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Tritt Elementary School
4435 Post Oak Tritt Rd
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 642-5630
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public | PK-5
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Karen Frost2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/21/2012parentI love this school! The teachers are excellent! The administration is accessible! The FAST program (after school enrichment) is really impressive! Many programs to meet your child's learning style (family program, target). Lots of parent involvement. My kids love it and so do I!
4/17/2011otherFor the person who posted the Feb 2 comment, please review your comments before posting. Poor grammar doesn't help when trying to make your point.
2/2/2011parent I have a kindergartner, I'm very surprised that nobody here mention that academics are the 2nd priority ,The school love your pocket $$$$ first, They make so many requests and events,to raise money.but you pay for all the after hrs classes. The people or families that are active on the schools have better attention,The rules do not apply for families close to the board or those that gives lots of money,They will love you. Some teachers are great educators others don't worth mention...almost of all stuff events in class are paid by the parents.
9/21/2010parentWe LOVE our school!! I have a Kindergartner and a 1st Grader and just couldn't be happier here. The parent involvement is amazing and the staff is really exceptional. We are so grateful to have our kids at this wonderful school.
9/21/2010parentTritt is a wonderful school that addresses the needs of all children no matter what their ability! every child is special at Tritt.
9/21/2010parentIt is an awesome school with awesome teachers! My daughter loves it there!
9/20/2010parentTritt has been a top school consistently for over 20 years!
5/13/2010parentThe parents are as active as the students and everyone is united in improving education everyday and every minute along the way.
7/28/2009parentI have a 2nd grader and she loves going to school! We have been very satisfied with her education and love the school too. My son will start Kindergarten and can't wait! The teachers and staff are wonderful !
2/12/2009parentMy dughter is midway through Kindergarten and I can't be happier. Her teacher has been excellent, constantly assessing and reassessing the kids so that she can work with them at their level. There is a teacher, a parapro, and a parent in the class daily. With the amount of small group and individual attention the children get, they can't help but learn. My daugher's reading and math skills have improved dramatically. The class is disciplined and well maintained. Yes, test scores are important, but children are evaluated regularly and if there is a problem the teachers do everything they can to address and get the parent involved. A school can't be everything for every child, but at Tritt if you want help for your child, you can get it.
10/23/2008parentTritt is very good school with alot to offer. They are a little too preoccupied with test scores but in today's world who can blame them. They have excellant parent involvement and kind staff. They have limited resources for kids who are just below average and need help catching up.
9/24/2008parentThis school is awesome. My child's been at Tritt for two years now and we couldn't be happier. The academic standards are very high yet she gets a great deal of help reaching them. The atmosphere overall seems very enthusiastic and upbeat. The faculty/staff is doing quite well with the less-than-perfect facilities/grounds the county has provided. The science lab and playground equipment are great! I take exception to a few of the previous ratings stating that test scores are stressed too highly and that students with special needs get poor/bad assistance. I have found this to be quite the opposite in my own experience and that of friends and neighbors. The counselors are marvelous. Don't get me wrong, it has a few wrinkles--some parents are gossippy, the annex building is sad, parking is nonexistent. These are very minor things. The major things--academics and nurturing--are spot on.
6/5/2008parentAll three years of my son's enrollment he has been in a class of more than 20 kids. Request for a classroom with lower population was not accepted. If you do not have a cookie cutter kid this is not the place! This year's teacher had very poor communication skill along with bad classroom managment. Lot of forgetting homework, send another kid' graded home with mine, sending the same homework home more than once. She also did alot of saying one thing but making him do another. Needless to say I may be in a good school district but it only impacts my home value as I am now paying for private school.
3/31/2008parentTritt has many extra activities. Unfortunately, I found them to be very 'test-score' oriented. If your child does not test / perform to meet their standards, they will suggest ADD / ADHD medications, persistently.
10/9/2005parentThis school does have great test scores...they will never let you forget it, though. The number of timed tests throughout the year to prepare your child for standardized test is too much. There should be more focus on the individual child rather than just shuttling the children who aren't fast on the tests into special ed. to keep those scores up.
9/23/2005parentTritt has been an excellent school with above average parent and teacher involvement. Runs like a public shcool with significant private funding to provide additional education. Very attentive teachers and administration. Safety is outstanding.
8/19/2005parentI realize this a review section, not a forum, but I feel it necessary to rebut the review posted in December of 2004. I think it is cowardly to come to a nationally recognized website and besmirch the qualifications and performance of two exceptional professionals all the while shrouding yourself in cloak of anonymity. Furthermore, Tritt elementary had a grand total of 2 new teachers for the school year in question, so if any of the 'involved' parents stopped by to read a review, it would take them about one second to figure to whom the writer refers. These so-called 'green' and 'disorganized' teachers continually exceed expectations with regard to communication with parents and academic and social growth for their students. If the earlier reviewer had been fortunate enough to have them I am certain that she would not feel that her child was at risk for being left behind.
5/11/2005parentTritt touts itself to be the best in Georgia, but I just couldn't see it. Its a farce! Parental involvement is phenomenal; like none I've ever seen. However, if your child needs extra help, falls behind, or is in any way not one of the top achievers, Tritt is all about leaving your child behind. In fact, this pay for performance school will simply push your child back to avoid hurting the school's test scores. They wanted to put my son back in kindergarten with no testing, no explanation, no nothing after he'd spent 3 weeks in frist grade. I refused and my son went on to be one of the better students in the class with some tutoring from home. But, the school offered little help and seemed to care only about my child affecting their test scores. They didn't care about helping individual children. Good lunches.
12/28/2004parentWe moved to this area in 2003 for the purpose of getting our kids into the best school. 2003-2004 was great! There was also a change in principal this year - so the jury is still out on this. But the kids are great - the parents are totally involved - and overall we are pleased.
10/5/2004parentWe moved to the area to improve school opportunities for our children. We picked well. Tritt has exceeded our expectations in all areas -teachers, administrators and parent involvement. I feel our children are receiving the best education in the area and we couldn't be happier.
8/19/2004parentTritt is a great school! I have three children attending there and am constantly amazed at the commitment of the teachers. They go above and beyond to make sure the children not only pass but excel in academics. In addition, the parents have done an amazing job keeping the school in great condition and well-equipped.

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