/12/2011otherIt's interesting how when you go on their web site, you see teachers and students that have left a long time ago. It's also worth noting how the only staff members you meet are the administration and family members. It speaks to the instability of the teaching staff roles, I suspect. Another question: the International Spanish Academy...how many students of the 5 graduating from inaugural graduating class of 8th graders residing outside of Walton School District were able to go to Walton as advertised and promised at the start of the middle school 3 years ago? A week's trip to Spain does not a high school admission make.
5/11/2011parentOur children attended "The Woods" a few years ago, attending both the preschool and the elementary levels. We took them out after seeing the obvious decline of the school. Enthusiasm, enrollment, commitment to "doing right by each individual child" took a nosedive. Leadership is all but non-existent; teacher morale is low while teacher attrition is high; the remaining staff seems to play musical chairs every year. It is sad because the school has so much potential. Ask any parent from years prior and currently enrolled. The difference is dismally palpable. Enrollment has decreased dramatically, despite the well-rehearsed spin the front office may place. However, ask any former student or parent of a student who has left Wood Ares, and they will say it is the best decision they ever made. No one ever comes back. --It is truly a shame. The school WAS great.
5/24/2010parentI LOVE Wood Acres. Our children are very communicative, high physical energy, enthusiastic, traits basically unwelcome in most schools. We've tried public and private over the years; we've even switched schools mid-year. Finally, we have found a school where they are most welcome. It's a relief that our kids have students/friends who have the same needs as ours! The added bonus is that as they are getting into the higher grades, the class sizes are getting smaller. Less that 10 per class. Only 1 class for the 8th grade with only 6 students--you can't beat that!! I also am grateful that teachers will call if they suspect my child has forgotten to take meds. What a find!
5/1/2010otherThe Wood Acres School is only a place for certain people. If very small classes ( as low as 6 in the upper school ) is what you want, then Wood Acres is a fine school for you. But I myself have not been pleased with what I have gotten out of this school. The children, especially in the upper grades, lack disipline and everyday students are hurt by others. And the teachers only let this slip by. They try to enforce friendliness, but I believe they have failed. If you want to save money and tears, do not go to this dissapointing school.
4/12/2010parentMy son has attended Wood Acres for K-3rd (current) and we plan to stay! Wood Acres has a challenging curriculum that works to encourage critical thinking skills and a love of learning. Class size is small, the faculty is extraordinary, and the cooperative atmosphere is outstanding. I love the fact that each year all classes in my son's grades are working on the same material -- no need to worry that you'll end the year behind the curve. I have always found everyone -- classroom teachers, specials faculty, and the administration -- open to my questions and concerns. .
3/9/2010parentWhen you step out of your car, you can feel the welcoming sense of warmth, comfort and family. Our children are part of a school community that focuses on high achievement with an emphasis on the enjoyment of learning. Not only are our girls growing academically, they are developing a passion for knowledge. Our 1st grader can't wait to get to school in the morning and she comes home talking passionately about her day. The teachers have made the challenging curriculum fun and engaging. Wood Acres is a special place for children to grow and learn. Judy Thigpen is a very smart lady who is genuinely interested in the academic and social development of her students. Upon meeting her, you can immediately recognize her passion for education. We take comfort in knowing that our children are learning in an environment full of involved parents, caring teachers and outstanding leadership.
1/7/2010parentWood Acres is just wonderful. All my children have attended the school since they were toddlers and now, with the opening of the middle school, wood acres is living up to our expectations. we love the academics, we love the positive attitude, we love the extras, we just love the fact that it's now an international spanish academy! my middle school child loves learning and loves going to to school and loves wood acres! we will be sad when we have to leave for high school. we could not be happier!
12/3/2009parentThis is our 7th year at Wood Acres. Both of our children love going to school each and every day. We have had fantastic teachers who go above and beyond to make sure our children are learning and being challenged. I know a big complaint of WA is lack of parent involvement. I disagree with this. My children are there to learn from the teachers at WA, not from other parents. The class sizes are very small, so I do not see where parent involvement is needed. My kids cannot imagine going to school anywhere else!
11/21/2009parentWood Acres is a wonderful school! My daughter has been challenged and motivated to do her best. We love the science program because it is hands-on. The teachers are excellent, and the families are wonderful.
11/9/2009parentAnyone who has attended Wood Acres, or knows a Wood Acres family is well aware of the school's excellence. If you are looking for a school where your child will meet their academic potential, while enjoying all the joys, wonderment, and innocence of childhood this is the school for you. Mrs. Thigpen, the administration, and all of the teachers are true professionals. Warm and compassionate, they have always made themselves available to me. The class size is small, the academics are advanced, and the opportunity to learn spanish, computer, & economics at such a young age is truly unique. We have been a Wood Acres Family for 7 years, there is no other school like it! My kids look forward to going to school everyday! It has been a perfect fit for our family, and made my job as a parent so much easier.
7/17/2009parentNice school, very nice setting. Always felt my kids were safe there (ages 2 and 4). Academically, it was average. I was frustrated that parental involvement was so discouraged, particularly at their young ages. We decided on another school for next year.
7/3/2009parentThe campus is cute, although a few buildings need renovations. The ciriculum at Wood Acres is advanced and exgaging. However, there is litle to NO extra cirriculum activities/clubs/sports, etc for the kids. The principal and many of the teachers do not welcome parental involvement. Much like a daycare, they ask: pay your bill, drop off your kid (and please do not come into the class room) and go away! There is no organized parental club or platform for the parents to have a voice in the school or to be involved on any level. FUndraising is not permitted. Only a handful of the teachers welcome parents - those who realize the value of parental involvement in the child's education. If you want to be invovled with your child's education, this is not the school for you!
5/25/2009parentThis is an excellent school. The education is challenging and well-rounded. The environment is very homey and students are encouraged to spend time outside. My 7 year old has been exposed to Spanish, Science, and Social Studies in addition to the typical Math and Reading. The teachers are very good and we've experienced zero disciplinary instances in our 2 years at the school. Mrs. Thigpen has a great passion for educating and has developed an advanced curriculum, although I do wish she was more open to others' ideas - she can alienate some parents and teachers. I also think the absence of any extracurricular activites (other than Chess) is an area for improvement. I would highly recommend this school for K-5!
3/3/2009parentOur family chose Wood Acres for our children for the small class sizes which are so critical for individual attention as well as the accelerated curriculum. My students have always worked hard for their good grades but I've been very pleased with the teachers setting the bar high and then helping my students reach it. We've also been happy with the level of parent involvement - we volunteer to help with parties, read to the classes and assist when we can. But I'm very happy that the school fully takes care of the academic arena for both my daughter and son. I'm not an educator so I want the hours my children spend in school to be with the professionals - not me or other parents!
2/17/2009parentMy child attends Wood Acres and we have been sorely disappointed. The owner/principal is not open to any view point but her own. This includes parents and teachers. Unfortunately, this once fine school is declining rapidly under this owner and many senior teachers are leaving.
2/1/2009otherMy son attended Wood Acres and our experience was positive. The academics are above average and the socialization skills were very valuable for us. I would recommend this school highly.
12/12/2008parentMy child attends Wood Acres, and our experience with the school has been a disappointment. The classroom lacks discipline. The environment does not inspire the students to learn. The teachers are weeks behind in the curriculum being taught that Wood Acres outlined at the beginning of the year. The administration is unwilling to identify and correct these issues. The administration does not respond effectively to parental concerns.
9/24/2008parentWoodacres offers a solid education. We have been part of the WoodAcres family for 5 years. Some areas for opportunity are: 1) attract more diversity to the school via teacher and student population, to include but not limited to ethnically diverse and male teachers; 2) offer school sports; and, 3) offer another language other than Spanish.
1/27/2007parentMy children have attended WA for five years. Our experiences have been mostly positive. All the curriculum is challenging (however the new Science Program is extremely disappointing). Academically, the kids must stay on track - no tutoring available, and most of the kids excel. The small class sizes allow for an incredible student/teacher relationship. Of the ten teachers my children have had, only one disappointed us, and she is no longer a lead teacher. Currently, the school goes to 6th grade, and will eventually go to 8th. Although we have been extremely pleased with the education and overall school, we will not proceed after 5th grade. Parental invovlement not allowed period! Also, it is lacking any clubs, sports or activities. A definite drawback. I recommend WA for pre-school to 5th.
9/12/2006parentI currently have children attending Wood Acres. I cannot say enough about the quality of teachers. They are the best in the state. Every teacher we've had was outstanding. The management, however, has a few issues to sort out. The traffic situation needs significant improvement. The price has gone up $100.00 per month in the past three years with little ROI. 4 years ago every category rated a 5 except Extracurricular activities, I cannot say that today. Still, it beats every public school in the area.
5/18/2004parentGreat learning environment and loving atmosphere! There have been improvements on campus with Mrs. Thigpen in charge. Would like to see a middle school added sometime in the near future.
10/9/2003parentOverall Wood Acres is a great school. It is more affordable than most private schools in this area. I have dearly loved EVERY teacher my child has ever had. The educational program is sound. It is small and close-knit. The grounds are very nice. Employees of the school are pleasant and always helpful. New leadership is bringing many changes. The jury is still out as to whether all of these are positive or not. Opportunities for improvement: 1. School uniforms 2. Physical Education 5 days a week 3. Additional extracurricular activities sports, music instruction/band/choir, art, etc. 4. Creation of a PTA or parents association of some type - greater opportunities for parental involvement and community encouragement. There are very few opportunities to get involved with your child s class or to meet and interact with other parents. 5. Traffic flow can be a nightmare at drop-off and dismissal.

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